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In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~! (COMPLETE)

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:12 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
Hey guys~! I've finished playing the XP version of the first game about...a month or two ago? The experience was great and the story was very well-written and touching. Now I'm gonna start playing the second game of the Xian Jian series~

Xian Jian 2 is the first game my brother played, and I've seen him play a little bit of it. However, since I was pretty young back then, I couldn't remember most of the parts I've watched. What I do remember, though, is the theme song. The beautiful, nostalgic theme song from my first Xian Jian memories and experience brings back many childhood memories~

Ahh~ Isn't it just lovely? :oops:

I'll be posting some stuff that I will encounter during my experience of the playthrough of Xian Jian 2 on this thread!!

WARNING- If you have not played this game yet and do not want any spoilers, this is the time to turn back.

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:44 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
This douche bag of a father is a true bastard if I ever know one...

Qi Qi: Daddy...doesn't want me anymore... *Sound of crying*......

Qi Qi: Da...Daddy didn't come up with a name for me...

Qi Qi: Be-because my daddy blamed my mom's...stomach for disappointing him, because she didn't give birth... give birth to a son for him.

Qi Qi: Daddy said, Mother is still not qualified enough to be put in the ancestral temple of the Shen family...


Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:11 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~

Wang Xiao Hu: Ji Li Gua La! Did you come out to walk the streets?

This is funny due to the fact that Ji Li Gua La actually means blah blah blah, or it's used to describe that what someone is saying makes no sense xP

I honestly did not expect such a dark-skinned person to be in a Xian Jian game. I wonder where this kid's from...

Xi Li Wa La: I'm called Xi Li Wa La, not Ji Li Gua La!

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:19 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
The opening animation, which every game should have~


Ling Er, I miss you so......


Oh, Xiao Yao, you poor bugger...

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:53 am
by ~IllusionQueen~
Xiao Hu encounters the Evil Tiger Spirit!!


It becomes one with Xiao Hu.


Xiao Hu: That really hurts…… How did this armlet appear on my arm?

The next time Xiao Hu enters a battle, you should be able to see that the "Evil Tiger Spirit (虎煞)" button on the very right of Xiao Hu's battle options is now available.


The first move is Tiger Devour (虎噬). It is used to "eat" your enemies. Devouring an enemy will increase the strength of the Evil Tiger Spirit (虎煞之力). The amount of strength the Evil Tiger Spirit will gain depends on the type of enemy you devour. To successfully devour an enemy, the enemy's HP must be low (Kinda like how you can't catch a Pokemon if its HP isn't low enough). I don't believe that you can devour bosses, and even if you can, I don't suggest it. Bosses give you a lot of good EXP, but you will not get any EXP from an enemy you devoured (Also kinda like Pokemon, where you don't get EXP for catching a Pokemon [I think? I've never played Pokemon before]).
The second move is Wind Life of the Tiger's Roar (虎嘯風生). It is a pretty powerful attack that damages every enemy on the field. However, the Evil Tiger Spirit's strength must be at least 16 before you can use that move. So, it's a good idea to devour a few enemies during your journey.


I think that, once Xiao Hu gets to a certain level, you will gain a new Tiger Spirit move ^^

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:37 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
For Yi Ru's birthday gift, Ā Nu will give Yi Ru a Gu Queen.

(Gu are poisonous bugs in Xian Jian. They are used mostly by Miao people.)


Ā Nu: This is a gu queen. If you feed her with items, she'll give birth to many different gu bugs...

You can talk to Ā Nu again to learn how to use gu...but I'll make my own explanation here ^^

You start off with a white female gu.


There are a few items in the game that you can feed her with that'll immediately make her "give birth" to equipment.
Other than those kinds of items, you can also feed her:
HP Restorative Items
Qi Restorative Items
Status Ailments
Ten Li Fragrance [十里香] (Attracts enemies)
Exorcist Fragrance [驅魔香] (Repels enemies)

If you feed her HP restorative (not including the Heavenly Fragrant Life-Continuing Dew [天香續命露]) and Qi restorative items, her green (青) bar will increase. If you feed her until the green bar is about 1/3 full, she'll turn into a green female gu.

If you feed her until the green bar is about 2/3 full, she'll turn into an armoured green female gu.

If you feed her status ailment items, her crimson (赤) bar will increase. If you feed her until the crimson bar is about 1/3 full, she'll turn into a crimson female gu.

If you feed her until the crimson bar is about 2/3 full, she'll turn into an armoured crimson female gu.

If you feed her Ten Li Fragrance, Exorcist Fragrance, or Heavenly Fragrant Life-Continuing Dew [天香續命露], her purple (紫) bar will increase. If you feed her until the purple bar is about 1/5 full, she'll turn into a purple female gu.

