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Xian Jian Hotel Game

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 11:20 pm
by purpleGirl

Never got to play this game, but thought the screenshots look so cute~ so I'm posting some up lol Anyone play it before? I think these pics might be from the ending

<--YueRu's dad, YueRu and XiaoYao

<--XiaoYao with Anu, YueRu and her dad

Image<--the <--4 in the middle

<--YueRu, Anu, LingEr, XiaoYao


Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:39 am
by Chibi Jennifer
Chibi Jennifer:
yeh..Ive seen it around, but never played's something about running Xiao Yao's Aunty's Inn ^^;..
ngai wrote:ahh, so thats where those pics come from
ive seen pics of the characters looking like that...i thought it was just someone's artwork =P
Chibi Jennifer:
Oh, so you haven't played it either ^^;;; Guess you haven't played all the Xian Jian Games..hehe.. It looks rather cute with the chibis, but I wonder how fun it actaully is.. like, if it requires skills, or if its a childrens game.

ngai wrote:hehe nope, i havent played that, and also not the pal3A
wararcher wrote:Here is the website where u download the game. you have to download emule first from that site.
Chibi Jennifer:
Oh, thanks for that ^^ I wanna try it =D (has anyone tried the links, and does it work?)

Too bad the sites in chinese...cant really read it ^^;;

Im assuming we download the emule here?

Wheres the link for the game? Is it this?

ngai wrote:once u have emule, then u can click on the file name ("pal hotel.iso") at
it should automatically start dl via emule...although maybe u need to start emule first
Chibi Jennifer:
Oh ok, gotcha :)

The problem I'm having now is running the emule..cause it doesn't seem to connect o.O Its disconnected, but everytime I tell it to connetc, it doesnt.

ngai wrote:i finished downloading and installing
but all the chinese are funny symbols...i dont think it runs properly on winxp (and probalby not win2000 as well)
ahh..that's no good ... game must be too old.. o.o
How long did it take to download? I can't even get it to connect...

Do you think its still worth downloading, even if the words show up as symbols instead?[/b]