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Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 4:37 pm
by ngai
yes, the purple girl is ling er's grandma
i only picked up one hint about its relation to pal1:
the purple girl talks about her baby, calling her 青兒
the king in pal1 calls ling er this, misrecognising her for the queen

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:59 am
by Chibi Jennifer
In Xian Jian 3, I assume there's a love triangle between the three protagonist? Whats it like? What are their personaltiies like etc? :)

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 11:04 am
by Pal Fan
Chibi Jennifer wrote:In Xian Jian 3, I assume there's a love triangle between the three protagonist? Whats it like? What are their personaltiies like etc? :)
Looks like it's a job for me! ^_^
I'll explain, but unfortunately I seemed to have made a grave mistake in my explanantions earlier on in another topic, and if I don't correct that, it'll contradict what I will say in my next post.

Patience is a virtue, so just hang tight ^^

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:43 am
by EmilyHsiao
i don't like Pal II, but i do like Pal III.
Pal regard the story, it's good.

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:23 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
Looking forward to it PalFan ^^

EmilyHsiao, why don't you like Pal 2? Is it because there's no Ling Er? ^^

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:50 am
by Pal Fan
I just copied and pasted this from the draft of another post that I will submit into the topic "Xian Jian 3 Opening Clip." I have kind of modified it to suit this topic:

(The chart explaining the relationship of all of the main Characters in the game)
The picture only shows you the really basic relationship between the characters, but if you were to visit the website from the link, you can click on the avatars to get a better description.

However, I also summarized the characters, but only the 3 main protagonists involved in the main love story.
The 3 protagonists are Jing Tian (#1), Tang Xue Jian (#2), and Long Kwei (#3.)

#1 - Jing Tian: He is the main character of the game, and you'll play as him throughout Chinese Paladin 3. He used to be a General of the Deva Realm*, but because he abandoned his post as the Gatekeeper to fight with a Mara, he caused a strategic outpost to be overran (that outpost is the "Well of the Two Divide.") He was arrested and downgraded to a human in the Mortals World, and after 1000 years, have now reincarnated into Jing.
* - Devas, depending on different individuals, can be considered as the most powerful beings in the world, but they are rivaled by the Maras of the Mara World. Maras are just as capable and powerful as the Devas, so the question of who's actually more powerful is disputed, and although you may form your own opinions, the game never confirmed anything other than the fact that no one's number one.

Jing likes to collect ancient and valuable artifacts, and because of it, he has extensive knowledge of real and fake antiques. He works in a pawn shop, where he had this really old and bossy boss. But since Jing went off adventuring, the business of the shop dropped sharply, and later it went bankrupt. Jing likes money, but also has a secret wish to become a legendary swordsman (which he somewhat fulfills.) Jing is very outgoing and humorous, making the game fun to play.
(Trivial information: In the perfect ending, Jing will open up an even bigger pawn shop, and he will become the owner of the most wealthy shop in the world...just so you know. =D)

#2 - Tang Xue Jian: A somewhat spoiled daughter of a rich family. She is special because she did not come into this world through normal birth, and the history of it goes back 1000 years.
Remember when Jing was still a Deva? There was this other female Deva called Xi Yao, she was the caretaker of the Divine Tree nourishing the Deva World. It is an unimaginable job: she is cut off from the social life that others have, she is lonely, she does nothing but take care of the tree all day long, and she has done this for thousands of years. Xi Yao did that day in, day out, never speaking to anyone (because there is no one there to talk to) except to the occasional visits from the Deva. Almost all the Devas thought the Divine Tree and the Divine Caretaker are one and the same, despite the fact they are not. Xi Yao really loves Jing (when he was still a Deva), but he never cared about her, all he thought about was how to defeat the Mara Zhong Lou in a competition to really notice her. To him, Xi Yao was just someone who can heal him from the wounds inflicted by Zhong Lou, and that's the reason why he visits her, not because he loves her. Now, about 6 to almost 7 days in the Deva Realm after Jing was downgraded (remember, 1 week in the Devas World is equal to 1000 years in the Mortal Realm, so about 982 human years later), the Divine Tree bore its long awaited "Fruit of Life" (it fructifies 1 fruit every 10, 000 years; don't remember if it's Deva years or Human years, most likely human), but this time for reasons unknown, it fructified twin fruits instead of its supposed 1. Xi Yao handed 1 over to the Deva authorities, but she secretly kept the other. Xi Yao molded it into a human just like her, gave life to it, and casted it down into the Mortals World, in the hope that the girl made in the image of herself, although "just a mortal", will have friends, love, companions, and the many simply pleasures of life that a Deva (especially one who takes care of the Divine Tree) will never have. That fruit became the present-day Tang Xue Jian.
When Tang Xue Jian learned of her history, she was very down and angry, but after some comforting, she was able to keep going.

