Does Li Xiaoyao love Zhao Ling'er or Lin Yue Ru?

There has been a debate to whom Xiao Yao truly loves, Ling'er or Yue Ru. It's pretty obvious who it is, and yet some fans continue to argue Xiao Yao and Yue Ru are the real lovers. Therefore I hope I can clear this up once and for all.

   There's a difference between true love and love out of friendship. Ever since Xiao Yao arrived in the Mystical Island, his life was changed forever; he experienced not only the magical and miracles, but he met the love of his life. Due to Lao Lao's request, Xiao Yao agreed to marry Ling'er in order to obtain the medicine for his ill Aunt. During the wedding ceremony, true, Xiao Yao was very hesitant and reluctant to marry her- This wasn't because he disliked her, he simply didn't want her to make a mistake by marrying him, he felt undeserving and selfish, this marriage was a lie to begin with. He honestly cared for her, and that's why he stopped the marriage at its final stage, and left. Just when it seems all hope is lost, Ling'er's tears brings a miracle to the both of them; a flower was blooming from a rock-the impossible. Ling'er believed he wasn't a bad person and he would never lie to her; which was proven by the plant. Xiao Yao was simply touched by her and decided to take her as his wife. Even at this point, some people continue to use the forced marriage argument to say they were never in love. It is true it started like that, but his heart changed, and this could be seen what happens next. Xiao Yao was not forced to sleep with Ling'er.... he did it on his own will, and out of love. Ling'er being innocent and naive didn't understand what "Dong Fong" was, had he not loved her, he wouldn't have initiated it. Xiao Yao has never been serious with anyone, except with Ling'er, the one he truly loves and wishes to spend the rest of his life with.

   The next morning, Ling'er and Xiao Yao join hands, which she casts a spell on. If the word "Ling" appears on his hands, it means he truly loves her. If it disappears, it means he no longer loves her. This is a significant symbol and proof of his love. There was no doubt in his heart, and he honestly wanted to return to her and live with her for the rest of his life.

   Unfortunately, obstacles had come between them, and due to certain circumstances, Xiao Yao lost all his memory of her as well as being on the Island to begin with. Being able to reunite with Xiao Yao again, Ling'er realises he has changed; he no longer loves her, he doesn't know who she is.

   After the incident of Lao Lao's death, he promised her he would take Ling'er back to her real home in Zhao Nan Guo to find her father. He did it out of pity, the girl was now all alone in this world and he felt obligated to fulfil Lao Lao's final wish. During the time the two were together, he had again developed strong feelings for her. Some say it's too unrealistic but may I ask why? If you've fallen in love with someone once, it's very natural to fall in love with him/her again. Ling'er was the charismatic caring type of girl, he was happy being with her. They also had some moments together.

   When the two meet the violent, spoilt rich girl Yue Ru; Xiao Yao couldn't stand someone like her slaughtering innocent people, and challenged her in a fight. Yue Ru had a bad mouth, and Xiao Yao was quick to defend Ling'er whom she was not very kind to. Yue Ru stabbed Xiao Yao even after saving her from thugs, running away in shock and fear of having 'killed' someone. Luckily Ling'er was there and she used a lot of her energy to heal the bleeding Xiao Yao, causing her to collapse afterwards.

   A few days later the two see Yue Ru again, whose father held a Fighting Contest for her~ the one who beats Yue Ru in a fight will marry her. Xiao Yao and Ling'er are watching in the audience, seeing her undefeated. Ling'er didn't understand the meaning behind the contest, even suggesting to Xiao Yao Ge Ge to challenge her since he beat her previously. He then tells her the winner has to marry her, causing Ling'er to feel upset and then asking him not to participate. He assured her he would never do it, as he's not that stupid to marry a girl like that. Xiao Yao is devoted to Ling'er, and even though he ends up fighting against Yue Ru; he clearly stated if he wins he will not marry her, but just wants to teach her a lesson.

