July 2006 Updates Archive

Posted by on July 30th, 2006 | Category: Site News

30 July 06: I’ve created and added another Artwork, so we have 4 total so far. This artwork was based off the final scene when Ling’er dies in Xiao Yao’s arms… I must say, I felt really depressed making this >< Also, because I was inspired by the end result, I wrote an article on the ending of the TV drama. Do check it out if you’ve seen it already, it contain spoilers (if it isn’t spoiled already)

29 July 06: Hi everyone, I added a new section today dedicated to Artworks such Photoshop blends featuring Xiao Yao and Ling’er! These can be found under the Eye Candy category of the site. Remember to check them out and read the criteria if you’d like to see your works posted on this site!

26 July 06: Added a new wallpaper I made, hope you like it!

20 July 06: Added character profiles for Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er based off the game (information varies from TV series)

19 July 06: I’ve received another wonderful contribution from DFlinger, who has written an excellent article on Can feelings be erased?; which looks closely at Xiao Yao’s feelings towards Ling’er after his memory loss.

18 July 06: I’ve finally written an article on Nose tapping! lol…If you’ve watched the TV Drama you’ll know what I mean by this ^^ Please check it out and feel free to submit your own articles on the couple!

17 July 06: As promised, I made new screencaptures for you all- 81 images were added to the Sceencaptures section, on the third page under ‘others’. These were from episode 13 in the vampire stage up to the point Ling’er is in the carriage and Xiao Yao chases after. I’ve further added 202 images of all the scenes where Xiao Yao and Ling’er stays in the Inn in episode 18 and 19!! Hope you like the massive amount of pictures!

16 July 06: Hey guys, I’m back from my snow trip so be expecting some more updates soon. I’ve created 4 new avatars. Hope you like them!!

11 July 06: Added 5 new avatars!

10 July 06:: Hi again, and sorry for the slow update lately! Hopefully I’ll have some more screencaptures up for your enjoyment within the next week (I’ll be going on a little snow trip ^^) Nevertheless, I’ve added a well written article submitted by DFlinger, make sure to check it out! If you have written articles regarding the couple of your own, feel free to email me =)

4 July 06: A small update today: added a translation of an interview with Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei, as well as more thoughts by fans! Feel free to submit your opinions about the relationship between the couple! =)

3 July 06: I’ve added 2 wonderful artwork of Ling’er by Burpy and Somps! Make sure to check them out in the Fan Art Section =D

2 July 06: Hi everyone, I want to let you know that I have decided to switch forum host (The Xian Jian Fan Club), so the above link will take you the NEW forum. For all previous members of the forum, please reregister there! To old members, you may click here to visit the old forum to transfer your posts to the new forum. The reason for my decision is explained in the old and new forum. Sorry for any inconvenience, hope you will continue to support the Fan Club! Hopefully this move will be for the best! Meanwhile, enjoy what this site has to offer, as I will continue adding more content for you :) We currently have 223 members in the fanlisting!!

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