[Cafe/ Bitter Coffee] 苦咖啡 starring Hu Ge, Bai Bing, Zuo Xiao Qing

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Title: 苦咖啡 / Ku Ka Fei
English title: Cafe
Other Title(s): Bitter Coffee
Genre: Contemporary urban / drama / romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: 上海电视剧频道
Broadcast period: 2010-June

Hu Ge as Chen Cong 陈 琮
Bai Bing as Shen Li 沈 离
Zuo Xiao Qing as Ye Xin 叶 欣
Han Dong as Lin Li Chen 林立琛
Liu Jia as Chen Zong Mu 陈琮母
Lin Jie as Chen Qing Lu 陈清露
Miao Hai Zhong as Min Hai Tao 闵海涛
Chen Hao Wen as Fang Chen Bai方呈白
Lou Qi as Lou Qi 娄 淇
Li Lin as Su Ning 苏 宁

The filming of Cafe started  last year November and is set to premier this month! Hu Ge 胡歌 has recently stated he prefers acting in Modern dramas as he feels it’s more challenging. He has acted in many Ancient drama such as “The Myth“, “Legend of Condor Heroes”, “Fairy from Wonderland” and of course “Chinese Paladin” (which gave him immense popularity). It’s good to see Hu Ge coming out of his comfort zone and pushing himself to become a better actor (even though we love him the way he is!! ♥)

Anyone else anticipating this series?

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