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Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:08 pm
by God
I bet it'd be quite amusing to watch a really scary movie with you lol.

What about Mao Mao's open wound from exchanging flesh for food? Wasn't that scary? Or did the touching part override the scary part? :)

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:11 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
That was really ~_____~ It was really..disgusting and disturbing when it showed his flesh, my legs went numb instantly >.<!! But it wasn't scary, it was..gross.. which is pretty bad too.. But I just felt so sad for him..and numb. :cry:

lol, you wouldn't wanna watch a horror movie with me.. you'll probably become deaf from my screaming.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:23 pm
by God
I was rather touched by the gesture by the big bloke too. And it wasn't disgusting to me. I guess I was more touched than disgusted lol. Also impressed by how he could survive while lopping off his own flesh.

I bet I would though. You'd lighten the mood of the movie lol. 'Oh noes, here comes the flying vampire with his bloody mouth!' *your screaming*

Scary is when there's only silence besides the movie noises. Screams break the tension. Also gives us guys a chance to act macho by pretending to be sandbags/comforters/whatever relieves the tension. I once went to a horror movie with my ex-girlfriend, and came out with visible 'claw marks' on my arm. She was one hell of a grabber lol.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:13 am
by Chibi Jennifer
I was wondering why he still looked pretty big, and then when they revealed the straws underneath that was just sooo bad =( So much pain.. >.< How can you chop up yourself?? Mao Mao sure is one memorable character which I thought was a good change. I didn't think a minor character would be so selfless and significant.

also gives us guys a chance to act macho by pretending to be sandbags/comforters/whatever relieves the tension.

ahahaa, that's why my bf keeps telling me to watch horror movies with him (which I refuse XD) But can you imagine me and my weak heart sitting in my room alone at night watching Chinese Paladin 3 vampires popping up?? Plus the sound would suddenly get keeps louder too ~_~ Especially the lady mum vampire (what was that deal about? o_o)

ahah, I thought that lady vampire would be heaps main the "lady in red"- I thought she was the fire demoness (king).

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Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:30 am
by God
They have to flesh out story arcs and characters, or else they'd only have like 20 episodes at most. Mao Shan got put in a positive light (lucky him lol).

That's actually what I did last night lol. At least some of last night. I was alone in my apartment, re-watching the CP3 vampire episodes (I'm up to episode 4) with a relatively high volume. I promised an analysis, and I'm going to come through with it (in a couple of days). Anyway, it still didn't seem scary to me lol.

For me, it's the other way around. I don't invite my girlfriends to watch horror movies. I don't even like horror movies. I like comedies way better. But of course I can't say no when they ask me to accompany them to watch horror movies.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:48 am
by Chibi Jennifer
haha really? that's a bit unusual, I thought guys generally like horror stuff XD

And yay, looking forward to your analysis! And I'm not surprised if you're not scared of vampire stuff, I don't think it was meant to be scary XD There were bits that were somewhat comedy even but yeah- I'm a weird case. I was just glad that saga was over.

As I watched CP3, I kept thinking it as a RPG even though I never played the game. Do you think this was a good thing, it felt more game-like than drama? For example, when Jing Tian was entering Suo Yao Ta, he was given all these items and charms which could only be used a certain amount of times XD

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:00 am
by God
While I'm not afraid of the general scary stuff, it doesn't attract me the same way comedies do. I mean, I like laughing better. In fact, I'd rank horror at the bottom of my prefered genres.

It's actually not exclusively in games that things have durability. Games were made to emulate the 'real' world. And we all know that if you keep slashing things with a sword, it'll get blunt/break sooner and later. Happens in other stories/novels too ('If you use this skill more than three times, your body will not be able to take it, and you will die or become a vegetable!' -some old guy from some novel). So since there is no difference, there is no good or bad.

Jing Tian and Xue Jian were given items with limited use way before Suo Yao Ta lol. Chang Qing gave them the flute and pen to deal with the vampires in episode 3.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:08 am
by Chibi Jennifer
haha you're probably right- but I just kept thinking the drama was like a game XD SO in a way, I was glad bits were changed so it wasn't just like a game- where every character could fight and to obtain items and things you just beat the bosses, but then that lead to the marriage scam stuff XD lol

Hua Ying was really RPG-game like. I think.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:43 am
by God
Because of the genre (fantasy), I don't think it's easy to put a line between game and drama series. The two aren't mutually exclusive, you know. And most things can't just be put in either one or the other.

