Interview with Liu Yifei (English Transcript)

Q-Based on your opinion, do you think the series and the game XianJian QiXia Zhuan are similar?
-LYF-I think the series and the game aren't really similar since it looks at love in greater depth which makes the series more intriguing. Therefore, it helps to attract the audience more.

Q-Have you ever played the game XianJian QiXia Zhuan? What do you think about the love story in this game?
LYF-Before I acted in this series, I have never played the game "XianJian QiXia Zhuan". After I received the script, I started to play the game and was immediately addicted to it. I like the character of Zhao Ling'er the most out of all the characters, so I took great care in playing this character.

Q- There were some debates about you being a lot like the character Zhao Ling'er. Do you also feel that way?
LYF-I think my personality is really similar to Zhao Ling'er. That is why while I acted in the role, I felt really natural and comfortable.

Q-What is your personality like?
-LYF-I am not a really outgoing and cheerful girl, but am not really the quiet type either.

Q-If you had to choose from the 2 characters, Xiao Long Nu in ROCH and Ling'er in Xian Jian, which one of those characters are more like your real personality?

-LYF- Ling'er's strong willed personality is really similar to me and Xiao Long Nu's quiet and calm personality is also really similar to me in real life. Therefore, you can say that a combination of these 2 characters is my true personality.

Q-If you had to choose between the 2 roles, Xiao Long Nu and Zhao Ling'er, which role did you put more effort into?
-LYF- I have interest in both of these roles, but I didn't get the script for Xian Jian in advance. It wasn't until filming started that I received the script, so I didn't have the chance to find out more about the emotional characteristics of Zhao Ling'er. I think this was a big disadvantage to me. After playing Zhao Ling'er and Xiao Long Nu. I feel that my acting abilities have really improved.

Q-The ending in both the game and series are tragic, what do you think of the endings?
-LYF- I like the ending in the series more.

Q-Between the characters of Li Xiaoyao in Xian Jian and Yang Guo in ROCH, what do you think is similar and different about them? -LYF-One difference is Li Xiaoyao has had the dream of being a Da Xia/Hero ever since he was young, but Yang Guo unexpectedly became a hero. One similarity between these 2 characters is their early childhood life. Yang Guo has been an orphan ever since he was a child and was saved by Xiao Long Nu. Li Xiaoyao was raised by his aunt, when he found his true love he was also very loyal.

Q-Do like the character Li Xiaoyao or Yang Guo more?
-LYF-Both of these characters have made people very touched. Yang Guo's life is more tragic since he was hurt a lot more, but maybe the audience will like Li Xiaoyao more.

Q-Right now the name Liu Yifei is widely known by the audience on the small screen(in series or dian shi)have you ever thought of trying out acting on the big screen (in movies)?
-LYF-If I get a suitable script, I will definitely try out acting in movies.

Q-What are your plans for the end of this year(2005)?
-LYF-I will travel to Japan to take some voice and singing lessons, if everything works out, then I will release an album at the beginning of 2006 (I guess things did not work out since she never released an album).

Interview with Hu Ge (English Transcript)

Q-There were a lot people who watched XianJian QiXia Zhuan who did not know who the actor of Li Xiaoyao was. Can you introduce yourself to the audience?
-HG-While I was attending my 3rd year of acting school in Shanghai, I was lucky enough to be given the role of Li Xiaoyao in XianJian QiXia Zhuan. Before I made this series I took part in the series Pu Gong Ying, but the role of Li Xiaoyao is my first leading role. Besides acting, I also take part in singing and have sung some of the songs for Xian Jian and Tian Wai Fei Xian.

Q-Li Xiaoyao is the character that leaves the deepest impression in the online game, what impression do you get from this character? -HG-In my opinion, Li Xiaoyao is very heroic and righteous. I really admire the righteous personality of this character.

Q- The producer Qiu Li Qin said that he had some doubts about your performance when he gave the role of Li Xiaoyao to you, we all cannot believe that when the series came out that so many viewers said that your portrayal was really similar to the character Li Xiaoyao. So, when you went for audition for the role, how did you feel?
-HG-When I went for the audition, the staff in charge of providing the costumes gave me costumes for different characters. There were 2 types of costumes that I had to try on, one was for a young character and one was for an old character. When I tried on the costume for the young character, there was another actor that was also there for the audition who saw me in the young costume, who loudly said "Oh, are you here to play the role of Li Xiaoyao?" Right at that moment, the creator for the game of Xian Jian- Yiu Zhuang Shen was present; he discussed with the director and producers, so they decided to give the role of Li Xiaoyao to me.

Q- Li Xiaoyao is a character that seems to live a carefree life, but is also a person involved in love, what do you think of this character in the game and the series?
-HG- I have personally loved playing the game "Xian Jian" ever since I was young and have always liked the character Li Xiaoyao because he is comical, straightforward and stubborn when it comes to love. In the series, his attitude, way of talking and the way he handled things on the outside did give viewers the impression that he lived a carefree life. But inside, he thought deeply about things and was faithful in love, therefore this makes it hard for viewers to interpret this character.

Q-How do you feel about pairing up with Liu Yifei? In your opinion, do you think Liu Yifei and the character of Ling'er are alike? What is Liu Yifei's personality like?
-HG-If in real life there is a girl like Zhao Ling'er then she is truly an ideal girl. In reality, it is hard to find a person like that. Even though Liu Yifei is really young, her inner feelings and way of thinking are really deep.

Q- In what aspects is your personality similar to Li Xiaoyao in real life?
-HG-Li Xiaoyao is really good at hiding his inner feelings. Even though on the outside he acts as if he is living a carefree life, but on the inside he has a heart that is very sensitive and can get easily hurt. I am like that too. When I experience any problems or unhappy situations, I would not express it with a sad face in front of the people around me since I don't want to affect them. That is why in front of my friends, I am always smiling happily and brightly as if I don't even know what sadness is. I guess that is probably the trait that is most similar between me and Li Xiaoyao.

Q-What do you think about the love story between Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er? What is your opinion about love?
-HG- There is not really a definition for love since people just feel it with their heart and feelings. I think that Li Xiaoyao's love is strong and romantic...