Xue Jian's personality is spoiled and explosive, and whenever she talks to Jing, it somehow always ends up in an argument. Xue Jian would usually get angry or start mocking Jing, but because of Jing's outgoing nature, he never took her insults seriously. Kind of funny though, because even though Xue Jian always argue with Jing, deep inside she really likes him (a funny way to express her love yes? =P)

#3 - Long Kwei: The "sister" of Jing Tian. She too have a long history spanning back 1000 years.
The reason for the quotes was because technically (rewinding 1000 years backwards), after Jing was no longer a Deva and was downgraded into the Mortal Realm, his first reincarnation was the prince of a mighty ancient kingdom. The prince was called Long Yang, and he had a sister called Long Kwei (Those who read my other posts in the other topic, I'm sorry, I made a mistake. 1000 years ago, when Jing was still a Deva, he was not called Long Yang, his first reincarnation as a human was, and that's where I got accidently mixed up. In fact, in Chinese Paladin 3 they never mentioned the name of him anywhere; I'm currently playing Chinese Paladin 3: Love, and in the run-in with the duplicate image of the Deva, I'm hoping that it'll mention his name. I'll update when necessary.) After Long Yang died, his kingdom collapsed to its enemy; and Long Kwei, in order to preserve her life, jumped into the Weapons Forge where the half-finished Demonic Sword was being crafted. The Forge fused (and sacrificed) her body with the weapon, completing it. (One of the key and last ingredient to the completion of the Sword was the "Sacred Blood of a Virgin", and it was just as well that Kwei sacrificed her body into the Sword to avoid capture of the enemy troops, both criterias were fulfilled, and it is now complete.)
Now, about 1000 years after the fall of the kingdom, Zhong Lou (yes, the same Mara that fought with Jing when he was still a Deva 1000 years ago) took the Demonic Sword to try and use it to find Jing Tian. He found Jing, but Jing still didn't remember who he was and used to be, so Zhong simply gave the Sword to Jing and left. So, with the Demonic Sword in Jing's hands, Long Kwei released herself in Ghost form (1000 years later), when Yang had turned into Jing.
So because Kwei was the sister of Jing's previous reincarnation 1000 years back, she is somewhat a distant sister Jing's.

Kwei is extremely gentle and cute, but also very naive; yet you can't really blame her for that seeing as she skipped through 1000 years of social life in the Demonic Sword, and suddenly appearing in a new environment.
What makes Kwei unique, however, Kwei has a light and dark side. Her light side is extremely kind - she is completely respectful and nice to anyone and everyone. She will Never get angry in the entire game, and is very timid and shy. But her dark side is very mischevious. Dark Kwei is uncomfortably blunt and forward with everything, and always looking to use and take advantage of people. She likes to meddle with others' desires and toy with their emotions, just for the fun of it. Her mouth is not exactly dirty, but freakishly slick. However, don't forget, Dark Kwei is quite protective of her benevolent side, so although she may be manipulative of others, she never harmed or did anything that could hurt "Light" Kwei. Now, the relationship between Kwei and Dark Kwei is not really known, they somehow are able to share one consciousness and body, and ever so often one side switches out and the other takes control. But for some strange reason, when Dark Kwei is in control, she seems to be aware of everything that's going on when the good side was talking, but when it's Kwei's turn, she doesn't know of the happenings when her dark side was out. They seem to be able to peacefully take turns, and not fight about it**.
(The extremely strange thing about it though, was that there are contradictions with the background information on Kwei. In the game's storyline, Dark Kwei said that she and Light Kwei were actually 2 different people at one time, and that if it wasn't for her coming to the rescue of Light Kwei and providing for her a safe haven from all the mockeries and jeerings from other evil spirits inside the sword, Light Kwei would never have endured it. Dark Kwei was just making sure that people know they were different at one time, and don't want to be confused as one with her. But in the manual that you get from buying the game, it said that they were both one person in the beginning, but because she went into the sword, and due to the intense process of training inside it, her personality split into 2...
...just thought I'd mention that...)
Now although Kwei can be considered as Jing's sister, technically she is not, and so she has a special relationship with Jing. Since Kwei was able to skip through many generations and meet up with her reincarnated "brother", their bloodlines are, though somewhat similar, technically different from Jing's diluted blood (no offense, but just for explanational purposes.) And so because of the difference in bloodlines, Kwei slowly began to fall in love with her own "brother."


