Comments on almost/all Wallace Huo's dramas

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Comments on almost/all Wallace Huo's dramas

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If you want to see pictures and links (too lazy to do more than cut-and-paste), please go to ... -spoilers/.

For Chinese audio/subtitle episodes of shows with Wallace Huo, go to Tudou or to Youku to Qiyi by searching with his name in Chinese characters. If you can’t read Chinese, then you can get on passably by translating the page with has some fan English-subtitled shows. has Chinese Paladin 3 by Jiang Hu subs. And of course youtube has some series/episodes/clips.

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei 2011

A 60 minute preview is out. My sister says it looks awful, and I was a bit thrown off by the seedy Fight Club scene at first, but I'm very interested to see how this goes, despite the batman masks. Somehow even the grungy look is starting to look strangely attractive ...

Always Gotta Play 2010 (?/5)

I know just enough Chinese with some judicious translating to find out that Wallace Huo has another drama out! Watching at the moment. Seems kind of forgettable for now.

Detective Tang Lang 2010 (3.9/5)


Du Bai Long broke out of the jail to seek revenge against the judge who wrongfully put him there. Detective Tang Lang must find him before any harm comes to Judge Xie Tian Hong. And, Huang Que must prove her client's innocence while he is on the run from the law.


Still watching. Nice martial arts moves. Somewhat cliched plot so far.

New Yijian Mei 2010 (4.2/5)

Surprise surprise, still waiting for English subtitles. However, I skimmed through this series, and it seemed to have a better plot than most dramas. The fight scenes are unexpectedly rather good. And that doctor with the glasses is really creepy. But! I got to see Wallace Huo with his shirt off at least four times! Wow! An invigorating experience, to be sure. Definite points for that. There are some quite sexy scenes near the beginning, an unusual amount for a Chinese drama. And a lot of guns pointed at people's heads.

I warn you that Huo's character is supposed to age, so he get this walrus terrible mustache around episode 30. I took off .1 on the rating just because of that. Well, not really, but close. :p

Chinese Paladin 3 2009 (4.7/5)

The series that started my infatuation with Wallace Huo. It has some really terrible CGI that made me laugh out loud, but the cast is ridiculously gorgeous, the back-stories are very touching, and the love scenes are so romantic without being explicit. And the soundtracks is amazing.

To honest, I started watching this series for Hu Ge at least three times, and stopped because the zombie part really was not that interesting. But as I went further into the story, I became enraptured by the magical fantasy of it. I had watched part of CP1, but I didn’t like the ending. CP3’s ending is somewhat better, but also depressing.

Yang Mi is adorable as the argumentative, spunky Tang Xue Jian. A bit annoying at times, but it was cute how she loved Jing Tian without knowing how to express it. Long Kui, played by Liu Shi Shi, has this amazing soft, feminine prettiness to her that she complements with her portrayal of the strong red demon. Long Kui has a very sad life. And Tang Yan’s Zixuan is just gorgeous, elegant and beautiful, and cries in such a tragic, heart-tugging way.

Now the guys. Hu Ge’s Jing Tian could undeniably be gross and crass, but I like his evolution from lowly pawnshop assistant to hero. His portrayal of his life as the burdened crown prince and loving brother Long Yang is really well done and sad. I thought Fei Peng was kind of one-dimensional, but I guess divinities aren’t supposed to have emotions. Wallace Huo as Xu Changqing is excellent, as I might have mentioned in a previous post. If not, let me say it again. I don’t know how he delivered some of his Taoist lines with a straight face. And the drunken scenes, with its hints of … well … something, were hilarious! I was skeptical at the endings of his past lives, but I did like the character of Gu Liufang very much, Lin Yeping not as much.

Favorite scenes: Liufang and Zixuan in the forest. Yeping and Zixuan on their wedding night. Changqing in Zixuan’s room after a night of heavy drinking. Long Kui and Long Yang scenes as brother and sister having fun, as well as arguing over her as a potential sacrifice. Xi Yao, also played by Yang Mi, is such a lovely, pathetic character—her scenes with Fei Peng are dreamy.

The problems: was Changqing supposed to a Christ character near the end? That was weird. And why couldn’t Zixuan and Changqing (and in his past lives) be together? Speaking of past lives, his deaths were totally unnecessary. As Liufang, if Shenggu saved Zixuan, why didn’t she save him too? As Yeping, if Zixuan wasn’t killed, why was he?

Romance of Red Dust 2006 (2/5)

This is an awesome title. To me, it means the evanescent nature of love in the world, red dust. RoRD is the second drama I watched with Wallace Huo in it, after I realized how much I adored him as Xu Changqing in Chinese Paladin 3. I thought, ancient/historical wuxia series! Yay! That said, I hated this drama.

The fight scenes looked awful, terribly choreographed and executed. And did five men seriously fall in love with Shu Qi’s Hong Fu? Yes, she’s supposed to be beautiful and mysterious, and fight well, but I never understood why so many men were obsessed with her. Note that this is not feminine jealousy; I’m a fan of lovely actresses, but I thought this was a flat and 2-D portrayal. Stretching credulity can only go so far, and I was neither entertained nor enlightened.

