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Chinese Paladin Online 2.0 Artwork

Chaos Everywhere

In the Battle of Suo Yao Ta, Han Zhong Xi, the son of the Demon Overlord, dead by the hand of Li Xiao Yao, and the great army from the Demonic Realm participating in the battle was vanquished by the alliance formed by Xian Jian Sect, Piao Miao Peak, Xian Xia Sect, Lin Family Fortress and the great Ghostly army. Did the powerful Demons become extinct following this battle? The pugilistic world, having experienced countless great changes, could not believe it so readily. There were many rumours and endless legends among the martial world.
On the other hand, the Kitan force from the North was frequently rearranging their armies, and refining their strategies. It was obvious that they were preparing to move to the South. In addition to that, there was rampant corruption in the Imperial courts and State Offices of the Central Plains, causing the civilians to riot. Bandit dens sprouted like mushrooms. The commoners were suffering beyond description.

As for the country of Da Li, after losing Han Zhong Xi, Ah Nu needed to face the Central Plains and Iho forces. On top of that, an ambassador arrived from Xi Xia, making the situation go into a stalemate for her.

With the lands and martial world having an unhealthy situation, all the ambitious and righteous people and great martial artists experience and deeply feel these words: ‘Chaos cannot be changed, one can only save oneself’.

On the eve of the titanic forces clashing, within the loss and mix-up of order, the beings of the Six Realms could only concentrate on the method of survival. Although one cannot separate oneself from the brewing storm, one can still protect oneself and survive…

鎖妖塔一役,魔尊之子韓仲晰死於李逍遙之手,參 與該役的魔界大軍,也覆滅於仙劍派、飄渺峰、仙霞派、林家堡與鬼族大軍的聯合勢力。魔族勢力是否就此絕跡於天下呢?數次經歷大變的江湖武林,一時之間,卻 也絕難相信魔族已然滅絕。武林之中,依舊流言紛紛、傳說不斷。
另一方面,北方的契丹勢力頻頻整軍經武,南下之姿愈加明顯。加上中原朝廷腐敗、州府 貪橫之事益形嚴重,各地民亂、盜賊峰起,百姓苦不堪言、勢處水火。
大理國方面,在喪失了韓仲晰之後,阿奴接著要面對的,卻是虎視眈眈的中原與吐番 國,加上西夏來使,正令她陷入進退維谷的局面。
隨著天下與武林的不靖氛圍,普天下志士仁人與武林豪俠們,深切體認到「亂世之不可變,唯救己而已」 的領悟!
就在天下諸大勢力的傾軋前夕、在環宇混沌的失序與紛雜之中,六凡之眾僅能關注於在江湖武林與亂世險道之中的生存之方。既無法自絕於即將到 來的風暴,至少須可自保而存…

The Way of Changing Consciousness in the Six Realms

All living things, no matter Heaven, Earth, Human, Beast, Shura or Evil Ghost (referred to as the Six Mortals from here on), from the time of being born from chaos, are assigned to one of the three sides and six Ways. This is called ‘reincarnation’. Through reincarnation, one shall know of destruction, the cycle and creation.
The Six Mortals are differentiated by the Four Sages, meaning if one can be born and die as a godly consciousness repeatedly, one can be released from reincarnation. All beings of the Six Mortals wish to be born as a godly consciousness, and thereby attaining a higher level of cultivation every life.
There are even those who are more refined than their past lives, and end ranked among the Four Sages.

普凡眾生,不分天、地、人、畜、修羅與 惡鬼,自混沌而生起,便輾轉於三方六道之中,謂之「輪迴」。 輪迴而識滅、識轉、識生。
六凡之異於四聖之別,即須輾轉生死於神識之道;以至涅槃, 乃有脫出之期。 六凡之眾,莫不希冀述遞神識,以期往上修行,每一新生,

The Reason The Destiny Cannot be Ended Easily

‘Ling Er!~~’
Cold white waves whipped the lands, emotionless as they covered and swallowed in every direction. The youth’s screams were all drowned in the wave-covered air. He was even cruelly prevented from hearing himself.
When silence settled, the broken lands far away appeared scorched by heavenly flames, barren as they could be. The youth shouted with a parched voice. His shouts hanged in the air, as if everything was a silent show put on for the Heavens.

When those sad, heartbreaking, and angry feelings froze at that moment, the youth’s mind was liberated…

Li Xiao Yao stared at the darkness before his eyes, wiped his forehead with his hand, and only felt cold sweat.
The sight had repeated itself endless times in his dreams for the past sixteen years; but every time he woke up, he would still feel heart-wrenching pain.
He stood up, lit a small candle, and turned to look at his bed. He should have seen his wife sitting there, worried, but the bed was empty! Taking the candle, Li Xiao Yao was walking out of his room when there came a female’s shout of surprise.

Li Xiao Yao rushed out of his room, and ran in the direction of the sound. Lin Family Fortress lit up in an instant, and voices rang throughout. Li Xiao Yao, hearing the noise, rushed to his daughter’s room. There, he saw his wife sitting by the bed. She turned to look at him, her face filled with grief and fear.

‘Big brother Han… Big brother Han…’ Yi Ru, who was on the bed, mumbled unconsciously.
‘Xiao Yao, come and look, quick…’ Lin yue Ru exclaimed helplessly.
Li Xiao Yao walked near to the bed’s side, and his wife lifted the corner of his daughter’s blanket, revealing her left ankle. Li Xiao Yao put the candle closer. and saw under candlelight that there was something on his daughter’s ankle. The skin of the ankle was covered in scales… snake scales!
Boom! Li Xiao Yao and his wife turned their heads at the loud sound, and saw Lin Tian Nan striding through the door…


冷冽的白色浪濤 橫肆大地,無情的向四面八方襲捲覆蓋。青年的嘶聲呼喊每一聲都淹沒在漫天浪塵之中,殘酷得連自己都聽不見。
當一切靜默下來,遠方殘破的大地彷彿遭 到天火焚燬,寸草不剩。青年啞聲的吶喊,襯托在寂然的空氣中,彷彿人世間為上天所演的一齣無聲劇。
當那些哀傷的、心痛的、悲憤的心情,在剎時間凝 結,青年的思想卻得到了解放……

這個場景,十六年來已在他的夢境中重演 了無數回;然而每一次醒過來,卻仍然會令他心痛不已。
他站起來,點亮支小燭,回望眠床。本擬應如往常那般見著坐起身而面顯擔心的妻子,但卻發現床 是空的!李逍遙執起燭火,正待走出房門,忽然傳來女子驚呼之聲。
林家堡 內剎時間燈火逐明,人聲紛雜。李逍遙聞聲趕入女兒房中,正見妻子坐在床沿,撇頭望向衝入房門的他,滿臉具是悲傷與驚懼。

「韓大哥……韓大 哥……」床上的李憶如似乎無意識的囈語著。
李逍遙走近床邊,待妻子掀開女兒身上蓋著繡被 的一角,露出憶如的左腳踝。李逍遙移近燭火,只見燭光映照下,女兒的腳踝皮膚表皮竟長成一片片的鱗片,就像……蛇麟!
李逍遙 夫妻聞聲轉頭,正見林天南入得門來……

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