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Re: Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi in new drama [Yi Zhi Mei]

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:50 pm
by Brad
Ditto. Tempted to watch this just for him.

btw, found this on another forum. He's so creative with his poses isn't he? :wink:

Re: Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi in new drama [Yi Zhi Mei]

Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:22 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
The theme video can now be found on youtube! The song is performed by Hu Ge :) ... r_embedded

Re: Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi in new drama [Yi Zhi Mei]

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:54 pm
by sapphiresky

One of the best series I've seen in my life!

I made a trailer for it today:

It has some meaningful scenes, and battle scenes, as well as scenes that explain some things about the characters or group.

Sorry to say but the official trailer is REALLY bad. If they tried to confuse you, they did a good job, the show is nowhere as complex-looking or confusing as they made it in the traielr.

Seriously it's just an amazing series. Very inspiring, all about righteousness, loyalty, faith and courage. It is so much more than the official trailer says.

I even made a review for it which I will post here:

RATING: 1000/10

"Every person has a life. However, not everybody understands it. Those who do not understand life sees it as a punishment. As a person, we should sing happily for depatures. Those who cry and feel heartaches for depatures usually mean that they cry for not doing it right when they were together. It turns out they feel heartache because they didn't understand to appreciate. Only when people know to treasure what they have, they won't feel regretful when it's time to say goodbye. Isn't goodbye just welcoming another new beginning? Isn't it worth to sing happily for? Just like throughout this whole journey, we've come across so many setbacks, wind and rain. What we couldn't get past most wasn't when the sky and earth crumbling down, but when our enemies were ourselves. My friends, continue to presevere until the very end for your loved ones, destined ones and those who you dream about." - Li Gexiao

Strange Heroes Yi Zhi Mei is one of the best series I have seen. It's now listed as one of my top favourites, and it takes a big deal for any series to reach that. I must say that the official trailer really made it hard for me to believe it would be one of my all time favourites, because of the complexity of the story which the trailer tried to explain and therefore making it very confusing. But, I can say this series is so much more.

The main storyline -

Li Gexiao was asked by a former colleague to help him bring back gold that was stolen. He teamed up with three other people, Chai Hu (muscle fighter), Yan Sannian (thief and lock picker) and He Xiaomei (performer and has the abilities to change into anyone he wanted to look like) to accomplish the task.

Soon, it is revealed that his former colleague treated Li Gexiao as his rival and tricked him into stealing the gold from the good people, and therefore framing the team and making them wanted criminals. After the four worked together and did good things for the country, they realised how good it felt to help the people, so they formed a team called Yi Zhi Mei, which means a branch of plum blossom, and their purpose and mission was to punish the treacherous evildoers, suppress the strong and aid the weak and get rid of bullies and bring peace to good people!

This series goes by cases, each case can be three or more episodes, usually focusing on one specific event. However, the development of the characters and their past is continous.

This series will continue to drop little hints with flashbacks of the character's past, and reveals their backstories to make us understand more about them and their actions.

There are also arcs that focused on a particular character's past.

For example, the arc about the medicine and poison focused on Sanniang's past. The curse one focused on Xiaomei and the one with Chai Hu's daughter of course would focus more on Chai Hu. In a way, each of the characters had some tragic events that happened to them.

Characters -

Li Gexiao

He is the brain of the group, he thinks of most of the ideas but he loves to try and do things on his own and risk his life. At first, he seemed to be someone that lost all hopes of the world, that really didn't want to do anything. However, after he met his friends, he realised the importance of life again and what it means to do good things. In a way, he became alive again. He is calm and extremely smart and righteous. He would not be afraid to lose his life fighting justice.

He Xiaomei

Xiaomei has the ability to turn himself into anyone he wants to look like. He is also a performer. He appears to be easily scared and at first, he looked like he really loves money, but there's a lot more to his personality. He is really calm and collected, always trying to pull back Chai Hu during his "charge forward without considering the consequences moments", he also has a gentle characteristic, which sometimes he gets called girly by Chai Hu. He is also very skilled with medicine and treating injuries.

Yan Sanniang

Yan Sanniang appears to be cold at first, but she has a really warm heart. She had a tragic past which caused her not to trust people, but she is a very nice person. She may get irritated easily at first, but it's usually for a good reason, perhaps when Li Gexiao is trying to carry everything on his own. Sanniang also has an absolutely adorable side to her, where the way she talks is absolutely so cute. She is a very strong character who won't let her past run her down, she also determines to be herself.

Chai Hu

He's the muscle fighter of the group, he is the type who would rush in and charge forward without thinking and his first solution would just be to kill everyone. However, he is a very nice person and loves to help people. He also had a very difficult past which he finally escaped from. At first, he says that he is Li Gexiao's rival and wants to fight him, but in reality they are great friends.

What I really love about the series

This series is a combination of Legend of Condor Heroes, Young Justice Bao 2 and so much more. It's full of suspense, action, funny, sweet moments and teaches a lot of things, such as being righteous, justice, what honour means, what it means to truly do good things in the world.

Some of the specific values they talk about -

What does living forever mean? - The true meaning isn't for your body to live forever, but memories of you to live forever.

The meaning of smiling when there's a goodbye - Li Gexiao's name means, when there's a departure, one should smile. It means that, we should live life without any regrets, appreciate everything that we have, so that one day, when it goes away, you will smile and feel that you have achieved everything you want.

Being a good person may take the efforts of an entire lifetime, but doing bad deeds only takes an intention.

The most difficult moment is usually right before you succeed.

Fighting Scenes

I am absolutely impressed with the fight scenes. I gotta say, for a series that does not have any special affects (like the way they used in LOCH08, Chinese Paladin 3), they use special angles and techniques that makes the series feel just as magical or perhaps even more. Some of the slow motion, or closeups of the weapon, freezes, the way the light body skills (qinggong) was done, the way she flew, sometimes how it speeds up in motion, the way the candles were in the fight in episode 2 were just so well done I cannot think of anything to describe besides it was absolutely amazing.


The music is another thing that I love. For some reason, Tangren series always makes beautiful OST music, even though this series uses a few soundtracks for Legend of the Condor Heroes 08, it has some unique songs on its own, and all sound so powerful and makes the series as amazing as what it is.

The Backstories

This is one of the things I absolutely loved. I really enjoyed finding out about the character's past. It makes you understand why someitmes they think or act the way they do.

Actors and Voice Actors

The actors were absolutely stunning. Each of them played their roles absolutely perfect. They created the characters and made them alive. They truly did a wonderful job!

Re: Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi in new drama [Yi Zhi Mei]

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:58 am
by Chibi Jennifer
hahaa what a crazy rating you've given it ;) I didn't read your review in the event that I'm going to watch it myself I want to avoid spoilers, hehe. Jiang Hu is now subbing this series so the chances mf me watching it is much higher (They do such an amazing subbing job!)

Re: Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi in new drama [Yi Zhi Mei]

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 2:18 pm
by sapphiresky
Lol I acutally joined the Jianghu team just to help out this project cos I really loved it! Haha! I think you can probably watch the first 4 eps cos that itself is an arc, so you won't really be left on a cliffhanger. The first 4 should be enough to say how amazing it is :D Esp ep 4