If you feed her until the purple bar is about 2/3 full, she'll turn into an armoured purple female gu.
(I found this image in a Youtube video)

I THINK, if you feed her until the purple bar is full, along with the green OR crimson bar up to about 2.7/3, she's turn into a crowned purple female gu. Using this similar method with the green bar or crimson bar can get you a crowned green or a crowned crimson. I think. I've never actually tried it before myself.
(I found this image in a Youtube video)

I THINK, if you feed your gu queen until one or two of her stats are full, she'll turn into an armoured golden femal gu. I am not sure about this one either, 'cause I also haven't tried it myself.
(I found this image in a Youtube video)

I THINK, if you feed your gu queen until all of her stats are full, she'll turn into a crowned golden femal gu. Not sure about this one either, haven't tried it.
(I found this image on Baidu)

You can have a total of three gu queens in the entire game. After some battles, a gu queen will give you an item. The higher the qu queen's stats are, the longer it takes for her to give birth to an item, but higher stats leads to better items.

Hehe, they're kinda cute, like fat and squishy mangoworms XP :oops:

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:55 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
There are several different ways to get to the other side of the falling boards in the rice warehouse in Jiang Ning, but these are the ways that I have discovered after 30 minutes of trial and error.


For the first one, step onto the first cell on the top left, then go
right nine
down one
right four
up one
right four


For the second one, step onto the third cell from the bottom right, then go
left three
down one
left two
up one
left one
up seven
left four
up five
left six
down three
left one

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:37 am
by LiXiaoYao
Is it as good as the first Xian Jian ?

Any English version/translation for all the sequels ?

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:20 pm
by Yukinaoni
@ ~IllusionQueen~: Wow! Lots of useful tips! This could be considered a step toward detailed guide in the future :P

@ LiXiaoYao: Some people may think the 2nd game is bad while others might like it. It depends on preference and sometimes personally playing it before it can be judged since everyone's opinions and interest are different. So far I don't think theres a translation for this game yet. For now, only the XP version of the first game is getting translated.

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:17 am
by ~IllusionQueen~
Hehe ^^; Thanks, Yuki!

Well, story-wise, many people don't think the second game is as good as the first game, and I agree with them.
However, Xian Jian 2 actually managed to make me cry twice. I never cried once in the first game xP
And the second game's battle system? Awesome. Much much better than the first game. The battle system of the first game is just boring. You're always using the same moves over and over again.
But in the second game, the battles are much more fast-paced. You can even get a total of six damage dealers in the party!! =D Some of the moves are stronger than others depending on who your enemy is.

Also, there's one thing I freakin' love about the second game... You can actually flee from certain enemies in battle! In the first game, if you choose to flee, the enemy will still be there, sometimes even appear right next to you. Like, what the crap?? If the path is too narrow, it's really difficult to avoid them.

Many people say they hate surprise attacks. Well, I think it's much worse to be able to SEE your enemy, and not being able to avoid it. -_-"

But in the second game, if you do a successful escape, the enemy actually disappears completely!! So no matter how narrow the path is, as long as it's a successful escape, everything'll go wonderfully ^^ X3

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:29 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
While on a ship, the representative of the Demon Tribe, Kong Lin, showed up and sank the ship. Everyone landed on the same island. Everyone but Su Mei.

Yi Ru asked Xiao Hu what was the identity of the man who sank their ship. Xiao Hu told Yi Ru that Kong Lin is the representative of the Demon Clan, and is a skilled expert in fights. Yi Ru then said,

"Hmph, what's the big deal about that? Since he's so powerful, I'll just ask Daddy to-- ……but…there is already no Big Sister Su to take me to Mountain Shu to find Daddy……"

Those words tore at my very heart……

Yi Ru- She looks out at the lake. "Big Brother Xiao Hu, would there be a deity in this lake?"
Xiao Hu- "Mm…there probably is……"
Yi Ru- "Uncle Deity of the lake, if you have a spirit, you must bless that Big Sister Su is safe and sound…"
Yi Ru- "As long as Big Sister Su is safe and sound, Yi Ru will definitely do more good deeds to repay you……"


When Yi Ru said that, along with the background music playing, I ended up sobbing. Yi Ru and Ā Mei are so close…

I'll post the link to the background music once I actually have it uploaded XD

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:59 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
It turned out that Su Mei is the daughter of the snake monster and fox monster from the Hidden Dragon Cave who were killed by Li Xiao Yao and Lin Yue Ru (Well, I actually knew that long before I even decided to play the game, but still xP). Ā Mei sees Yue Ru in the Saintess' (or Holy Aunt's XD) house and attempts to kill Yue Ru. However, due to Yue Ru being Yi Ru's godmother, Ā Mei couldn't bring herself to kill Yue Ru... She said, "No...I can't... She is Yi Ru's mother......"

Su Mei- She is Yi Ru's mother......

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:09 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
Ā Mei saw Xiao Yao on Mountain Wu Hua and revealed her identity to him...

Su Mei- Li Xiao Yao, of course you wouldn't know who I am!
Then do you still remember the Hidden Dragon Cave more than eight years ago?

