How do you guys understand the game?

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How do you guys understand the game?

Postby eva » Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:31 pm

It's really interesting to find a foreign forum of PAL.
Where do you come from?
How do you guys understand the game? :)
I mean, the language of these games is chinese and there are always lots of stories behind the language of the characters and the plots. Do you have problems when playing the games?
Or are there English versions for the games?

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Re: How do you guys understand the game?

Postby Chibi Jennifer » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:05 pm

Hi eva, welcome to the Chinese Paladin English forum! :)

I can't speak for everyone here, but I can safely say us 'foreigners' also love and appreciate the game. I'm from Sydney Australia but I can understand enough Chinese to play PAL1. In other words, I'm a Australian born Chinese girl and went to Chinese School as a kid so I can understand some, just not a lot. I can't really read massive amounts of Chinese, so accessing Chinese sites are really difficult for me :/

Also, not everyone here has played PAL1. There's quite a few of us who was introduced to PAL because of the 2004 Chinese Paladin TV drama, which is fansubbed in English. This helped broaden the audience a lot.
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Re: How do you guys understand the game?

Postby xiaoyaoli_lingerli » Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:14 pm

hmmm looks like i speak for the "wish i know a little chinese" group here... haha well... if i had a chance i would try to learn a little chinese.... so to just understand the game! haha :)

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Re: How do you guys understand the game?

Postby kimimi » Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:16 am

I can read a fair bit of Japanese and I am learning Chinese (both simplified and traditional) and Korean. I use games to help me learn because it's a lot more interesting than studying textbooks. Of course I would like to understand every single word but the way I see it is as long as I finish knowing more words than I did when I started then I've made some progress and had a good time too :)

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