Look at Journey to the West. I think we can agree that the novel came waaaay before any game or drama series. Yet there was fighting to obtain items, and then there were schemes and stories to obtain other items lol.

The fact that the marriage scam was used twice only proved the lack of imagination on the writers' part (to come up with fresh methods), and not the limitation of the drama medium. After all, game or drama, they both come from the imagination of inspired human beings.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:54 am
by Chibi Jennifer
haha, okay you win ;)

I don't watch enough Fantasy dramas like this XD Other Wu Xia series I've seen didn't go to this extent with magical stuff- and I'm mainly referring to Jing Yong stories.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:14 pm
by God
To save time, I've mostly only highlighted details concerning the vampires. Skip the summary to the bottom for my analysis if you want (or search for ' end of summary ' using ctrl+f). EDIT: There is no winning or losing in a discussion. 8)

---------------------------------START OF SUMMARY----------------------------------
EP1: Near the end, Jing Tian and Xue Jian were attacked by the vampires (still think they're more zombie-like lol). Chang Qing swept in to save them with his spells.

EP2: Chang Qing captured the vampires, and gave Jing Tian and Xue Jian two pills as well as the communication thing (walkie talkie pendant?). He also warned them of other vampires in the region. Chang Qing brought the captured vampires back to Shu Shan.

Elder explained that the vampires were originally human. In the beginning, there was only one. The poison-user poured the poison into the human to make it lose its mind, and attack other people. It was through this method that the evil poison would spread.

Vampires started acting up at Shu Shan, and another elder discovered that jolting the memories of the vampires might help (based on a vampire named Wen Xuan). Yet another elder noted that Tang Men is a clan of poison-using experts; thus they were suspicious. Chang Qing's teacher asked Chang Qing to go investigate.

Chang Qing went to Tang Men. Old guy verified that the poison from the vampires' blood is the most potent and evil of Tang Men's poisons. Chang Qing questioned if anyone from Tang Men knew how to concoct the poison.

The following day, Chang Qing, Xue Jian and Jing Tian went to the village from which Wen Xuan came. Jing Tian recounted that one fine day, all the women were taken from the village. Chang Qing sensed what happened, and then followed his trigram's detection to Da San Yuan gambling den. In the gambling den, Chang Qing heard mysterious crying.

It is revealed that Pi Li Tang's leader Luo Ru Lie collaborated with Tang Yi to try to take Tang Men using vampires, and that there are 300 male vampires in Pi Li Tang. Tang Yi saw that there was one female vampire, and Luo Ru Lie told him that the female is the source (and incubator for the poison), and the most powerful vampire. The female bit the man feeding her, turning the number of male vampires to 301.

Xue Jian and Jing Tian bumped into each other while investigating the vampires. They were attacked by vampires. Chang Qing came and kept the vampires busy while Xue Jian and Jing Tian escaped.

At Shu Shan, Wen Xuan mumbled about not hurting people wearing red. Chang Qing's fellow disciple conveyed this message to Chang Qing, aiding him in delaying the vampires.

Xue Jian and Jing Tian were trapped. The vampires dared not touch Xue Jian as she was wearing red, and upon hearing the message from Chang Qing, Jing Tian stripped to his red underpants. Xue Jian and Jing Tian were able to fend off the vampires, and escape. Chang Qing kept the vampires in check, and after his fellow disciples arrived, they nabbed the vampires with a spiritual net.

At Pi Li Tang, Tang Yi questioned Luo Ru Lie why he let the vampires out, and was in turn questioned by the same person about his motives. Luo Ru Lie showed that he can control the vampires with his zither music.

EP3: Chang Qing, his fellow disicples and the members of Tang Men met at the main hall of Tang Men, guessing what the vampires' unwillingness to attack those wearing red meant. Tang Men concocted a cure for the vampires' poison.

Chang Qing cured the vampires at Shu Shan using the antidote from Tang Men. Wen Xuan wakes up, and reveals that Pi Li Tang kidnapped his mother, and begged the Shu Shan guys to save her.

