January 2008 Site Updates Archive

Posted by on January 25th, 2008 | Category: Site News

25 Jan 08: Just a small update! I added in a animated gif request of Xiao Yao and Ling’er tapping each other’s nose. Check it out here. Hope you like it Justin.

24 Jan 08: Hi guys! Hope 2008 has started off great for you all =) I’ll be working on the animated gif requests I got from visitors when I get the chance.

I’m pretty thrilled that we currently have 480 members in the Fanlisting!! Only 20 more left for 500! Keep them coming guys. Please do check out our forum, where you can also find the downloads to the Xian Jian game sequels, including the 4th one.

19 Dec 07: Hi everyone! I’ve added 3 new images to the Liu Yifei Gallery and the Hu Ge Image Gallery is up! =) It’s small, but expanding. I’m only considering good, high quality images of the actors. If you have any, please contribute them by sending them to me. Thanks a lot in advance!

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