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Xian Jian 4 Opening Clip

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 7:58 pm
by Chibi Jennifer

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:48 am
by tmt64
not very informative :shock:

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:05 pm
by doranikofu
you can only get the underlying information when you finish the game....
in fact this opening clip has very important connections with the whole story of the game :D

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:45 pm
by Pal Fan
Hah, that was nice. =]

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 4:03 pm
by Pal Fan
Oh noes, the video was removed by the user. =(

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:18 pm
by Pal Fan
WARNING: Major spoilers outlining the entire story! If you do not wish to be spoiled of the storyline of Xian Jian 4, DO NOT READ!!!
The explanation of Xian Jian 4 is much more longer than that of Xian Jian 3, mainly because the plot is so much more intricate and detailed. The Xian Jian 4 opening video encompasses lots more of the aspects of the shocking turning points in the game comparatively than Xian Jian 3, so be advised: heavy spoilers are included.

Having said that, it's best to read this article regarding the whole world of Xian Jian stories, as things'll make much more sense than if it wasn't read:
Post 1: Just read from the beginning to "The Fabled Anecdotes of the Land", the rest are optional, but not necessary to completely understand the opening video.
Post 2: Read the post and its entirety, it may help in explaining why Mortals are so desperate in ascension to Immortality.
It explains some of the basic principles of Xian Jian which are taken for granted by the players of the game. And it's safe to read since it's not considered spoilers, and just gives a broad overview of some of the aspects of the game.

But before I go on, something must be set straight to avoid confusion: Pai (派) is the Chinese word for Sect, Faction, and Houses, and are used interchangeably in this writing.
Now, continuing with the Xian Jian 4 story explanation, last warning:



Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Four Story
Explained Through The Opening Film

The opening film starts off with you and I drifting past the Kunlun Mountaintops (崑崙山巔), flying through the many peaks of the region, their tips protruding well beyond the cloudy shades. The Kunlun Mountains (崑崙山) were one of the four barriers which has walled in the enormity of the Land itself since the beginning of time, when the Land itself as we know it was first created. The Kunlun Mountains are located at the extreme far North West of China, and that is where the legend of the story of Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Four begins...

The mountaintops keep on passing by until, floating to the top, we look down on the legendary swordsman sect situated high atop the Kunlun Mountain. It is the fabled Qiong Hua Pai (瓊華派), one of the eight mystical training factions of the Kunlun Mountain for those wishing to ascend into Immortality. Of the eight, Kunlun Qiong Hua Pai (崑崙瓊華派) was by far the most ancient, as well as the most powerful establishment in existence. It was founded thousands of years ago to honour the Nine Day Benevolent Lady (九天玄女), a compassionate Devi up above in the Deva Realm. Situated high up overhead above the Kunlun Mountains is the mythical Kunlun Passage to Immortality (崑崙通仙之路), with which the bright Beam of Immortality descends and shines down upon the entirety of the Kunlun Mountains, illuminating the eight glorious sects of Immortality.
Legend has it that whoever is capable of passing through the Passage will instantaneously transcend into an Immortal, something sought by everyone as a glorious event. The only problem was achieving the method of going through the Passage, as the origin of the Beam of Immortality is simply way too high for any one lone person to reach the destination. It is practically impossible for one single Mortal to acquire the vast amount of Spiritual Energy Essence necessary to be able to pass through the Passage, since no one Mortal is able to train to that degree during their lifespan. Without the necessary and sufficient amount of the energy essence, it is guaranteed that surviving the ascent to the top will be impossible. A different, unconventional way is required to reach the Passage, and as it turns out, someone already has figured that way out...

With Qiong Hua Pai as one of the eight, the seven other Kunlun sects dedicated to achieving Immortality includes Bi Yu Pai (碧玉派), Xuan Pu Pai (懸圃派), Lang Fong Pai (閬風派), Tian Yong Pai (天墉派), Zi Cui Dan Pai (紫翠丹派), