HELP!!! How to grind this Rusty Sword????

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HELP!!! How to grind this Rusty Sword????

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After Scene
Aunt Li gave a bundle to XiaoYao so i open it. It appears that something with Rusty Sword. It says need to grind the Sword but HOW & WHERE!!? At what level / mission that can be grind the sword? Any purpose or effect after the grinding the Rusty Sword???

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I think it's somewhere in the city which had a "flying thief lady", you can either "grind" it into a normal sword for free, or pay $2,500 to make it into something better.

However that is not in the demo version - the demo is about to end when you et that package :)

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Yep, it has to be done in the town with the flying lady thief.

It has to be done before the capture of the lady thief. The sword ain't that good, only + 75 to wu shu, if i remember right. (not forgetting that it costs a massive $2,500)

But what's important is that this is one of the items required to unlock the special ending.

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