How It Should've Ended

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How It Should've Ended

Post by kevinlinus »

Assuming that you can change the ending of the drama, what changes would you make? I am looking forward to read whats in your mind, please explain in detail :D

For me, this is my desired endings:

-Since Heavenly King says he cannot revive those who dont have complete body, it's okay but he shouldn't shorten Jing Tian's life.
-In the end of the drama, Xue Jian and Jing Tian have twin kids, that they name Long Kui and Mao Mao (of course the twin boy and girl), and they live happily ever after.
-For ChangQing, he reaches 'the Way (Dao)' (I dunno whether in the end of drama he has reached enlightenment or not, so if not, this is the best ending for him).
-For Chong Lou, he forgets ZiXuan and then visit 'Southern Heaven' to reminiscence his memory for FeiPeng, and then he fall in love with lonely XiYao, and vice versa.
-For ZiXuan, she is sick because of her age, and then during her dying moment due to natural cause (old age), snow startes to fall, and she dies happily.

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Re: How It Should've Ended

Post by ~IllusionQueen~ »

Sadly, a Nu Wa descendent can't die from old age =(

And about Chong Lou forgetting about Zi Xuan and liking Xi Yao and vice versa? Well, I always find it touching when someone only loves one person even if that person is gone. Besides, if you end up forgetting about someone, then you must not have loved that person very much in the first place.

Everything else sounds nice though =)
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