Good thing Xiao Yao remembered and regretted it. I will be so disappointed in him if he didn't.

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:53 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
I saw several poems in the game and decided to translate some of them for a friend ^^


There is fate tying the dodder and the usnea, the love of the two jiān diés is deep.
What can we (or maybe I) do about having no future generations in our lives?, we (or maybe I) have no words to ask the heavens.
-Feng He Yuan

Usnea and dodder are plants. Usnea lives upon dodder. They intertwine with one another and it's not easy to separate them. When the two plants are used together in ancient poems, it means "to be married". Therefore he means that he and his wife being married is fate.
A jiān dié is a legendary bird. It only has one eye and one wing, so in order to fly, a male and a female bird must always stay together. They are inseparable.


The wu and the tong wait for old age together, mandarin ducks will die in a pair.
The faithful woman buries herself with her husband, giving up her life as well.
I swear that the great waves will not rise, qie's heart is water in a well.
-Zhu Ge Ming Yue

It's believed that the wutong tree (Chinese parasol tree) is in fact two trees living within one trunk. Wu is the male while tong is the female.
Mandarin ducks only have one lifelong partner, and it was believed that if one dies, the other will continuously pine for its dead mate and eventually die of loneliness.
The person speaking the poem is a wife. "Qie" is used by a wife to refer to herself.
There are no waves in the water in wells, therefore "my heart is water in a well" is another way of saying "my heart will not waver". X""33 The last line is my fave~


The fairy island of fairy spirits hid its fairy tracks
The fluttering youngster made a fairy request
The fairy maiden of the fairy palace did not know him
Mistook a cowherd boy for a lover
-Zhao Ling Er

This poem talks about Xiao Yao going to the Fairy Spirit Island and asking Ling Er for an antidote to cure his aunt's illness.
"Cowherd boy" is a reference to the Cowherd Boy and Weaver Maiden story. ... he_Cowherd
The part of the poem about Ling Er mistaking Xiao Yao for a lover when he was actually the cowherd boy is because, the cowherd boy and the weaver maiden only get to see each other once a year. A lover is someone who should always be by your side. Similarily, Xiao Yao was not by Ling Er's side much in the first game, so he was like the cowherd boy not being with the weaver maiden often.


Dispel the feeling of sadness, pass thoughts……
The human world is as a dream, a laugh rides the cold wind.
-Li Xiao Yao

I think this poem means to throw away sad feelings and to let sad thoughts pass by, because human life is short like a dream, so just let those feelings ride away with the wind like a laugh.


The water ripples and the brookside bring old dreams to mind, the scenery is present while the love is severed and the heart is mournful;
Although I see my blood vengeance, I cannot bear to murder a superior, does the gentleman know I have been through many twists and turns.
-Su Mei

Here, "ripples" is a noun, not a verb.
In this context, "the gentleman (jun)" is used to refer to the male that the speaker is addressing. It's basically the pronoun "you", where "you" can only be a male. Here, the "gentleman" or "jun" or "you" can only be referring to Xiao Hu, because I've noticed that the word "jun" is generally only used by a female to address the man she loves, if not always.
"Twists and turns" refer to mental struggles.


Watching cinnabars becoming bi and my yearnings coming one after another, languished and fragmented because of recollecting the gentleman;
If you do not believe that I have often been shedding tears recently, open the chest and pick up the garnet dress.

I've reworded it a bit to make it easier to explain.
"I've watched red become green (This probably means that she's been watching the red leaves turn green, which suggests that a long time has passed, seasons coming and going). My yearnings for you have been very often.
My appearance is wrinkled and broken down from missing you.
If you don't believe that I've often been weeping recently, open my chest and pick up my garnet dress."

"Bi" is a kind of green jade.
It's been known that dresses the colour of red garnet can't stand stains. Once it's been stained, it's really hard to remove the stains. Therefore, if someone looks at her dress and sees how stained it is from her tears, they'll know she's been weeping.


The traces of the ill-fated beauty are faint, wave goodbye to the darling gentleman and sever the troubles of love;
Humans and monsters walk different routes and it is difficult to become a pair, I wish that you two will be tied together forever and form a marriage of Qin and Jin.

This poem shows up after the credits.
"Beauty" suggests a woman, and the woman being spoken of is Su Mei. "Traces are faint" might suggest that Xiao Hu doesn't notice that she's behind him, or that the time she spent with him didn't last long. She'll bid him farewell, therefore also ending the troubles brought by love. "Become a pair" means to "become two" or "be together".
"A marriage of Qin and Jin" is an idiom. During the Spring and Autumn Period in history, the people of the state of Qin and the state of Jin often married each other. The idiom just means to get married.
In the last line, Mei is giving Xiao Hu and Qi Qi her blessings for them to be together forever and to get married...

The last poem and the poem about the water ripples and the twists and turns are my favourite ^^

Re: In the Process of Playing Xian Jian 2~!

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:40 am
by Yukinaoni
Nice translations! :)