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ID Name E-mail URL Country Why do you love this couple?
361 --L0v3_Hurtz-- @ www USA -
336 A @ www Thailand -
235 A/nto/n @ www USA Cuz it da Best
632 Abel @ www USA I just think that they look very romantic together
132 Ac @ www Philippines They are a perfect match & CUTE!!!!
243 Adeline @ www Malaysia They Are both handsome&pretty
282 Agirlyin @ www Singapore they are very good looking
631 Ahbeng @ www Malaysia chemistry between them melt me down
560 Ahbenggay @ www Malaysia Their chemistry is good and looks like real husband and wife
639 Ai @ www Indonesia Cuz they the most perfect thing i ever see until now ^^
123 Aileen Cerdea @ www Philippines -
669 Aiqing @ www USA Because they're CUTE together !!
202 Airene Breis @ www Philippines they both charming
555 Aixinfei @ www USA i'm just a liu yifei fan
425 Aj @ www USA I dont know really hahaha
93 Akina @ www Singapore They rox so much and they were together from the beginning
480 Akira Wah @ www Malaysia I was touched by their love, the most important. I wish 2nd series of this movie can show up and hope Ling Er will come back to life.
581 Akira23 @ www Indonesia liu yi fei
635 Albert @ www USA They are so cute together! For some reasons, they make me feel like the story and the people are real.
662 Alex Wisdom Lee @ www South Korea -
541 Alicia @ www Australia because they are so cute together. i love li xiaoyao!!!
379 Alih @ www Philippines because they are so cute! Xiao Yao is lucky to have Ling Er
286 Allan @ www USA Ling'er is so cute.
376 Aloysius @ www Singapore haha... i am known as xiao yao in my class and i think that ling'er is very beautiful...o.0 i love ling'er!!!
75 Alvin @ www Singapore they're good together
259 Alvin Hoe @ www Singapore Ling Er is so innocent and Xiao Yao is very caring
346 Amanda @ www USA They are so...lovely. i dont understand why at the end of the movie Ling'er has to die, and that's no fair...she's a very good person and tried her best to save her peoples..If she has not died. maybe she and xiao yao will have a fantastic life together..
424 Amanda @ www Singapore they look cute together
411 Amanda Do @ www Australia i don;t know, they just look so good together and they've got this g8 conection!! I love this couple!! hope they could be together in real life!!
227 Amanda Tan @ www Singapore they are so loving...
318 Ammandda @ www Singapore -
85 Amos @ www China The love is not easy.
296 Andy @ www USA it romantic
433 Angel Su @ www Singapore they hav chemistry 2gether
495 Angelsz @ www Canada -
474 Anhduy @ www Vietnam i like
283 Annabelle @ www Singapore I feel that they are very compaitable in the drama
18 Anne @ www Australia They are fated to be together ^^
337 Annelee002365 @ www Philippines there were together
212 Anqie @ www Singapore its my feelinq l0r...
186 Anthony @ www USA -
600 Argine Kate Capuso @ www Philippines coz they looks cute together..
630 Ari @ www Indonesia -
436 Ashely @ www Singapore they are so compatible!
232 Asma' @ www France they are so sweet
486 Asuna @ www Chile -
422 At8288 @ www Singapore -
230 Azn Boy @ www USA because they are kool
687 Azza Hudson @ www Singapore They are cute & lovely together
44 Babii-T @ www Australia they are SO CUTE !! bittersweet love relationship is my favourite, so touching!! its a pity that they didnt end up together!! buh still XIAO YAO AND LING'ER FOREVER !!!!
270 Backdrop001 @ www USA They are sweet and touching together. In my mind they are an eternal couple.
238 Bao @ www USA They are funny and cute!=-P
434 Bao @ www USA -
199 Battle3321 @ www USA After being through so much, they belong together
620 Baubbles @ www USA -
340 Beatriz @ www Singapore they are very cute toghther...
534 Becky Thao @ www USA because they love each other so much that they couldn't even leave each other, even though if ones memories is lost, there will always be something still remaing inside their heart that tells them that you can't seem to let them go or keep thinking about
103 Bee @ www USA They just seem like a very loveable match... one is able to sacrafice for the other... true love shows through all........
