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Xian Jian 3 Opening Clip

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 8:52 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
I just found this opening clip, so if anyone is interested, they can check it out ^_^ Looks good..hehee.. ... 20zhuan%20

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 8:53 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
Woo.. nice video he got there.

Who is that red and blue hair guy fighting?

Who was that girl standing on the roots :o

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 3:25 pm
by Pal Fan
Are you asking a question :o ? Or do you already know of it, because I can explain it to you if you like... 8)

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 4:38 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
Oh please do explain ^_^

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:05 am
by Pal Fan
OK, watch out for spoilers! If you do not wish to be spoiled of the storyline of Xian Jian 3, DO NOT READ!!!

Having said that, it's best to read this article regarding the whole world of Xian Jian stories, as things'll make much more sense than if it wasn't read:
Post 1: Just read from the beginning to "The Fabled Anecdotes of the Land", the rest are optional, but not necessary to completely understand the opening video.
Post 2: Read the post and its entirety, it may help in explaining some aspect of the storyline and how the realms relate to each other.

OK: Here it is:



Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Three Story
Explained Through the Opening Film

The opening clip starts off in the Divine Forest (神林) of the Deva Realm high up in the heavens above you and I. It is the replenishing lifespring of the Deva Realm, the most significant being the Divine Tree (神樹). Standing on a leaf of the Divine Tree is a beautiful young Devi: she is called Xi Yao (夕瑤), and she plays a very important role in the events of this fairytale. She smiles a somber smile, her sad expression easily readable through her gentle, melancholic eyes. She is recalling a sorrowful story, and as we drift through the Divine Forest, you and I take a journey back through time, into her recollection to a time not too long ago when things were very much different...

From the serene setting of the Divine Forest, we are transported to an earlier time, in a war-like battleplace floating in the sky. This is one of the many Immortal Realms in existance, and it is here in which a decisive skirmish will take place.
The Blue-haired swordsman is the Deva, he is Fei Peng (飛蓬), Guardian of the Well Of Two Divide (神魔之井).
The Red-haired warrior is the Mara, his name is Zhong Lou (重樓). He is the most powerful Mara in the entire Mara Realm, ranked as the Mara Lord (魔尊).
Devas and Maras are blood enemies. They are at war, and the opening video is based on the pivotal battle between the Deva Gatekeeper, and the Mara General/Lord.

Zhong Lou is the most powerful Mara General of the Mara's Realm, and Fei Peng is a very powerful General of the Deva's World. Fei Peng is the Gatekeeper entrusted with the important responsibility of guarding "The Well Of The Two Divide." The Divided Well is the only link in existence that connects the Deva Realm to the Realm of the Mara, and because of that, its strategic importance to either side makes it the reason as to why it is often fought over for control. But the Divided Well is not the reason Zhong Lou and Fei Peng are fighting: they are battling in this fierce competition for the pure sake of seeing who is the stronger swordsman, and this personal duel takes priority over all of their other duties.
Zhong Lou and Fei Peng have crossed swords many a-times, and strangely enough, they would always end up in a draw, leaving both other side badly hurt and injured, but nonetheless no winner in any of the matches. In time, this lead to an honourable respect between the two warriors, who though are on two different sides of the fence, finally met someone who is of of equal strength and power. They both highly respect each other for their skills, and how neither challengers is willing to give up in this equally-matched test of skills.
This time, Zhong Lou, with no ill-intention in mind other than to fight Fei Peng and see who's the better of the two once again, told Fei Peng to meet him in an abandoned Immortal's Realm. Fei Peng, unafraid of the confrontation, agreed to the challenge of his deadly rival.

