February 2006 Updates Archive

Posted by on February 23rd, 2006 | Category: Site News

23 Feb 06: I’ve reorganised the Screencapture gallery and added 18 new images! I’ve also added a new official artwork of Li Xiaoyao from the game.

16-17 Feb 06: Created 7 more avatars :)

14 Feb 06: Added a new Music Video by veevee, with the song “1000 Words”, and also posted up a few more chapters in her fanfic “Till the End”. I created 10 new avatars, which I have spent hours on ^^; (no sarcasm involved) Hope you like them!

10 Feb 06: I’ve added a new music video made by iheartu, called ‘Mei Ren Yu’, and it’s very good :) I’ve also created 3 more animated GIFS which have been added. I’ve screencaptured 428 images from the TV drama, however I have yet to make the thumbnails for them, and still need to organise them. Most of these are from the last few episodes of them together :) I’ve noticed it’s quite difficult to capture every action, since movements make the image blurry, but I’ve tried my best to get great shots. Come on, let’s see some more fans joining the list.

5 Feb 06: Added a form for fans to post up their thoughts!

4 Feb 06: NEW Animated GIFs section! I’ve created and added 19 new Animated GIFs of the couple! Don’t forget to check it out but please read the usage guidelines too:) Also added another Music Video by veevee.

3 Feb 06: New Fan Fiction section! I’ve added a new Fanfic written by veevee, so check it out when you can and send in yours ^^

2 Feb 06 Added a bunch of graphics contributed by iheartu! Thank you so much for collecting these and sending them to me :)

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