146 Bee Vang @ www USA its a good movie
659 Ben @ www Australia -
246 Blacksas @ www Indonesia prefect couple
447 Blia @ www USA -
485 Bobo @ www Singapore A sad and touching love between the 2 of them. My favourite game of all time with a very nice storyline since the DOS version in the 90s!
261 Bojang @ www Thailand -
140 Bongxinwei00 @ www Singapore -
432 Bovienchien24 @ www Vietnam -
138 Breaker33 @ www Singapore too cute and so sad.....
609 Bunhao @ www Indonesia -
423 C.shing @ www Malaysia bcause their love is true love
628 Caffer @ www Canada -
544 Calia Lee @ www USA because of all their sacrifice to one another...and they match!
398 Camille123 @ www Philippines i luv this couple a lot because they were so cute. and im a fan of crystal liu. Crystal liu and huge is so cute!
224 Cammy @ www USA -
468 Cardin @ www USA Because i want to be a couple like that some day!!
50 Carmen @ www USA COSSSSSSS THEY BOTH match
545 Casey @ www Singapore -
391 Casper @ www Russia so sweet
82 Cassandra @ www Singapore they are so cute together and very compatible
540 Cecelias @ www USA Because they make the BEST couple haha
124 Celiana @ www Philippines they look good 2gether.. im a fan of crystal liu
236 Chai @ www Philippines bcoz they're greet.!!! love them so much!
92 Chanel @ www Singapore They are pretty and handsome...haha
240 Chang Yu Chuan @ www Singapore -
444 Chantra @ www USA their eyes
571 Charlene @ www Philippines coz they're are cute. i love chinese paladin very much!!=D
586 Charles @ www Australia -
621 Cher @ www USA They are romantic.
295 Cherie @ www Singapore i like how they acted the main roles of ling er and xiao yao
710 Cherry @ www USA I love this couple simply because they believe in everlasting love. No matter what they go through or how much they changed through new experiences, they will always love eachother and bring happiness to eachother.
643 Cherryl @ www Malaysia they are sooo sweet! and funny
375 Chew Zi Qin @ www Singapore they are so loving.....
71 Chi Toan @ www Vietnam -
170 Chou @ www USA they make a really cute couple!!!
568 Choua @ www USA They are so cute together! I love Chinese Paladin! Can't wait till part 3 comes out!
414 Christ @ www Indonesia coz they are meant to be together^^ their love will be eternal no matter what happen
654 Christy @ www USA because they went through many ups and downs and they are fated to be together
606 Chu David @ www Malaysia -
278 Chun Ching @ www Malaysia Because they are very very CUTE!!
196 Chutima @ www Thailand lovely & warm
330 Cindyx123 @ www USA they made a good match, i love them!!!
556 Clarence @ www Indonesia Because i think Ling er is very cute and this the first serial movies that can make my tears fall down
4 Clement @ www Australia Unconditioned Love and look cute together
127 Clement @ www Singapore Their devoted love for each other,nothing can separate them forever
314 Clumsy Cooki3 @ www Australia i love them because they're so cute together
431 Coldish @ www Singapore -
223 Constant @ www Singapore -
455 Cope @ www Thailand -
387 Criselda @ www Philippines -
187 Crossax2 @ www Philippines theyre both hondsome and pretty ^^
624 Crystal @ www USA It Reminds of me and my lover
702 Cynthia Soraya Brave @ www Netherlands because they are devine. I have been watching the series of HU GE and I just get more and more entangled in the web of make believe fairytails, I love it to be able to escape reality just for a few hours a day.
385 Dada @ www Philippines because they are so cute together!! I love liu yifei and hu ge, i think they are so cute!!!
33 Daniel @ www Singapore -
281 Daniel @ www Indonesia perfect couple
647 Darcie @ www USA Because I just got that vibe that they were meant to be together
134 Darwin Danao @ www Philippines Primarily because of Crystal's appeal and Hu Ge's humor
274 David @ www Indonesia -
498 Davidzwb @ www China Boy's handsome,girl's beautiful
258 Dawn07 @ www Singapore they are cute!!
593 Deborah @ www USA their story is very romantic and makes the story stands to its limits. love them two together. hope they will do more movies together in the future.
