[Mo Deng Xin Ren Lei] Modern New Species 摩登新人类 starring Hu Ge, Ivy Chen

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Modern New Species 摩登新人类 (Mo Deng Xin Ren Lei) is Hu Ge’s latest modern day fashion drama. The cast includes Ivy Chen, Wilson Chen, Berlin Chen, Jiang Chao, Ma Si Chun, Guo Wei, Yang Zi Tong, Li Yuan. The series will be supported by Elle magazine as well as Femine magazine, and aims for a cosmopolitan, fashion drama.

Modern New Species

Title: 摩登新人类/ Mo Deng Xin Ren Lei
Genre: Modern, romance
Episodes: 30

Cast List:
Hu Ge
Ivy Chen
Wilson Chen
Jiang Chao
Ma Si Chun (马思纯)
Guo Wei (郭纬)
Yang Zi Tong (杨紫彤)
Li Yuan (李媛)
Zhang Yu Peng (张宇鹏)
Wang Qi (王奇)
Ju Lai (居来)
Xie Wen Bo (谢雯博)
Li Xi Yue (李昕岳)
Zhang Tie Lin

Hu Ge plays Xie Fei Fan 謝非凡, a handsome rich boy who wants to become a non-profit lawyer, but stepped into the fashion world instead because of his father. There, he meets Xia Hongguo (Ivy Chen), a strange country girl who wants to become a top fashion designer. The two is joined by Lingle (Wilson Chen Bolin), a suave player who flirts to hide his true feelings.

Modern New Species

Modern New Species

Modern New Species

Modern New Species

Wah Hu Ge <33

Source: cfensi, Images from Baidu

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  1. Brad says:

    This looks really hot! Really want to watch this!

  2. JULIA says:

    like this

  3. San says:

    where can i get link to download this film….???
    i really want to watch this….

    • nhi says:

      me too, i have been searching everywhere for this drama but couldn’t find anything….
      i really really want to watch this, can some one tell me where to watch this drama??

  4. xiao yu says:

    This show has film so long and yet till now it still not done filming yet? when will it end filming this show, can’t wait to see.

  5. H.Ge-C.Liu says:

    I wonder…there is hardly any news on Hu Ge’s modern dramas…all the attention is focused on his ancient dramas…maybe its because his modern dramas aren’t made by his company Tang Ren.

  6. Anna says:

    Ahhh I tried watching this but it was so slow and boring. I love HG and Ivy but this show is way too draggy. Too many side stories. They should have focused more on HG and Ivy.

  7. Vincent says:

    I wanna hear all the songs in this drama. Where can I find them?

  8. ani says:

    i like it,,,,

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