So Fei Peng waited in the Immortal Realm, and meets Zhong Lou in the sense he avoids the initial first strike by him. The brutal melee match has begun. Both Zhong Lou and Fei Peng aggressively clashed against each other for a solid three days. They exchange powerful spells of unimaginable might at each other - but they are both too quick for each opponents' attacks. The intensity of the duel - the power unleashed and the essence emanating from these two warring foes - almost destroyed their battle place, and forced the Immortal Realm onto the verge of becoming overwhelmed, as it is ill-suited to cope with this kind of energy outpour. The heated battle ensues until on the third day, and that was when they both finally prepared for their final ultimate strike. They both casted their step-up stance, and after doing so, immediately dashed at each other on a head-on collision course, deciding to crown a winner and put an end to this once and for all. (In the video, this is the part where they are both flying at each other with their weapons drawn, with Fei Peng to the left streaking with his brimming blue aura, and the deadly Zhong Lou to the right with his glowing red aura.)
Fei Peng and Zhong Lou smashed onto each other simultaneously with a force never reckoned with before - and they are both flung back with the immensity of each other's excruciating assault, leaving the both of them heavily wounded and crushed. But then you see Fei Peng's Sword, as the Mortals would later name as the "Monster-Suppressing Sword" (鎮妖劍) - and it's slowly falling down into the depth to the Mortal's Realm, disappearing into the clouds: Fei Peng has been killed...

However, that is not so. Fei Peng was not killed. Instead, he was arrested by the Deva High Command. Fei Peng, who at that crucial moment right before striking Zhong Lou, has sensed that the Officials of the Deva High Command is coming for him. The infuriated Deva High Command has issued orders for the Fei Peng to be arrested, for the heavy crime of neglecting his responsibilities to his post as the Gatekeeper. This distraction caused Fei Peng lose his concentration (分心), which ultimately enabled Zhong Lou to strike him down at long last. Fei Peng was captured and arrested; and was sentenced to be downgraded into the lowly stature of a Mortal by the angered Deva High Council...

Zhong Lou, who learned about the news one thousand years later (one thousand years later, which is what the subtitle stated), decided to help the reincarnated Fei Peng recover his memories. To do so, he broke into the prized building, the Locked Tower of Monsters (鎖妖塔) of the prestigious Shu Shan Pai (蜀山派). He took the legendary Sword that rested atop the top floor of the Pagoda, called the Demonic Sword (魔劍). The Demonic Sword was an extremely powerful sword, so destructive it is worthy to be considered a God-Sword forged by the Mortal, called Long Yang (龍陽). Long Yang was the first reincarnated Mortal form of Fei Peng, which he lived as during his first life in the Mortal Realm. Long Yang was the noble prince of the Jiang State (姜國) during the Warring States Period (戰國時代), who forged the Demonic Sword in the need and hope to protect his country from the imminent invasion posed by the neighbouring states. Unfortunately, the Demonic Sword, key to the salvation of his nation, was too late when it was finished: in the end, the State of Jiang still fell into the hands of the enemies, and was laid to ruins nonetheless. The Demonic Sword was missing the last ingredient to its completion, which was the Blood of a Pure Virgin wholeheartedly willing to sacrifice herself (evidence to the aggressive nature of the sword, requiring blood to be forged); and despite the stricken condition the Nation of Jiang was in, no girl wanted to be sacrificed. The enemies of the neighboring states eventually made its way and laid siege to the last standing inner-most fortress of the crumbling Jiang State. The dying Jiang State was powerless to stop the advancing enemy troops of Yang State (楊國), that soon stormed in by the thousands into the palace courtyard, and captured Long Kwei (龍葵), the gentle younger sister of Long Yang - Princess of Jiang State. Long Yang, in his fervent anger at the sight of seeing his sister get carried away, madly hacked and slashed his way through to his sister. Long Yang was forcedly stopped: he was cut down on the way, and he died laying in his own pool of blood. Later, the forge of the Jiang Nation in which the Demonic Sword was crafted in was converted into a cremation chamber, and Long Yang's body - along with the thousands of other patriots who had died - were burned to ashes; and there was much odour and mess. Long Kwei, in her grief when no soldiers were guarding her, broke free of the bonds that held her, and ran to the forge. She took the uncompleted Demonic Sword and lept into the forge, thus completing it with her virgin blood. The Demonic Sword unleashed its deadly power, and easily crushed the enemies, but was lost in the ensuing pandemonium. Long Kwei's soul became one with the Sword; and her personality would later split, one into her kind and gentle side, the other as her evil and wicked personality which protected her from the other malevolent spirits inside the Sword.