441 Debra :] @ www USA It's just a beautiful love
47 Deci @ www USA -
214 Dennis @ www USA -
648 Diana @ www Colombia Because they are cute and romantic together
363 Diane @ www USA because they are adorable
291 Dizay @ www Singapore they are so lovable
290 Dolby Bao @ www Vietnam i love liu yi fei
113 Dolce @ www Singapore they are cool.. love each other truthfully
369 Dom @ www Canada both good looking
667 Dominique @ www USA They are just trying so hard to be together
604 Donkeykang @ www France -
446 Donnah @ www Philippines 'coz their love story is totally heart wrenching!! wah! the ending's so sad! Ling'er shouldn't have died! It's so unfair!!!
342 Dorae_bom @ www Thailand -
251 Doris @ www Singapore they r the born to be a matchable couple.
48 Draft @ www Singapore linger is cute so is yi fei
250 Dragonite3579 @ www Singapore -
190 Dreamycat @ www Netherlands mutual understanding, eventhough not necessarily spoken out
421 Dronnelly @ www Indonesia -
416 Dv_1way @ www USA Because of their boundless love.
84 E.t. @ www Singapore cos i loved them at first sight
502 Eanling @ www Malaysia -
526 Eddie Peng @ www New Zealand they're cool
237 Ekin @ www Australia i love Crystal XD
573 Elaine Deng @ www Canada -
472 Elaisa @ www Philippines I love this couple because their love for each other is so eternal or so strong that even death can never erase such love or even separate each others presence.
682 Elincc @ www Indonesia because i love liu yi fei so much
29 Ell86 @ www Malaysia C'mon!! They are such a CUTE & BEAUTIFUL couple!!! XIAO YAO & LING ER 4EVA! I've started to love this couple ever since the game! It was ten years ago! When it comes out with TV version.. I never expected that Hu Ge & Yi Fei suit the role PREFECTLY!! Sup
522 Elle @ www China -
528 Elle @ www Singapore they r a perfect match-one very pretty and one handsome
272 Ellie @ www Australia They're so cute together!
30 Emily Hsiao @ www Taiwan -
547 Enlinde @ www Myanmar Just about Everything!! I just like Both of Them!!
603 Eno Jada @ www Philippines they are cute..
45 Eric Lee @ www Singapore they are sweet
181 Erica @ www Australia they love each other despite their differences
615 Erwin Lee Ki Feng @ www Malaysia Because they have a really true love and love each other
147 Esther @ www Singapore they r sho cool!!!=)
708 Esther @ www Thailand They are so cute together. Their relationship is so strong and powerful.
566 Eunice @ www Philippines Because they always looked good together! Plus Yi Fei has been my number 1 idol since year 2004! :)
253 Fairyandswordman @ www Singapore -
481 Falantti @ www Germany -
334 Fancy @ www USA I think they r good together
142 Felicia Chee Hwee Xian @ www Singapore Because they are so loving. Their scenes are touching and seeing them happy makes me smile too!
101 Fenny @ www Indonesia They are so sweet and cute together. They showed what the meaning of true love. Love this couple and would like to see them in another series together again.
189 Fhang @ www Philippines they are very cute and sweet and they look nice with each other...=)
636 Fiona L @ www Australia Good chemistry in "Chinese Paladin" :)
429 Flurry~~ @ www Canada They look awesome and are compatible with eachother in every way! =)
592 Fonger @ www Indonesia they are so romantic
303 Fox @ www Philippines they're cute
413 Francine Kyle @ www Philippines they were so cute, i luv hu ge and yifei very much
347 Franklin Tran @ www USA i like them because the love she had for him after he loss his memory and she was willingly to leave to another girl and in the end they still loved each other. I love this movie i watched more than 11 times already and it dont get boring
381 Fredyleung @ www Indonesia i don't now, i just like
69 Freedomxjustice @ www Singapore They are a perfect match, handsome guy and pretty girl.
324 Fue @ www USA Very Nice Couple :D
260 F_suwandy @ www USA they're cute
640 Gaeul @ www South Korea perfect
322 Gao Yi Rong @ www China -
206 Gaomong @ www USA becuz they r great and have endless love
108 Garfield245 @ www Germany -
174 Gayle @ www Philippines Because of their undeniable chemistry that makes me more drawn to them. I really love them so much...!
