March 2006 Updates Archive

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29 March 06: Hey everyone, sorry for the slow update, Uni workload has been crazy for me. Anyway, some great news- I’ve just added 244 screencaptures from the last scene of episode 34! Yes… the awesome fight against Bai Yue and the Water demon the very sad ending, where our Ling’er dies T__T Nevertheless, there’s some great moments of the lovely couple together for the last time, so hope you enjoy them ^_^ When I get the chance, I’ll put up more previous moments in screencaptures. These new images can be found on the 6th and 7th pages under Screencaps!

23 March 06: YAY, more fan input! I’ve added 2 new submissions from fans, posted under the ‘Thoughts by Fans’ section, as well as a new music video created by iheartu. The music video is about the time when Li Xiaoyao remembers his beloved Ling’er in the tower. Check it out sometime.

22 March 06: I’ve added iheartu’s fanfiction as well as a special 35min film which was created be veevee =)

20 March 06: A new Fan Fiction submission from Teddy! Check it out under the Devotion section, it has an original plot and is pretty well written. I’ve also added 4 new avatars which were created and donated by Twistee! Thanks for your contribution you guys ^_^ Fans, please consider joining to support this fanlisting/fansite =D The more fans who join, the more motivation it gives me to add more goodies to this site.

19 March 06: LAYOUT CHANGE! I’ve completely gave Fairy and Swordsman a new look, with version 2! Hope you guys like the change, and feel free to let me know your thoughts by signing the Guestbook! I’ve also added a new page to the site where I will showcase previous layouts used on Fairy and Swordsman. Also, I’ve added

23 screen captures of the scene where Xiao Yao first finds Ling’er in the village of vampires. It can be found in the 4th page of the Screen captures :)

16 March 06: I’ve made 5 new pretty avatars! Feel free to use them in forum etc (just please don’t direct link)

15 March 06: A beautiful new music video made by veevee! This one is the best I’ve seen yet, so make sure to download and check it out! It’s called ‘OUR LOVE: regaining my heart’ =)

12 March 06:: Fairy and swordsman now has an affiliate! The button can be found under the links section :) I’ve also removed the banners (siggys) off the site and will no longer be displaying them.

11 March 06: Another submission of opinions have been added to the ‘Thoughts by Fans’ section. I’ve added 105 new screen captures :) That’s a lot of new images for you to enjoy.

10 March 06: I’ve added 60 new screencaptures of this lovely couple! I’ve jumped scenes from Ling’er and the red flowers to when Ling’er reunites with Xiao Yao in the Tower. The reason I’ve done that is because I’ve already made screen captures of it previously, and wanted to post it up :) Next, I’m going to look at the scenes after they’re in Nan Zhao Guo, and hopefully get the ending pictures up. Once I get all the important scenes up, I’ll put up pictures of other scenes of them together. Remember, please do not direct link images; that’s really important.

9 March 06: A new fanart submission from iheartu!

8 March 06: I’ve added Clement’s opinion on the couple, under the ‘Thoughts by Fans’ section :) Don’t forget to tell us yours! Let’s keep the members coming~

6 March 06: I’ve finally been able to purchase my own domain ( and have this fanlisting/fansite up online again :) It was such a terrible incident (quite hectic), and I really hope that never happens again.

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