April 2007 Updates Archive

Posted by on April 22nd, 2007 | Category: Site News

22 April 2007: Hi guys, just wanted to say Thank You for the 20,000+ hits for Fairy and Swordsman =D I really appreciate it!

15 April 2007: Hi everyone, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Currently still really busy working on Uni project, but I try to come on regularly here and the forum to check up =) Just wanted to announce that we have a new affiliate, the Crystal Liu Yi Fei Fanlisting =)

3 April 2007: Quick update! We currently have 378 fans joined in the fanlisting =D Keep them coming guys, and thanks so much for your support! I’ve added opinions submitted by Alih!

1 April 2007: New link button ^^ This one is animated!! Please use it to link back to this site in your website, blogs or in forum siggys =D I’ve also added in thoughts from tiansiang! If you haven’t sent in your thoughts, please do so and tell everyone why you love this couple! I’ve also added some description on the main page which describe what you can find in each section. For some reason, many people have been asking me where to find images or to provide Chinese Paladin OSTs to download… but there’s a MASSIVE amount of images and songs to download. It seems people are having trouble finding things (or too lazy to browse). Can visitors kindly browse the whole site before saying they can’t find something? Don’t be lazy!

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