Now when Zhong Lou took it, he unknowingly broke the spell that kept the Sealed Tower locked. Thus, the millions of Monsters and Demons that were previously locked in are no longer suppressed, and many escaped by the thousands, spreading into the Land. Once freed, the Monsters will once again be able to create turmoil and bring disruption to the lives of ordinary Mortals...

Now, when you start the fairytale of Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Three, you'll play as Jing Tian (景天), who is the present-day reincarnation of Fei Peng; a lowly pawnbroker in the Pawn Shop of Yong An Dang (永安當), of the peaceful city of Yu Zhou (渝州).
And as Jing Tian, you are to find the Five Elemental Orbs (五靈珠), which will be able to re-seal the Tower of Sealed Demons and restore order to the Mortal Realm...
Of course, coming into conflict with your duty to securing the Elemental Orbs are the emotions of love. Just as it happened to Xi Yao and Fei Peng, duty at the expense of love, it once again happens one thousand years later to you, as Jing Tian, and also to your fellow companions who you travel with and cherish whole-heartedly. And throughout the quest, that phrase will reverberate continually from the beginning till to the very end, and you will discover yourself what that phrase means to you. In this adventure of a lifetime, the true extent of the history of reincarnation going back one millennium is revealed, and drawing from those roots, new events are forged ahead, one fraught with remorse, pain, but also one filled with happiness...

Now, as we find ourselves returning into the peaceful Divine Forest, we discover someone is missing: the Devi. Xi Yao is no longer standing on the Divine Tree. She is not found from the Divine Forest all together. What has happened and become of her...? In the interest of fluidity, it would be best if I explained about her in my next post.


EDIT: I have edited some part of it to make it more accurate/fluent, expect more minute updates. =)
EDIT 2: Finally, after 1 year, I've completely updated and finished the article. It should be perfect now. =D

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 1:42 am
by Pal Fan
(Continued from last post)


As you probably know, the somber lady in pink at the start of the opening video is Xi Yao (夕瑤). This post is simply to explain her role in the story a bit more thoroughly.

Xi Yao is a Devi of the Deva Realm, just like the Deva Fei Peng. Her job is to take care of the Divine Tree, key to the nourishing of the Deva World. It is a lonely job, as the Tree is out of the way, and there is no particular use to visit it anyways. As fate would have it, Xi Yao was born with the heavy burden as the caretaker of the source of life for her Realm. One may say it's an honour, but for her it's an unforgiving curse, her obligations to her duties at the expense of her experiencing the simplicities of life...
The only guy that occasionally goes there is Fei Peng, but even then it was because he needed her to heal him, nothing more. Xi Yao is greatly in love with Fei Peng, which was illegal in the Deva Realm; but as if adding insult to injury in this sad fate, Fei Peng never cared much for her. He is much too busy talking about how to defeat Zhong Lou for him to love her: Fei Peng speaks of swords, spells, counter-attacks and final strikes, things that Xi Yao do not understand nor comprehend at the very least of all. Yet nonetheless she had memorized the words he said, down to the letter, of every single sentence he had spoken during their conversation. What else could she do? She was the only caretaker of the Divine Tree, and it was a desolate job, the curse of seclusion. The only time Xi Yao was able to talk to another soul was when Fei Peng came by to regenerate his strength. And every time he walked off again, Xi Yao would repeat the conversations they just had, over and over again, thousands upon thousands of times; burning the speech into her mind, until the next time Fei Peng returned to rehabilitate himself - and the cycle would start again. Xi Yao had always tried to get Fei Peng to return feelings to her, but the powerful swordsman Fei Peng was, what time did he have for the distracting emotions of love? If his heart were to ever turn from his current state of coldness to one full of warmth and love, how else would Fei Peng still be able to stand up to his mighty rival Zhong Lou? He couldn't and wouldn't be able to, and the victim of that cold-heartedness is Xi Yao, who as a result lead a very forsaken and comfortless life.