61 Gech @ www Canada They look so adorable together!!!
512 Gee Lor @ www USA they just look so good together..and the movie went so i love how they both love eachother so much..
657 Genie @ www USA -
234 Geniussheep @ www China they're are very happy
191 George @ www Australia Cause i want alife like them =p
553 Georgia @ www Singapore I love the way Ling'er will always love Xiao Yao, no matter what happens to him.
130 Germaine @ www Malaysia they look cute together!!!
299 Gerxiong @ www USA they rock
143 Ghelai @ www Philippines -
561 Gillgill @ www Vietnam I love Fei and Huge
66 Grace @ www Singapore They are so cool!
487 Gundampilotraph @ www USA -
15 Gungrave26 @ www Singapore -
377 Habison Xiong @ www USA Chinese Paladin and they are hot. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!
7 Haleyc @ www Singapore Picture perfect together & a beautiful love story
457 Hancy Liu @ www Philippines because they're so good being together
365 Hani Pham @ www Vietnam because they are the evidence for true love .. it's a pity that such a cute couple have a tragic ending :((((
397 Hannah Crystal @ www Philippines i love this couple because thy were so cute and i thiunk that ling er is the perfect pair for xio yao. i love this couple a lot
641 Hannai Haruki @ www Philippines i love it very much cause its really lovely. i hope i meet ling er in personal....
674 Hao Tianyi @ www China I just love them.
359 Harmlesspenguin @ www USA -
504 Harrison Tan @ www USA Breathtaking relationship
518 Harrylim @ www Singapore -
110 Hashemah @ www Philippines because they are a cute couple for me,a very handsome man and a very beautiful girl...
1 Healing Wind @ www Australia They're so cute together and still love each other despite all the barriers and difficulties they face :) They're so compatible in both personality wise and appearance wise!!
653 Heaven Kagome @ www Malaysia so romantic
219 Heidi Lee @ www USA They are beautiful together. Their individuality balances out perfectly. Xiao Yao is funny, mischievious and silly while Ling'er is gentle, kind, calm and innocent. Plus, they love one another so much!
178 Hellsing26 @ www Singapore very sweet
475 Hendra Huang @ www Indonesia ling er really cute!!!!
665 Hendry Ng @ www Indonesia they're too perfect
149 Heng Min Wei @ www Singapore At a first glance, both of them looks like a match made in heaven. Further viewing of the show confirms this opinion. XD
351 Henry Tran @ www Canada well the girl when she got hurt she didnt say anything n kept it in so the guy can be happy
129 Herschell @ www Philippines they look very cute together!^_^
407 Hg @ www Singapore -
331 Hienvh87 @ www Norway The True Love That Never Ends
529 Hieu @ www Canada -
516 Hikari @ www China the story...been playing this produce games ever since i was 7 in 1996 since the beginning... best game i ever played in my whole life... from now to ever