Flashback of Pi Li Tang's mass kidnapping of women from the village, and forcing them to drink the poison. Wen Xuan's mother had the strongest will to survive for Wen Xuan, and so, was picked to be the source. Men who were kidnapped were bitten by Wen Xuan's mother, turning into vampires themselves. Wen Xuan was only scratched because his mother recognised him. Wen Xuan escaped, and infected others outside Pi Li Tang (which was unintended by anyone). His memory of his mother wearing red led to those attacked by him to avoid attacking those wearing red.

Wen Xuan also recalls that all the vampires infected by his mother had green eyes, except for him. Chang Qing's fellow disciples didn't remember encountering any female vampires, or any vampire with green eyes. Chang Qing deduced that there are stronger vampires in Yu Zhou City.

Luo Ru Lie released his army of vampires in Yu Zhou City after playing them a tune on his zither.

Jing Tian, Bi Ping and Mao Shan ran into green-eyed vampires at the city gates. Jing Tian attempted to use red cloth to stop them, but failed (because they didn't originate from Wen Xuan). Jing Tian found out that holding one's breath can also prevent detection by the vampires. Xue Jian bumped into vampires, but was saved by Jing Tian and Mao Shan (who were unaware it was her). Jing Tian and Xue Jian kissed to stop breathing (thus avoiding detection by the vampires) while Mao Shan held his breath (nobody wants to kiss the fatty :( ). Eventually, Mao Shan let out hsi breath through a bamboo pipe, luring the vampires away from Jing Tian and Xue Jian.

Jing Tian and Xue Jian contacted Chang Qing using the recovered walkie talkie, and he sent them the Huan Yin Di and a brush. Chang Qing also told Jing Tian and Xue Jian to use the Huan Yin Di to play the An Hun Zhou to control the vampires. However, there is a usage limit of 8 times, and the Huan Yin Di have to be used together with the pen in order to work. Chang Qing then sent them the score for the An Hun Zhou, and the drawing for the talismans. He was interrupted by an agitated Wen Xuan. Jing Tian discovered that the vampires were organised, and headed in the same direction.

Luo Ru Lie continued playing on his zither, thus remote-controlling the vampires. Xue Jian and Jing Tian saw the vampires headed for Tang Fortress, and went to warn her people. Tang Tai asked Xue Jian where the Wu Du Shou (holy beast handed down from generation to generation of leaders of Tang Men) was, but Xue Jian didn't know. She went to ask her grandfather, only to find him gone.

Luo Ru Lie held Xue Jian's grandfather at Pi Li Tang. He revealed himself and Tang Yi to the leader of Tang Men, but was astounded to find that the leader was not surprised. Tang Yi told the leader of Tang Men that everyone in his household wished he was dead. The leader replied that Xue Jian was true to him. Tang Yi expressed his frustration at not being important in anyone's eyes. Luo Ru Lie promised that no one would touch the leader of Tang Men without his permission. He also promised the leader that he would give him news of Tang Men the next day.

Tang Fortress was overrun by vampires, and everyone was abandoning it. Tang Tai pretended to be loyal at first, but soon showed his true colours. Xue Jian and Jing Tian had a narrow escape from the vampires, and went to Bai Du Lou, the place where Tang Men stores and concocts its poisons. Xue Jian reveals that Tang Men's skills in poisons are only passed to males, and not females. They were unable to enter through the front door, so they entered through the rigged back wall. Tang Tai came to Bai Du Lou, and was almost devoured by the vampires. However, he was saved by Xue Jian's An Hun Zhou and Jing Tian's talisman drawing.

EP4: Jing Tian accidentally released one of the vampires, and he and Xue Jian had to hide in Bai Du Lou again. They accidentally stumbled upon a secret passage in Bai Du Lou. They went in the tunnel, and became trapped. After passing through several obstacles, they reached a fountain, in which they found a potato that turned into a flying fairy thing. With the help of the flying potato, Xue Jian and Jing Tian managed to pass through the secret passage. Jing Tian was scratched by a vampire, and started his transformation while in a room with Xue Jian.

Bi Ping and Mao Shan went to look for Jing Tian, and was mobbed by vampires. They were saved by Chang Qing (who, by now, is probably a superhero in the hearts of some), and the whole crew went to look for Jing Tian.

