August 2008 Updates Archive

Posted by on August 24th, 2008 | Category: Site News

24 August 08: I’ve created 5 new icons/avatars for use in forums =D


23 August 08: Hey guys, back for some updates =D As you can see I’ve given this layout the TV drama version 7.2 featuring Liu Yi Fei and Hu Ge from Chinese Paladin!

I hope you like it! I’ve been rewatching some episodes on youtube lately in the Cantonese version and was totally hooked onto the couple again! >__< Why…why is Ling’er and Xiao Yao so so so compatible?! <3 I’ve done some cleaning around the site which you may (or may not) notice. Please feel free to contribute anything to the site! I’m always happy to receive suggestions, news and feedback! The more people who visit and are interested, the more frequent this site will be updated =)

19 August 08: Hi everyone! There hasn’t been much site updates lately, but I’ve still been approving members of this growing fanlisting =D

We have a total of 519 members, that’s really impressive ^_^ Thank you to everyone who came by and joined! I recently received an email from a visitor named Ken, who was very encouraging and supportive. It really means a lot to me when visitors send me a letter, or even a message to say how much they appreciate the efforts put into this site. Thanks to all those who brighten up my day =) Ken informed me that Cantonese Dub is being uploaded on youtube! This is great news for all those Cantonese (including myself!) Click here to check it out! You can also watch a part here:

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