72 Hli @ www USA they are a very cute couple
679 Hoang Tri Nguyen @ www Vietnam beautiful
698 Hooyingying @ www Malaysia romantik
11 Hopeless @ www Singapore cos they really attract me so much
664 Howard Chen @ www USA -
691 Hu Ge @ www USA They look so cute together!
90 Huixian @ www Singapore they are sooo cute!
194 Hung @ www Australia Because their love moved me. They sacrifice themselves in order to have the other live.
634 Huyen Tran @ www Vietnam They're lovely
252 Hwa @ www Indonesia -
68 Hytlau @ www England they are just too cute, adorable and perfect, sigh
661 I'am Yaya @ www Malaysia they so sweet
111 I-SYa @ www Malaysia chemistry
588 Ian Loyd Bismar @ www Philippines because has protecting each other
231 Ida Ikhwan @ www Malaysia I love this copule because they love each other so deeply. Xiao yao and Ling er FOREVER!
6 Iheartu @ www USA They spell perfect!!!
699 Ihuge @ www China -
80 Iluvjay @ www Singapore they are very compatible and both are very nice and sweet...
300 Imageman @ www Taiwan I don't know I just like them and it feels so good seeing them together
576 Indianpal @ www India they are very cute and sensible
695 Irene Rosero @ www Philippines they are perfect couple and cute i love them both, im their new fan...
711 Iris @ www USA they have a really breath taking story
575 Issislinn @ www Singapore Just amusing when since 1st seen that movie
517 Itachi22 @ www Taiwan i love fairysword & Ling Er
9 Ivo Yueh @ www USA Ling'er has many of the qualities I look for in a girl - she deserves to be with the man she loves!
618 Ivony Knauf @ www Netherlands this couple is the best couple i have ever seen.
368 Jacintha @ www Malaysia because it is very excited!
496 Jack @ www USA They are truely lovers...I like to see a couple not give up their love and has hope for their future...
505 Jack Wang @ www Canada Cute
689 Jackie @ www USA they are awesome and never give up on each other
587 Jacksheng @ www Singapore -
294 Jaclyn Tay @ www Singapore they are so cute together, especially in chinese paladin
150 Jamie Chan @ www Singapore They are so romantic together they are the perfect match and it was sad the last part; to see Ling er die I feel like watching the show again the music fits in perfectly
298 Jane @ www Canada they have great chemistry and i loved them in the show!! i am an absolutely BIG BIG fan of liu yi fei and i love both ling er and xiao yao in chinese paladin!!
448 Janelle @ www Australia Because they are sooo well matched!
144 Janet @ www Singapore it talks about true love
613 Jason @ www Singapore they are loving
700 Jason Poh @ www Singapore Because their love is beautiful.
145 Jayde @ www Philippines Their chemistry is sooo stroong!!! I totally love the show because of these two characters, without them, I probably wouldn't have watched it...
119 Jazz Chuah @ www Singapore They are cute, i luv them
64 Jeff @ www USA They show what true love is by staying by each other's side through thick and thin
396 Jeffrey Yap @ www Hong Kong they are so compatible
574 Jeje @ www Indonesia -
675 Jen @ www Australia They are so sweet together! Crystal Liu Yi Fei is also really cute...
580 Jenelyn @ www Philippines -
388 Jenny @ www USA They are pretty
461 Jenny @ www Australia Because I watched Chinese Paladin, I think Linger and XiaoYao are the best couple i've seen yet in the Chinese shows. I am watching Chinese Paladin right now and that show has made me laugh cry anger so much. It is just soo good!
623 Jenny @ www China like
54 Jenthu @ www USA yes.
426 Jen_flurryz00 @ www Canada They look so cute together
216 Jerica @ www Malaysia They are compatible
204 Jerome Torril @ www Philippines -
625 Jessicarn23 @ www Canada -
524 Jessie @ www Australia I love this couple because he is gorgeous ans she is beautiful! It just makes me want to cry when she's pushing him away. I would cry to see Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei one day! No matter what happens!
530 Jesvin @ www Indonesia because hu ge was cool,tall,handsome
644 Jian @ www Malaysia -
323 Jianhao @ www Singapore i like them bcoz... of the way they r able to express their love to each another...not jus by saying i love u...THE SHOW ROXS and i watched it 3 times liao
356 Jidapa @ www Thailand -
185 Jierou_carolyn @ www Malaysia . . . speechless
62 Jim @ www Singapore don't know why. Just like. I feel sad that Ling'er died in the end.
99 Jimmy @ www Malaysia Coz they are lovely....
133 Jing @ www Singapore They rock. (:
76 Jinghan @ www Singapore -
344 Jinnie @ www Thailand -
688 Jirun @ www Thailand -
543 Joal @ www Singapore They are extremely compatible. Xian Jian forever!
117 Joanna @ www Singapore They're so cute. Liu yifei is so chio...I support her all the way! And so is Xiao yao...he is handsome and a good singer! I esp like his songz: Liu yue de yu