Jing Tian was attacking Xue Jian while the latter tried to keep him under control with An Hun Zhou and the talisman. Chang Qing and company arrived. Chang Qing's fellow disicple wanted to 'take care' of Jing Tian, but was stopped by Mao Shan and Chang Qing. He then reluctantly agreed to wait for the next morning, but warned that if one more person was hurt, he'd have to take action. Chang Qing then lured and trapped the vampires in Tang Fortress' dungeon.

Chang Qing and his fellow disciples recounted the earlier encounter with a homicidal and suicidal Wen Xuan. Chang Qing told Xue Jian about Wu Du Shou, and its ability to fix the damage done by the poison. Xue Jian said she didn't know where it was, but wanted to look for it (not knowing that the potato was Wu Du shou).

Morning came, and Jing Tian woke up, transformed into a vampire. He was afraid of the sunlight, had black nails and sharp teeth. Mao Shan came with breakfast, but found Jing Tian gone, leaving behind only a funny note.

Chang Qing went to Yong An pawnshop, believing that was where he would find Jing Tian. And indeed he did. Jing Tian removed his own tooth for fear that he would bite someone, unable to hold back the urges. Xue Jian offered to be bitten. Everyone (well, Mao Shan and Xue Jian) cried, and Jing tian ran out of the room. He ran into the flying potato, who was introduced as Hua Ying the Wu Du Shou. Hua Ying cured Jing Tian of his poison.

Hua Ying cured Tang Tai, after which she cured the whole bunch of other vampires. Hua Ying told the company that the leader of Tang Men was at Pi Li Tang.

Luo Ru Lie absorbed the internal energy of the leader of Tang Men. Tang Yi found out he was double-crossed by Luo Ru Lie. Tang Yi got into a fight with Luo Ru Lie, and awakened Wen Xuan's mother (the source). Tang Yi then escaped with the leader of Tang Men.

Wen Xuan felt his mother's awakening, and went to look for her. Jing Tian and company followed.

EP5: Wen Xuan was crying on the streets when Chang Qing and company caught up to him. This is because he accidentally tore the shirt his mother wove for him. Chang Qing then got the inspiration to locate Wen Xuan's mother using a thread from said shirt.

Meanwhile, Luo Ru Lie was still engaged in battle with Wen Xuan's mother. Wen Xuan's mother was overpowered by Luo Ru Lie, who used zither strings. Chang Qing and company arrived at Da San Yuan. Xue Jian recalled that she heard crying before at that same place.

Inside Da San Yuan, Xue Jian and Jing Tian accidentally activated a trapdoor leading to Pi Li Tang (which was under Da San Yuan). The pair ran around, looking for Xue Jian's grandfather. They were attacked by Wen Xuan's mother, who was under the control of Luo Ru Lie's zither music. Chang Qing and his fellow disciple came in the nick of time, managing to suppress Wen Xuan's mother with An Hun Zhou and the talisman. Wen Xuan came as his mother fell powerlessly. Luo Ru Lie then fought with Chang Qing and his fellow disciple. He lost terribly, and was severely injured.

Hua Ying then cured Wen Xuan's mother (and it was implied she cured the rest of the vampires too).

----------------------------END OF SUMMARY-------------------------
tl;dr version (my thoughts in italics):

Overall Plot
Tang Yi (son of Tang Kun (and his concubine), who is the grandfather of Xue Jian and the leader of Tang Men) gave the poison to Luo Ru Lie (leader of Pi Li Tang), hoping that Pi Li Tang would help him take over Tang Men.

Origin, Description and Countermeasures
Luo Ru Lie captured all the women from a village, and forced them to drink the poison, turning them into vampires. Out of all the women vampires, Wen Xuan's mother appeared the strongest, and most suitable to be the source (from which to spread the poison).

Luo Ru Lie then captured all the men from the same village, and let them be bitten by Wen Xuan's mother. So, they are effectively second generation vampires (these had green eyes). (Why didn't Luo Ru Lie capture all the people at once? My guess is that there was no space, and Pi Li Tang didn't have enough manpower. Did you see their clan's population and 'office space'? Also, Tang Yi mentioned that Pi Li Tang is a third class clan, so it's understandable that they don't have the resources to do so)

Among the second generation vampires, Wen Xuan (the source's son) got away with only a scratch (the rest were held in Pi Li Tang). Wen Xuan then degenerated into a vampire (but unlike the other second generation vampires, he had red eyes). In his memory, his mother was wearing red. He didn't want to hurt his mother, so he avoided the colour red. Wen Xuan then infected a whole bunch of people outside of Pi Li Tang, and those people infected other people, resulting in quite a hullabaloo. He passed his thought of avoiding the colour red to the third generation (and beyond) of vampires originating from him. They also got his red eyes.

