Xuejian and Xiyao's Voice Actress

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Xuejian and Xiyao's Voice Actress

Postby sapphiresky » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:50 pm

I started this topic because I think the voice actors deserve credit too. When I have time I will find out more about the other voices, but for the moment, I am writing about Huang Yiqing, the voice actress of Xuejian and Xiyao. Yes, she dubbed both!!

Huang Yiqing - Photo of when she was younger (The only HQ photo I could find)


Huang Yiqing's voice reel - http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=448782332135&ref=mf

I am making a thread about her because I am very tired of constantly going to forums or youtube to only read complaints about how people find this dub voice annoying. When people hate it, yes they go express it everywhere, but I have never seen any appreciation, or even recognition for this voice actress in the Englisih society. I think a lot of people take for granted the voice actor's efforts. It's nowhere as easy as it seems, if you read below about the article to why Huang Yiqing quit, you will see exactly what their environment is like. I think, the least we could do is give them some credit.

If you like her voice, please support her by joining this page:
Facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Huang-Yiqing-huang-yi-qing/162707353742814

I really hope this can be something where we can talk about how awesome her voice is, what you love about it, and so on. I hope to change things by allowing people to know her name, to express their love for the voice, not only for the actor.

Some of her most memorable roles are:

Chinese TV Shows

Fang Li in Ao Jian Jiang Hu 2005

Little Lobster/ Xiao Long Xia (Situ Jing) in Mischievous Princess 2005

Xiaoqi in Fairy from Wonderland/ Tian Wai Fei Xian 2006

Yang Bamei and Luo Shi Nu in The Young Warriors 2006

Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008

Xiyao and Xuejian from Chinese Paladin 3 2009

A list of all the roles she has been in: http://baike.baidu.com/view/2309777.htm

Her Baidu forum: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%BB%C6%E2%F9%C7%E7

Article about why Huang Yiqing quit voice acting:

Everyone wants to know why I wanted to leave...

Actually, the real reason is still, because my health is not going very good. How do I say it? Ever since I was young, my health situation has not been good.

It has gotten worse over the recent years, since I began doing voice overs.

Perhaps, everyone cannot imagine that I was sent into hospital four times, needing an oxygen tank. Thinking about that time, it was extremely frightening. I thought that I was very close to "death", feeling a very huge amount of pain. In an instant, it was released then disappeared...

I felt, finally, there is no feeling anymore. I can't feel anything. I'm at ease. It feels so light, so soft, comfortable... My soul almost could float away... I will never feel the pain again, haha.

Many of my colleagues, director, teacher is very unclear about the situation, as I did not say anything, and I looked completely fine. However, for a very long time, I have been barely hanging on, using a very tired body to complete the heavy workload.

Those people who are healthy can just put up with the pressure, but for me, this type of working environment has made my health worse and worse. Such as, getting a lot of Ulcers, gum swelling, pain, swollen lymph nodes, endocrine disorders. . .

In the studio that lacks oxygen, along with passive smoking, that type of environment that does not have fresh air coming in, and the busy work load each day is over 12 hours a day, or for a few month, there is continous workload without a moment of rest. This has made my body resistance go more and more down, which results in me feeling tired all the time.

My heart beat is getting slower, not even reaching 60. My home is like a hotel, I go there and sleep, then open my eyes and leave. When I return home, everyone in my family has already gone to bed. Very often, my parents and family don't even see me for a few minutes, neither can we even say a few words.

I would have to go into the studio to record again. It's rare for us to sit down and have a good talk, eat a meal together, and go shopping with them, or simply taking a walk down the streets. At night, very few times I would return home before 10pm. It is forever only the moon and stars during the night that accompanies me home. It has never been the setting sun or blue sky.

So my family has finally decided to let me give up work, to choose a very easy going and healthy lifestyle. Even though I really can't bear it, but for my family, and for having time to look after my family or my future children...

I need to, and I have the responsibility to better and having more time to look after them. The only thing I can do is give up the tiring work, and the irregular lifestyle and diet.

To slowly recover my physical and mental health, to help thembe come normal again. To slowly adjust to the normal, healthy lifestyle... These are the most important reason.

So in the future, I will leave the bustling Shanghai, this very complex and chaotic place.

I go to quiet, small and remote city and enjoy the life there and become the "farmer" in the country. I will plant some fruits and vegetables each day, and play with flowers and grass, things like that.

"To be self-sufficient with food and clothing," Haha

My favourite colour is: green. That is why I really like being close to nature. I want to build a wooden cottage in the woods, I like the fairy-tale world.

I want to be the me that forever has dreams, the forever happy me.

Photos of herself:






Found this on a blog in Yiqing's Baidu Forum. This person has written absolutely 100% of what I wanted to say, how important she is.

Needless to say, you should know who Huang Yiqing is? (What? There are people who don't know?)

Yiqing has dubbed so many different series. Chinese Paladin 3 is Yiqing's last dubbed television series. After that, she will silently step out of the voice acting world. With a smile, she leaves the recording booth that has accompanied her for ten years. (On Baidu tieba forums, many wanted her to stay...)

Huang Yiqing can be considered as Mainland China's well deserved, top voice actress. Let's search and see who can find a photo of Yiqing now, I would spend lots of money to buy it, there's none.

During Yang Mi's performance, 4 points out of 10 cannot be separated with Huang Yiqing's efforts. Because of you, because of your voice that sounds like nature. Your voice that infiltrate deep in our hearts and soul. That has caused Huang Rong (Ariel Lin)'s internet users to be addicted and be fans of Ariel Lin. Because of you, fans have been addicted to Yang Mi. But, because of you, who would become addicted to Huang Yiqing?

You have left the dubbing industry, as you said, "I'm long tired of the 12 hour day without sunshine. I've smelled enough of the indoor smell of sweat and second hand smoke." I am like a slave with my anklets. When I leave the recording booth, it's always the stars and moon, or the rain and snow. Without any greetings and laughter that's filled with joy.

My heart has began to turn grey. I had already shed a tear ....

Yiqing meimei(Younger sister), along with the 22 million people in China that's unknown to the public like you, I express the greatest tribute to you.
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Re: Xuejian and Xiyao's Voice Actress

Postby Rich » Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:49 pm

Nice! I like her voice!

It's sad that Chinese voice actors are all so low-profile... it's hard to find even a good recent picture of them. They should be more active on the internet, you know, blogs, web-sites, etc. More publicity means more respect for their profession.

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