World of Chinese Paladin Online (仙劍1.0)

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Chinese Paladin Online Xiaoyao & Ling'er
Xiaoyao & Ling’er Chinese Paladin Online

Since Pang Gu created the sky and lands, his stamina, breath and consciousness became the ‘Three Kings’ (namely Fu Yi, Shen Nong and Nu Wa). The ‘Three Kings’ created three kinds of living beings: god, man and beast. The spiritual power that was originally in Pang Gu body separated into the Five Elements: Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Earth; and was spread throughout the sky and lands.
After many battles and under the influence of the Five Elements, the whole world was split into the Six Realms: Godly, Demon, Fairy, Evil Spirit, Human, and Ghostly. Gods and Demons are positive and negative sides respectively; and ghosts are the end of living beings, and beginning of birth.

One will not age or die in the Godly Realm; there is no birth or death in the Demon Realm; Ghosts are not alive nor dead. Under the scrutiny of these three realms are the living realms, namely Human, Evil Spirit and Fairy. Fairies are those on the path to become Gods, and what Humans aspire to be; Evil Spirits are those cultivating to become Demons, and highly spiritual beasts. Humans detest Evil Spirits; and the conflict between the two races have never stopped for a minute.
In these chaotic realms, the existing beings spin endless tales of love, hate, gratitude and revenge. These tales spread among the future generations…

盤古開天闢地後,其精、氣、神分化成為【三皇】,也就是伏羲、神農、女媧。【三皇】各依自己的喜好,創造了神、人、獸三種生靈。 而原本蘊藏在盤古身體內的靈力逸散,分解為水、火、雷、風、土【五靈】,散於天地之間。
在幾經紛爭與五靈之力影響,整個世界被分成神、魔、仙、妖、人、鬼六界,其中神、魔、鬼居於整個世界的外層;神與魔是正負相對的兩面;而鬼是所有生靈的終 結之地,也是誕生起點。
神界不老不死;魔界無生無死;鬼界非生非死,這三界注視下的芸芸眾生,就是人、妖、仙三界。 仙是登天途中的神,也是人間嚮往和追求的境界;妖是修煉未熟的魔,也是法力高深的獸,是最為人類不容的族群;雙方千百年來恩怨糾葛從未間斷。

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