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Devotion to Li Xiao Yao and Zhao Ling Er

Welcome to [Devotion] where you will find many goodies devoted to this lovely couple, including articles, fun reads and all the fanworks contributed by you guys! To allow the fandom section to grow, I need contribution from you as a fan to submit your thoughts, art, fanfics, music videos and graphics. If you'd like to contribute anything, please email me =)


Character profiles: stats based off Game
Differences: The Game and TV Series (regarding the couple)
Ling Er as Nu Wa Descendant: All about the Chinese Myth and its relationship to Chinese Paladin.
Li Yi Ru: All about their daughter


These articles are referring to the TV Drama Chinese Paladin, and have all been written by me, Chibi Jennifer ;unless stated otherwise.

The Truth: Evidence that Xiao Yao only loves Ling Er
Part I: Their love is not skin deep An excellent article proving their love is real Written by DFlinger.
Part II: Can feelings be erased? Written by DFlinger.
Nose tapping: All about the cute move the two share with each other!
Red Dandelions: A symbolic flower
Ling Er's troubles and the situation: Clarification and justification of episode 18 and 19.
Departure, the tragic ending: Ending spoilers and is recommended only if you've seen it.
Interview: With Liu Yi Fei and Hu Ge (the actors)


Thoughts from Fans: Tell us yours :)
Fan Art: Drawings/Artworks by Fans, including dolls and GIFS.
Fan Fiction: Stories written by fans devoted to the couple.
Avatars/Icons: for forums, blogs etc.
Wallpapers: to decorate your Desktop


Music Videos: Fan made dedicated to the couple.
Song Dedication: June Rain: Song lyrics, translations, download of this song and KTV!
Downloads: All Chinese Paladin OST found here!
Winamp Skins: to customize your Winamp Player!
Behind the Scene Footage: Collected together from Youtube.