Tang Xue Jian and Long Kwei both vaguely know that the other also like Jing, but they don't ever talk about it. Whenever they talk, they act very courtesly with each other (most of the time.) You'll only get hints of either Kwei or Jian's feelings when you find them when they are alone, and usually you get to choose from 3 choices, 1 of them gives her the most affection, the other not as much, and the last none at all. This means that only you (Jing) will be fully aware of their desires, and the girls hardly any. Depending on how much "affection points" you gave to each girl throughout the game, it'll determine the ending that you'll get for it.

** - Dark Kwei and Kwei only fought over their body/consciousness once, and that was near the end of the game. Jing and his group were told to visit this old tomb/city, where the Evil Thoughts (I'll explain him later, but for now, just know him as the antagonist) has the most powerful Sword in the Mortal Realm (Monster Sword, and I'll explain about it later); you were told to retrieve that, so that the threat, although very powerful, won't be as powerful as he would be. (Eventually, you will learn that this "tomb" was actually the mighty kingdom Long Yang had control over, which later was taken by its enemies, and that you are returning to the place where you were almost 1000 years later.)
However, the plan backfires. The Evil Thought was too strong, he unleashed a cloud of poisonous miasma, which made everyone fall asleep. He then took the Demonic Sword (main sword Jing used throughout the game; second most powerful sword in the Mortal Realm, righ after the Monster Sword), and together with the Monster Sword, he drained half of the power of each weapon, combining them into an even more powerful God-Sword. Seeing as the Demonic Sword is only half as strong as it was before, the Evil Thought found it useless, and pierced it into Jing's chest. Later, when the group wakes up, is the ultimate turning point of the game.
The group will know that they are too late, no conventional medicine or spells will affect the outcome of Jing's life. This is when both girls' feelings are totally revealed to each other. Xue Jian wants to save Jing, but she doesn't know how. Dark Kwei then took control of Kwei's body, and very rudely explained how Xue Jian can save him:
Tang Xue Jian was the girl which was born from the Fruit of Life. If she was to sacrifice herself, and transfer her life essence into Jing, Jing can be revived.
But then, Kwei regained control, and told Xue Jian not to do that. Dark Kwei angrily took it back, and told her not to interfere. Kwei then said that she would rather die, and have Jing remember her for saving his life, than to live but with Jing thinking about someone else. Kwei told Xue Jian, through the 1000 years spent training inside the Demonic Sword, all of that can be used to save her beloved brother, but doing so require Kwei to sacrifice her life.

To solve it, both Xue Jian and Kwei will ask you which sword you want: Kwei will advocate for the Demonic Sword, and Xue Jian will go for the Monster Sword. Depending on the affection of each girl, you may choose which sword to keep, but if one way surpasses the other, Jing will automatically choose the sword in which the girl advocates for. The Sword/Girl that you choose to keep will affect the outcome of the game.


That's pretty much it, I'll update another time if people want me to.
Any questions, feel free to post, I'll answer them as best as I can.

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 8:47 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
woah..sorta complex, but quite detailed! Persoanlity wise, it seems much like Xiao Yao, Ling Er and Yue Ru... but you get to have a choice which affects the outcome which is pretty cool =D

Thanks for all that!!

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 7:56 am
by Lightbrand
What the hell? The blond girl #8 likes that #2 girl?

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 5:06 pm
by Pal Fan
Lightbrand wrote:What the hell? The blond girl #8 likes that #2 girl?
By "like" it meant that they are friendly to each other...nothing more haha. Besides, they don't really know each other that well, so...

*sneaks out of discussion*

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:16 pm
by Pal Fan
Chibi Jennifer wrote:woah..sorta complex, but quite detailed! Persoanlity wise, it seems much like Xiao Yao, Ling Er and Yue Ru... but you get to have a choice which affects the outcome which is pretty cool =D

Thanks for all that!!
No problemo.
Heh, if that was up for grades and marks, I'd get an A++. =P

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 3:05 pm
by zzXiaoyaozz
I played Sequel 1 but not the other 3 didn't see them maybe i should go to my nearby games shop to check it out..

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:47 am
by Lightbrand
What's sequel 1? Pal 2?

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 2:03 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
I think he meant Pal 1..

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 3:40 pm
by zzXiaoyaozz
oops sorry yea i mean pal 1 :(

Re: Xian Jian Sequels

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:45 am
by Whistler
after playing PAL 1-4, I think my preference goes like this (from higher to lower): 1>2>4>3.

well for PAL4 it's not because story or gameplay, but some graphical glitches which made the game kinda painful for me to play :roll: anyways it does feature an involving story which is of course better than PAL2. :D

as for PAL3, the story is not really interesting (at least for me) and the gameplay is mostly a downgraded rip-off of Grandia series (many details are taken from it, e.g., the IP gauge, cancelling of actions with a hit, magic level-up system, etc., but just not very well-tuned). I'm not sure if PAL3A is better.