   Yue Ru's father being a selfish man who only cares about his reputation angrily attempts to makes Xiao Yao marry his daughter. Even though Xiao Yao has forgotten he married Ling'er previously, he disliked this marriage idea, and it made him angrier. Yue Ru again refuses to accept the fact he has beaten her twice, and challenges him in yet another fight, which she obviously lost to as well. Xiao Yao saved Yue Ru from getting hit by a falling item from the ceiling, and she becomes totally obsessed with him. She changes overnight, trying to become more feminine and lovely like Ling'er whom she knows Xiao Yao has feelings for. She offers Ling'er money to leave him, but she refuses. During the events they stayed in the Lin House, Yue Ru's father would try to drive Ling'er away so Xiao Yao will marry Yue Ru. Even in the eyes of outsiders, they could tell Ling'er was someone special to Xiao Yao and saw her as an obstacle. Removing Ling'er would allow him to be free to go with his daughter.

   Misunderstanding occurs when jealousy takes over Xiao Yao, who feels Jin Yuan (Yue Ru's cousin) is trying to trick Ling'er to believe he's a good guy, who actually has evil intentions of taking her away from him. Of course, there was nothing between the two, which made Ling'er upset that Xiao Yao has become nasty towards Jin Yuan who she considers their friend. Coincidentally, Ling'er was feeling weak, and scared, as scales seem to be growing on her arms. She wanted to tell Xiao Yao, but he was insensitive towards her at the time so she helplessly hides in her room. She didn't understand what was wrong with her, and slowly she's becoming something else she's unaware of. As Yue Ru's father continue to persuade her to leave Xiao Yao, the option becomes more attractive. She didn't want Xiao Yao to find out what's happening to her...

   Gradually her condition grew worse, and she started screaming as her legs started turning into one of a snake. From confusion and fear she ran away, with Jin Yuan being the witness. Unfortunately, Xiao Yao was unaware of her condition, and was drunk from going to the pub, lying in his bed. Yue Ru's father took this opportunity to force Xiao Yao to marry Yue Ru, hiding the truth from him, saying she left herself. Yue Ru was angered by her father's arrangement as he never thought about other's feelings and only his face. Yue Ru wanted to marry Xiao Yao, but she didn't want him to by force. Just in time, Jin Yuan steps in and cancels the marriage ceremony, allowing the three of them to leave. The journey in search of Ling'er begins, and so does Yue Ru's feelings for Xiao Yao develop.

The point from which the two have seperated, to the time they meet again, a lot has occurred. To Xiao Yao and Yue Ru, Ling'er has changed. She seems to be act distant from Xiao Yao, acting like they were just aquaintences. This saddens Xiao Yao who is confused by the change, he felt a lot closer to her than she describes and their relationship was much more. Even though the two have not claimed they were together before this point (taken into consideration that Xiao Yao did not remember the past), they were like a pair. To summarise what had happened during their first seperation, Ling'er discovers her true identity as a Nu Wa descendant, in the form of a half human half snake. She suffered a lot of pain during the process but she finally accepted what and whom she was as well as her responsibility. She happened to be in this form when she decides to see Xiao Yao since he was worried and searching for her. Just when she appeared in front of him, calling out "Xiao Yao Ge Ge!" an unexpected reaction occurred. He was terrified and immediately assumed she was a demon disgusing as Ling'er. Xiao Yao and Yue Ru don't hestitate to attack her. It's not because Xiao Yao saw Ling'er's true form that he was horrified, he had no idea she would have a snake tail, and a similiar case occured not so long ago when a demon disguised as Yue Ru. Ling'er on the other hand is hurt by this, and wishes to see Xiao Yao again but in her human form. She cuts her wrist and blood dripped onto her snake tail, which turned it back to legs.

To be continued...
   I have yet to get to my main points, just bear with me ^_^ I hope you've enjoyed reading what I've written so far; it may seem like a summary but I felt the need to explain the situation and use it as part of my argument/evidence. The beginning parts are very crucial to their relationship. Feedback is appreciated!