74 Joe @ www USA Just do ^^
86 Joe @ www USA cause it is a good movie
473 Joe Mar Carbonell @ www Philippines sweet!!!!!
166 Joel @ www Singapore they are cute
301 Joel @ www Singapore :)
399 Joel @ www Singapore They r just so cute together :D
306 Johanes Benyamin @ www Indonesia -
16 John @ www USA -
57 John @ www Vietnam -
408 John @ www Philippines Ling'er is so Cute
27 John Ling @ www Malaysia Cute
584 John Mark Ton-Ogan @ www Philippines Because they are perfect with each other. I hope they will make another TV drama with the same artists.
241 Johnny Lam @ www USA -
341 Johnny Thao @ www USA They are funny together.
536 Joi @ www Philippines they're so cute together
163 Jolpe @ www Singapore cause they are the sweetest couple on earth !
565 Joni @ www Singapore -
453 Joseph Naoe @ www Philippines they look very good together
153 Josh Wei @ www USA -
563 Joshianne @ www Philippines they look so good together
128 Joshua @ www Philippines i love crystal!
428 Joyce @ www USA I love this couple because they are perfect for each other and makes each other happy.
633 Joyce @ www USA they are really cute
42 Judy @ www USA -
452 Julia Felicia @ www Indonesia so romantic, i'm so dispointed when see the last of chinese paladin's film coz that's not happy ending.
503 Juliana @ www Canada -
273 Julie @ www Philippines because they are really match
409 Julie @ www USA cuz they are the best!
489 Julie @ www China 我喜欢
445 K @ www USA shes hot
608 Kaily @ www USA -
268 Kakeshi @ www Brunei -
277 Kalean Vang @ www USA they are the cutest couple
305 Kao @ www USA they show me how love is important than anything
222 Kao Kue @ www USA Reminds me of why I love my girl.
404 Kaoru @ www Singapore -
116 Kar En @ www Singapore -
159 Karen Wong @ www Singapore They look so good together in terms of either inner or external.
87 Karenang89 @ www Singapore Zhao Ling'Er is so pretty n Li Xiao Yao is so handsome.I love them together
511 Karl @ www Germany Loved the game
242 Kat @ www USA they're cute together...
245 Kate @ www China because they are cute together, ling er and xiao yao
558 Katherine Lynn @ www Myanmar Liu Yi Fei is cute and Huge is Handsome.But i am just a fan of
225 Kathy @ www USA becuz they are so cute and adorable togetha
614 Kathy @ www USA This couple shows what true love is.
67 Kathy La @ www USA They're ADORABLE together ^-^
265 Katie @ www England -
362 Kaye Chan @ www USA -
56 Kelly @ www USA One word
420 Kelvin @ www New Zealand Symbolises a value that is as ancient as the human race. Just like to say that this whole package of game and television show has taught me a valuable lesson in life. I've learnt this lesson when I was a child watching my father play the game.
58 Ken @ www Singapore -
533 Keng @ www USA they still love each other and when they broke up they stil have feeling in each other. i luv them cause they love each other as a couple n n xaio yio always have to find ling'er n he face lot of danger but he the great
355 Kenny @ www USA because they are so cute!
275 Kensei @ www Australia -
307 Kenshin @ www Singapore -
96 Kevin @ www Singapore Omg they are 1 perfect couple..cmon even god cant break them apart *tears*
591 Kevin @ www Indonesia Touched
705 Kevin Linus @ www Indonesia Because their love is pure and full of sacrifices.
386 Khang @ www Canada That's because Ling'er is Crystal Liu and she is cute.
601 Khoo Kar Jin @ www Malaysia -
358 Kiki @ www Thailand :}
492 Kim @ www USA because they both cute, love them
570 Kingsiangz @ www Singapore -
418 Kisabotanlover @ www Aruba Idk, I just think liu li fei and Hu ge would make a good couple...
179 Kitty @ www USA -
684 Kou Lee @ www USA Because of their love for each other.
233 Krizza Ayenn @ www Philippines they are sweet lover. and they are ready to fight for their love.
73 Ksw @ www Indonesia -
122 Kunloong @ www Singapore ling'er very very beautiful n cute while xiaoyao is cool n funny at the same time
154 Kunoichi @ www Philippines they're perfect combination! I just love these two!!!
155 Lady_takius @ www Philippines they fit together...These two's chemistry is sooo strong!!!
109 Lalaine @ www Philippines I love them because they are great, cute, and adorable. This series is so beautiful. I love those characters and their roles. Hope they can bring here in the Philippines TV
244 Lauraleia @ www Malaysia They are just perfect for each other! It's just so sad that (almost) everybody dies at the end... "The one who is left behind suffers the most".
