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Time to showcase more beautiful Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er fanart! It brings me much joy to see such lovely pieces of art for this sweet sweet couple!:)
You can find more fanart here and here. Enjoy!

Chinese Paladin

Gorgeous, and one of my favourite in this showcase :D I especially love how elegant Ling’er looks with her hair out and her robe placed over her head. The snow adds such a sad touch to it and reminds us of the dramatic ending of PAL1 game… If only they decided to add snow in the Chinese Paladin drama too!

Xiaoyao and Ling'er

Xiaoyao and Ling'er anime style

Zhao Ling'er holding Xiaoyao

Xiaoyao peeping at Ling'er bathing

Some fun anime-style fanart! I love that the above piece comes directly from the story. hehee, Xiaoyao is such a pervert!

Ling'er following Xiaoyao

Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er

Cute Li Xiao Yao and Ling'er

Zhao Ling'er and Li Xiaoyao together

Ling'er with Xiaoyao at night

Zhao Ling'er dying in Xiaoyao's arms

Beautiful and epic. So much elements and detail in this piece of art. From the background you can see Suo Yao Ta, and on the foreground lays Ling’er in Xiaoyao’s arms. I’m not sure this art is depicting a particular scene in the game, though it reminds me of when Xiaoyao saves Ling’er from Suo Yao Ta. However, the presence of the ling zhu (elemental pearls) confuses me since not all of them would be obtained. Nevertheless, everything about this is amazing!

Xiaoyao holding onto dying Ling'er

To finish off, we have another dramatic and sad fanart with the dying Ling’er in Xiaoyao’s arms. This never really happens in the game since her body is destroyed along with the leviathan but the meaning in this is just so beautiful. Reminds me of the ending in the Chinese Paladin drama :)

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  1. Sad says:

    no yueru pics ):

  2. Brad says:

    I love that second last one!

  3. Kuodo says:


    I’d like to point out something related to the post I’ve read at

    The leviathan so mentioned by you there (and also here), was not an influence by the biblical leviathan, nor was it a clash to Chinese myth. One legend of Nuwa fixing the sky has it that a sea demon Gong Gong共工, son of the fire God, Zhurong祝融, had a devastating war against the latter. He summoned Xiang Yao相柳 along which caused havoc and flood to the mortal world. Upon defeat, the humiliated Gong Gong lunged itself towards the pillar of heavens, killing itself while causing the sky to topple.

    Some legends states that the flood came after this instead and so did the other demons and monsters that devour human, from the hole created on the sky but it doesn’t matter. It was then that Nuwa took a limp off the giant turtle to replace the broken pillar, and have the 5 colored stones melted to fix the broken sky.

    This Xiang Yao which created the flood, is a 9 headed (or multi-headed) giant snake according to the Chinese mythology, is the very same monster in that game/ tv drama. I’m sure you’re able to find sources regarding this creature if you type in “相柳”.

    Hope this isn’t too intrusive. I’m a mythical enthusiast as well as a fan for this drama at that time. Also I couldn’t send you an email and thus had to comment here.


    • Hi Kuodo,
      Thanks very much for writing in (even though it’s the wrong place, hehe) I’ll admit the Chinese Paladin myth article was written a few years ago and is probably a little inaccurate. Since then I have heard about the tales of Zhurong (from our discussion forums) and it being mentioned in the intro to “Gujian”. So, you are probably right in that it probably has more reference to the story of nuwa and Gong Gong than the biblical reference. If you don’t mind, you are free to write a more accurate article and submit it in :) I’m more than happy to incorporate your thoughts and give credit where it’s due.

      Hope to hear from you soon :)

      • Kuodo says:

        Sorry for posting it here as the site for the myth itself does not contain any comment functions visible.

        I could not have provided a better article then yourself as my knowledge for XianJian was limited. What you’ve written there was good except, however, for the fact that the ‘Sea Demon’ was obvious to me that it was a Xiang Yao rather than a Biblical Leviathan.

        I must admit that Chinese myths have various conflicting encounters and Nuwa, for one, has taken up too many roles collectively. She’s not just a creator, a protector. She’s also a repairer of heavens and last but not least, in Feng Shen Yan Yi, she’s the sole reason for the summoning of the greatest Antagonist of the Shang Dynasty – Daji (9 tailed fox), which caused havoc to China at that period of time.

  4. Kuodo says:

    According to Shan Hai Jing 山海經 found here in :

    Xiang Yao is a Sea Demon also encountered by another Flood Hero – 大禹 Yu The Great. Photo can be found here:

    As for Nuwa’s plot involving Gong Gong and Zhurong’s battle:

    I hope this helps further the understanding of Xiang Yao and Nuwa.

    Anyway, what exactly does the ending for Xian Jian stand for? I saw 2 versions. One with Yueru’s appearance at the snowy area at the end. The other was a lengthy version with Li Yiru playing with some plant friends (imaginary!?) and what follows by appearance of her grandaunt and that a romantic section with both her parents, Xiao Yao + Ling’Er.


  5. :) says:

    nice! :) cool pics!

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