Nearly halfway into the game, Jing Tian (whom you'll play as the main character in Xian Jian 3) will attempt to retrieve the Wind Elemental Orb (風靈珠) after being tipped off by Zhong Lou, who'll use illegal means to get you into the Deva's Realm (read: via the Well of Two Divide, which fell under the Mara's control during the thousand-year span), and after journeying through the Divine Forest, Jing Tian will meet with Xi Yao. Xi Yao will allow some part of your memory to resurface, and you'll learn some more about the story's background. But time is limited, because you and your companions had infringed the rules of the Deva Realm, and one of the rule states that no one shall venture the Deva Realm unless a you're a Deva. The Deva High Council had sensed the presence of the mortals, and they had dispatched two Deva Generals to capture them. Xi Yao will try to usher you off, but not before the Generals show up. You have to defeat them, and then you'll realize the horror in all its aspect: you'll learn that Deva High Council had also come here to arrest Xi Yao too for aiding the mortals, not just you - and they've sent more soldiers to make sure the command is fulfilled. Xi Yao is willing to sacrifice herself, since there is nothing left in this lonely life for her to live for anyways...
Xi will teleport you back forcefully, despite the fact you want to stay and help her... and that's the end of Xi Yao's story in Xian Jian Three...

In Xian Jian Three: Love, you'll play as Nan Gong Huang (南宮煌), and you'll battle with a simulacrum of Xi Yao with her love, Fei Peng, fighting side by side. After you defeat them, only then will you realize you've fought a phantom, and that Xi Yao had designed the dream before she died. She designed the illusion in the vain hope that, despite all and everything that has happened, deep inside her heart, there was still a thread of hope - hoping that she and Fei Peng will still be able to live together, happily ever after...

Xi Yao was in the end, nonetheless captured by the Deva High Council, and we don't know for sure what has happened to her. There are many possibilities as to what could have happened, like being stripped of the Deva status and downgraded to a mortal (which is by far the best option of all.) Other possibilities include the forced reincarnation as an inanimate object, such as an element of the Northern wind, a piece of small rock by the lake, or even as an infant plant-life in the rolling plains. Nonetheless, these are all wild speculations, and the story has made no further mention of her final fate...
The options are vast, and her crime was heavy; either way, she's no longer a Devi of the Deva Realm, and has gone from this curse of a life... and that's why Xi Yao is no longer standing on the leaf of the Divine Forest...



Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 4:03 am
by shin0b1
Oh... I Thought the Blue guy was Li Xiao Yao and the Other dude was that one evil dude that killed his God Father...

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 1:16 am
by aikyo
The blue guy is Fei Peng

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:35 pm
by Pal Fan
OK, over a year and a half now, hope things are finally set right here. Sorry for the mistakes I've made over all this time.

Thanks for the corrections for those who stated so.

Including the bumping of this old thread...which was not my intention. =O

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:51 am
by 123n123
I have found this place rather late, all the posts were about one year old.. I am trying to get PAL IV, anyone else? anyone knows the retailer?

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:15 pm
by Whistler
well if you live in Chinese Region (Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) you'll find a retailer very easily by going to bookstores or software stores (where you can find all version of PAL, from 1 to 4) :) if not, then I'm afraid the only ways to get it is to download it from the Internet or have someone else in Chinese region buy one for you (these titles are never released outside Chinese region AFAIK) :(