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Red Dandelions

For Ling Er and Xiao Yao

Red Dandelions have a lot of meaning for Ling Er, and it's importance to her becomes Xiao Yao's importance. When Xiao Yao from the future travels to the past in order to save Ling Er, they were able to see a beautiful scenary together filled with falling red dandelions. This is a special moment for them, as red dandelions don't really exist in the real world. 10 years down the track, even when ling Er has grown up into a lady, she could never forget that moment of her life and awaits for her Xiao Yao Ge Ge to come back for her.

When Xiao Yao learns that Ling Er secretly yearns to see red dandelions, he puts his heart into trying to do that just for her. Red dandelions aren't something someone can see in everyday life, and is probabaly non-existent, so he prepared something which was red and looked like it. It brought a smile to her face, and so did for Xiao Yao accordingly. All his effort seemed worth it, just to see her beautiful, warm smile again. Xiao Yao prepared the red dandelions twice for Ling Er, the second time was during the period of awkwardness and when they reluctantly broke up.

Symbolic Flower

The type of flower, dandelion means 'Faithfulness, happiness and love's Oracle. I think this type of flower really suits the two, as the moment they saw dandelions was the first time they met and where it all started. Xiao Yao and Ling Er were destined to be eternal lovers, no matter how far apart they may be, even if in different worlds, their hearts will always be with each other. Even when Xiao Yao lost his memories of Ling Er, he fell in love with her all over again, which proves that their love transcends through time. 'Red' dandelions are said to be non-existent, but the fact they were able to witness it is perhaps a sign that they bring miracles, much like seeing a flower blooming from a rock. Red is a colour which symbolises love and passion.

Significance of [Red]...

I found an article written poetically regarding Red Dandelions in Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan. The source is unknown, but I feel that it is official due to the nature of where the text was found. The poem was translated courtesy of mac0002.

Ling Er and Xiao Yao Red Dandelions

When Ling'er was young, she came to the grass plain with her mum, the elegant queen BeiQi of Nan Zhao.

The dandelion flying freely around with the wind. BeiQi ask Ling'er: "Dear, what colour do u like?"

"Red!" Linger replied without hesitation. BeiQi then cast the spell to turn dandelion into striking red, Ling'er smiled.

When Nan zhao was in trouble, BeiQi fought the water monster alone in order to save the people of Nan Zhao. She asked granny to take Ling'er away from NanZhao, but Ling'er wanted to find her mother, she cried.

Riding on the golden phoenix, Xiao Yao came from the future and took Ling'er with him. At the same time, they saw the red dandelion flying pervasively in the sky. Ling'er stopped crying.

On duty as the mother of the land, in order to save all the people, Ling'er died with the water monster. When everything was over, Xiao Yao took Yi Ru with him to the grass plain the day they came by.

Wind blows, all the dandelion was flying around, which has appeared many times in Ling'er's dream. Ling'er, what a silly girl, how can there be red dandelion in the world?

Xiao Yao lost control and started crying, he was so sad that he cried until blood came out of his eyes. At that moment, he saw the red dandelions Ling'er loved very much.

Red represents BeiQi's love, red is King's blood, Xiao Yao's blood.....

Ling'er, are u smiling now?

There are mentions of parts that aren't all shown in the Tv Drama, and I suspect they were cut scenes, like little Ling'er speaking to her mother, as well as the blood tears Xiao Yao shed after the death of his loved one. The ending scene does show him looking at Red Dandelions, though the graphics seemed like pink petals.