256 Lavenderorchid @ www Malaysia -
157 Laytbv @ www USA -
637 Leafy @ www Singapore -
160 Lenne @ www Philippines they're cute
443 Lesterx` @ www Singapore they are so compaitable. LiuYiFei/Ling'Er FTW !
638 Li Shuang @ www Indonesia cute
412 Lianne Pedro @ www Philippines they're cute
559 Libbie414 @ www Philippines Their love story is magical
552 Lida Lee @ www USA devotion to each other
302 Lieben @ www Indonesia -
249 Lightbrand @ www Canada A struggle between an inevitable romance..
284 Lilahmie @ www USA soo cute!!
316 Lilaznboy @ www USA i'm one of their fans
46 Lilla @ www USA I love this couple because they have such a strong love for each other. They understand that inorder to fall in love and be together, there will be a day when they have to depart. No matter what, they'll always support one another.
193 Lily @ www Singapore They are prefect when together and they look cute.
696 Lim Jie Hao @ www Singapore -
125 Limyonghan @ www Singapore Thay have a very strange and romance relationship.
520 Lin Lingxi @ www China Only love,no reason.
619 Lina @ www USA -
466 Linda @ www Singapore -
182 Lindy @ www Singapore Their love for each other...their willingness to sacrifice for each other...their everything
184 Ling Er @ www Singapore Because I Love Ling Er
602 Ling Er @ www Thailand nice..
26 Ling Tran @ www USA -
197 Ling'er Forever @ www USA Because they just do belong together
141 Linger @ www Singapore I like the story.
327 Linger @ www Singapore they are just sooo cute together, loving each other so deeply.
523 Linger @ www USA i love this because i love to watch the chinese paladin
49 Ling_errie @ www Singapore I just love em
450 Linh @ www USA cause they are soooo cute together
257 Lisa @ www Australia they r cute
589 Littlehong @ www Thailand -
162 Lixiaoyao @ www Singapore cause they rock
40 Liyan Tang @ www USA They just are perfect for each other.
317 Liyruikeo @ www Philippines cute
343 Lltonll @ www Thailand -
100 Loh1991 @ www Singapore -
94 Lonelyassassin @ www USA Very cute together especially the beginning
139 Lonelyboi @ www Singapore They are oool, I love them
507 @ www USA they have such a great love story, i like the show
151 Lordshea @ www Philippines i love liu yifei and they're perfect together
267 Loy Teck Boon @ www Singapore i like the never dying love they have for each other
78 Lroz @ www Singapore Yes, but too bad they couldn't be together in the end
21 Lucifer @ www Singapore their sweet and loving relationship...if Ling'er nv die at the last episode... they will remain a happy couple till they die... y must Ling'er die... stupid ending
378 Lucky @ www Australia good chemistry between each other, cute, adorable, make me happy everytime i see them and love them sooo much. i hope they make a new movie together =[