I really enjoyed Wallace Huo’s portrayal of Li Jing, however. Intelligent, a little insecure, naive, and youthfully wanting to make a name for himself in the world. This doesn’t mean I liked his character, but I liked how Huo performed him. I didn’t see any chemistry between Li Ling and Hong Fu whatsoever. Yvonne Yang as Princess Ping Yan is cute. Pang Yong Zhi as Chen Yao Jin is incredibly annoying, but I think that’s what he was supposed to be.

But! The reviews of RoRD are mostly positive. Why?! Am I in the minority? Did no one else notice the mediocrity of this drama?

100% Senorita, Dolphin Bay, Emerald on the Roof (3/5)

I couldn’t finish these series, even for Wallace Huo. They seem popular, actually, but I thought they were so-so. Nothing about Senorita (about twin sisters) or DB (something about a girl who can sing) inspired me; notice the smushed brevity of this so-called review. I think these are what are called “idol dramas”. I liked Huo as a nerd in EotR , that was cute, but I couldn’t take the the rest.

Hands in the Hair 2004 (movie)

Okay, some people were squicked at the idea of an older woman with Huo, but I found this film very realistic and touching. I won't watch it again, but I don't regret the experience.

Sound of Colors 2004 (4/5)

I completely know what the producers/directors/writers were trying to do, and I fell for it. I started tearing up when Ruby Lin’s Fu Jing Jing cried over the dying Lu Yun Xiang, played by Wallace Huo. I’m waiting for English subtitle to better understand it, but I skimmed through, and I thought the relationship build-up was really nice. Okay, so there seems to be only one song on the soundtrack, and it plays at overly melodramatic moments.

Lin acted well as a blind person with a beautiful personality. I thought she was very believable in her role. And wow, this actress can cry. Huo’s Yung Xiang had his flaws, but I felt the love he had for Jing Jing as almost a physical presence. The videotape Yun Xiang made of himself before he died made me sniffle very audibly.

Rouge Snow 2008 (4.5/5?)

I’m looking forward to watching this series. Well, I watched some of it, but I didn’t finish. Again, waiting for English subtitles (argh! May 31, when are you coming? ). The scenery, costumes, time period and acting seem authentic. Fan Bing Bing as Wen Yu He reacted to her often painful situations in a very realistic way. Wallace Huo’s Xia Yun Kai was quiet and subdued, and I liked his portrayal very much.

Edit: Watching English-subtitled Cantonese-audio version. Quite well-acted: the first wife is really devious, the husband is such a spoiled brat, and the mother is very regal. However, I guess I prefer fantasy and action (*cough* Chinese Paladin 3).

Tian Xia Di Yi 2004 (?/5)

I haven’t watched this yet except for a few scenes. I don’t like Wallace Huo scruffy (wail)! And he cuts off his hand! But I’ll probably get to this eventually if English subs come out. Right. When is that going happen?

A Mobile Love Story (3/5, Love in Forlorn City (4/5), Modern Lady (3.7?/5)

I didn’t particularly like AMLS. There’s no chemistry between Cecilia Han’s Mu Bei Bei and Wallace Huo’s Lu Yunfei, or anyone else, except maybe Yunfei and his friend and fellow director! :) Christopher Lee’s Lin Li Zhong is just too nice and understanding. But girls always go for the brooding, temperamental hot guys, at least in the Mainland version. In the Singapore version, Bei Bei goes with her head instead of her heart. I know that Yunfei was hurt, but he became such a mean guy! How could Huo do this believably? He did, in a role very different from his nice characters. Han as Bei Bei was a bit bland. I finished AMLS for Wallace Huo and him alone. Behold my sacrifice for his cuteness!

LiFC is very dour and dark. I got depressed at being depressed eventually, but Qin Lan as one of the lead characters, a “a pretty, poor and obstinate girl” plays her role very convincingly. Wallace Huo as the other lead is great as the confident rich boy and then the insecure young man without a stable job. It was interesting how the theme song fit so well with the series, and how the two couldn’t let go of each other, even though they’d moved on in their lives.

I’ve just watched a few scenes of ML. Seems cute so far, and the premise of an older woman with a young man is a little more unusual than, well, the usual.

Love at First Fight 2007 (3.6/5)

Completely over-the-top, but strangely charming if I can look past the not-funny comedy and instead concentrate on the relationships between the characters. Then it’s almost cute. I actually watched this entire series. Am I crazy? Yes, for Wallace Huo! Even when he acts as a disgusting, greedy, overconfident lazy bum, who, and I quote, “doesn’t wipe [his] ass and doesn’t wash [his] hands after [he] pees.” Gross and all kinds of eewww, but a little funny.

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Re: Comments on almost/all Wallace Huo's dramas

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Thanks for the reviews!!
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