[Love in Disguise] Liu Yifei, Wang Leehom in Ancient gown

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Along with the various posters for “Love in Disguise” an ‘Ancient’ edition was recently released, featuring Wang Leehom as Yu Bo Ya and Liu Yifei as Zhong Ziqi. The tale by Lieh-Tzu tells of a story of  Bo Ya who found the most ideal listener in his friend, Ziqi. This idea is referenced in movie “Love in Disguise”, so I think this enactment is rather fitting!

Here’s some background on the story:

“Bo Ya (伯牙) was a qin player from the Spring and Autumn Period or the Warring States period. He was known by his first name of “Boya”, although his surname may have been Yu (俞), thus his complete name is sometimes given as Yu Boya (俞伯牙). The Lute Platform in Hanyang, Wuhan, China was where the legendary musician Yu Boya is said to have played. He is associated with the guqin pieces Gao Shan 《高山》 (“high mountains”) and Liu Shui 《流水》 (“flowing water”).

“Bo Ya was good at playing the qin. Zhong Ziqi was good at to listening to the qin. When Bo Ya’s will was towards high mountains in his playing, Zhong Ziqi would say, ‘How towering like Mount Tai!’ When Bo Ya’s will was towards flowing water in his playing, Zhong Ziqi would say, ‘How vast are the rivers and oceans!’ Whatever Bo Ya thought of Ziqi would never fail to understand. Bo Ya said, ‘Amazing! Your heart and mines are the same!’ When Ziqi died, Bo Ya broke the strings [of his qin] and vowed never to play [the qin] again. Thus, there was the melody of High Mountains Flowing Water.”

Bo Ya’s story exemplifies the Chinese ideal of friendship. The term Zhiyin (知音,literally “to know one’s music”) has come to describe a close and sympathetic friend.

-Excerpt from Han-Tang time

Liu Yifei Ancient

Liu Yifei as Zhong Ziqi (Click for larger view)

Other Promotional Posters:

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