578 Luofu @ www Austria -
357 Luv_goalie @ www Thailand cos' it is real love
577 Lxy @ www Singapore they are like the prince and princess of mainland drama
175 Ly Lan @ www Vietnam they so cute ,their true love is so *Hix*
352 Lydia Kui Wen @ www USA -
309 Lyf_rox @ www Singapore i find tat they acted the roles extremely well
60 Lylan @ www USA they both cute and cute.... ^_^
321 Lyly @ www USA their story is so touching
247 Lysandus @ www Australia -
477 Lysilent @ www Cambodia they're so cute
98 Lzy @ www Singapore -
564 Macqian @ www Philippines because this is the best of the best couple
88 Maddie @ www USA Because they were made to be together. Their love was so sweet.
610 Madihah @ www Malaysia because there are so sweet and a loving couple
479 Mai @ www USA they are so cute. I love them both.
668 Mai @ www USA cute
595 Mai Xiong Yang @ www Laos because they make a lovely couple. they are such a cute, lovely couple...I just love them, but the ending was so sad because they couldn't get each other
205 Majikalx @ www Singapore -
384 Majin @ www Thailand i love liu yi fei
360 Mandy @ www USA they make such a cute couple then other!!!!! i love them to be together..!!
676 Mariancross7 @ www Philippines whenever i watch chinese paladin either 1 or 3..... its always makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry
673 Marie @ www USA I think their romance is so nice and unique n_n
462 Maselia @ www Indonesia So cute and charming
419 Mayleen @ www Philippines simply worth of loving,.,.,.
220 Mei Ling @ www Singapore They are so sweet. I love ling er more!
338 Meili @ www Philippines because ling'er is so pretty, haha!
525 Meipo @ www Singapore because they are cute!
594 Melissa @ www USA their chemistry on screen
3 Meng @ www China -
482 Meng Yang @ www USA They remind me of myself.
599 Meng3 @ www USA -
690 Mengo @ www USA Because they have SO much chemistry!!
389 Mesmerized @ www Singapore yf forever ^^ i love u
562 Mia @ www Philippines They are the coolest asian couple!
567 Micchi (: @ www Australia They`ll love each other even if one of them have forgotten
158 Miccs @ www Philippines their cuteness... especially crYstal liu.... the perfect greece ratio...
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585 Pronie Nipahoy @ www Philippines they are fantastic and they made me explore, happy lots of fun. after typing this i will watch again. keep up
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515 Sophisticated_ @ www USA They show the true meaning of what love means and what love is. They suffer through hardships and pain just to understand each other. That is what you call true love.
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488 Teng Chang @ www USA in a way, im kinda like xiao yao
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79 Terry @ www USA It's perfect, innocent, devoted love :) (Too bad it never happens like that in real life)
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400 Thomas @ www Malaysia They love each other so much... They r so touching.. I cried when the drama end with sadn.Sad,Touching,beautiful,cute and great love story
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77 Time @ www Malaysia Their romance is so good, cute and sad. Too bad they didn't end up together
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707 Tuan Tran @ www USA I love how much they love each other. They only want the best for the other person even if it means hurting themselves. I hate the ending for them. They barely had a carefree moment to enjoy each other's company, before she had to leave.
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148 Xiao Yao @ www Singapore they are cool together especially is that ling er is pretty and xiao yao is handsome.
20 Xiaoling @ www USA They look sooo GREAT together!!!! I didn't like the series a little bit b/c they made Ling'er die! I was crying the WHOLE time!!!! :cries: T_T I really wish they will have a sequal b/c I want Xiao Yao and Ling Er to be together!!
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34 Xiaolord @ www Singapore cos of their look
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37 Xuehui @ www Singapore Absolutely perfect match! Cannot believe that the show is exactly seen by people from so many countries (incl Vietnam)! Very thrilled.
686 Yacob @ www Indonesia Chinese Paladin drama series are amazing. I love them :D.
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172 Yinn @ www Singapore I find that they are very compatible especially while filming for Chinese Paladin
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439 Yunqii @ www Malaysia sweet.. ^^ the games and the story itself are NICE! =D
681 Zdes @ www Malaysia Bcoz their story is so touching,makes me wanna cry when i watch how the story unfolds
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557 Zhang @ www Canada Love shatters my heart
329 Zhi Cheng @ www Malaysia i love this couple because i think it would be great if they really be together~!! Hu Ge must choose Crystal~!!
310 Zioedy @ www Singapore Their love story is enchanting, pure and beautiful.No matter what obstacles they face, they always overcome it with their love. Xiao Yao and Ling Er are a cute couple!
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569 [prin] @ www Vietnam Because of their love that is very stable and cannot be separated
671 李林烽 @ www China 因为它感人.我爱仙剑