It is proven that Wen Xuan, and the vampires branching from him, is weaker. This is because they can be cured with an antidote concocted by Tang Men, whereas the other second generation vampires could not (or at least it wasn't proven). (Why was Wen Xuan weaker, if he was also bitten by the source? This is probably because Wen Xuan's mother realised his identity, and left him only with a light scratch.)

When the time came, Luo Ru Lie released the other second generation vampires from Pi Li Tang as an attempt to infect the whole town, and take over Tang Men as ruler. These second generation vampires didn't have the instinct to avoid red instilled into them. However, as Mao Shan, Xue Jian and Jing Tian proved, they cannot detect anyone holding their breath. (Can Wen Xuan and his branch of vampires detect people holding their breath? It is unproven.)

Then there was the method of combining An Hun Zhou played using the Huan Yin Di, and the talisman that was drawn using the brush (although it is uncertain if the brush has any actual use, because there were a couple of times where people just did the drawing motion without the brush). This could freeze the second generation vampires for an hours. (Question: Could it stop Wen Xuan and the vampires originating from him? Answer: This is unproven.)

The pills that Chang Qing gave Jing Tian and Xue Jian at the beginning of episode 2 did something to counter the vampires for one hour. (Was it a vaccine that lasted an hour? A repellant? It wasn't specified. Why didn't Chang Qing go back to Shu Shan to transport tons of pills to the town to keep everyone safe for some time? Time? But he could transport things through the walkie talkie, as proven in episode 3. Not enough pills? Not sure about that.)

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:49 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
Wow, thanks for putting all that together! I did get most of those things while watching, but it helped clarify stuff (like the red eye, green eyes thing- I didn't know why some had red eyes some had green)

I think I'm mostly confused by the villains and names of characters, like who is who?

Who/what is Tang Men? Is that the people of the Tang family?
What was in the gambling place? Was that the location where the female vampire was?
What is Pi Li Tang? Is that a location, or clan and how are they related to Xue Jian's grandpa?
Who is Luo Ru Lie? What is his background/motive?

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:11 pm
by God
Tang Men: Literally translated as Door of Tang. It basically means Tang Family (or clan/sect/group/whatever).

Gambling Place: The name of this gambling den is Da San Yuan. Pi Li Tang is located UNDER the gambling den (like in the basement). The female vampire was INSIDE Pi Li Tang, therefore she was also under the gambling den. That's also why Xue Jian and Chang Qing heard the crying there.

Pi Li Tang: Literally translated as Hall of Pi Li. It's a name for a clan (or sect/group/whatever). They're not related to Xue Jian's grandpa, other than being his kidnappers. Has a very small working space (located under the gambling den) and very few people (at least that's how it appeared in the show).

Luo Ru Lie: As mentioned, he is the leader of Pi Li Tang. He appeared to be helping Tang Yi take over Tang Men, but in actual fact, was trying to usurp the position of ruler for himself. So he only made use of Tang Yi to get the poison needed to create the vampires. Main big baddie of the story arc.

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:20 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
So when Luo Ru Lie died..what happened to Pi Li Tang? And what happened to Tang Yi? I kind of forgot who was the one MaoMao fed his meat to..was that him?

Re: Differences between GAME and DRAMA

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:44 pm
by God
*back after rushing through a few minutes of footage of the late episodes*

It appears that I was mistaken. Luo Ru Lie did not die in the confrontation in the vampire story arc. He was merely severely injured. He became a half-human, half-demon creature (second appearance was when the party got the Earth Elemental Pearl).

So yes, Mao Shan's flesh was indeed served to him lol. And Pi Li Tang was taken down after the vampire arc, I suppose. It was then rebuilt afterward (when Mao Mao went there to get the antidote and offer his flesh).

Like I said, I have a terrible memory. :oops: I'd have a more complete idea after rewatching everything, but that would take way longer.