April 2006 Updates Archive

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25 April 06: I’ve received 3 new submission of opinions from Maddie, Errant and splotchydivinity! Feel free to send in your thoughts as well!

23 April 06: I’ve written a new article in defense of Ling’er in episode 18 and 19 Do check it out, and comments are most welcome =).

22 April 06: More REVEALED! I have more information regarding Red Dandelions and have added to the existing article. It also has some facts about the cut scenes. A must read for fans =)

21 April 06: Opinions from Nana were posted up regarding the couple. Feel free to submit your thoughts as well!

16 April 06: I’ve added a profile page for Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei as they are the actors who portray the couple :) It can be found in the ‘About’ section. You may also have noticed there’s now some chinese characters of names which is courtesy of Sword Goddess. Moreover, I’ve added a new page called Song Dedication, which features song downloads and lyrics related to the couple. It can be found under ‘Devotion’. Enjoy and keep those members coming! =)

14 April 06: Version 3 layout is up! It features Xiao Yao and Ling’er when they first met in Xian Ling Dao. Initially I wanted to include images from the game, but it didn’t fit too well together. Anyways, hope you like this new look!

13 April 06: Another new section ^^ (Yes, I’m working really hard to have frequent updates and more content for fans) This time, they are images from the Xian Jian Hotel Game, with our lovely couple as ‘chibis’. Do check it out and don’t forget to join the listing if you haven’t already! We currently have 70 members!

12 April 06: More goodies! I’ve just screencaptured 133 new images from the series, which is all on its own page showing more of their moments :) The two are just so adorable together, but don’t have as much screentime they deserve. I’ve decided to add more for your enjoyment. Remember not to direct link images.

11 April 06: I’ve added 108 snaphots of the couple from the 95 and XP Version of the game, as well as 7 official artwork. Keep an eye out for more updates and be sure to visit again!

9 April 06: I’ve made a new section devoted to image scans of the couple from the Xian Jian Comic! There’s currently 32 scanned images.

7 April 06: Added thoughts from iheartu regarding the couple =)

5 April 06: I’ve written a new article on Red Dandelions; it’s significance to Xiao Yao and Ling’er and the meaning of the flower itself =) Comments and feedback is appreciated! I’ve also added several links.

4 April 06: I’ve added a new section called “Photos” under the Devotion section, which are images from the series but not directly from screencaptures. Check them out and you’ll know what I mean ^^ More opinions were added to the ‘Thoughts by Fans” page. Last but not least, here’s an award for the fanlisting for having 50 Members! Thank you so much, and let’s aim for 100 next! Tell your friends who are fans to join the list and help this fanlisting grow.

2 April 06: What a lovely surprise; after a month since the database incident, we now again have 48 members so thank you very much for those who rejoined =) Just wanted to say though, there were a lot of new members who joined also, so we would have had a larger list by now- nevertheless; thanks to everyone who joined, and please keep the support coming! If you’re a fan and haven’t joined, why not? =) Today I’ve added 15 fanarts, several links as well as 8 buttons to link this site. I’ve got some more goodies planned to put up soon so keep an eye out for it!

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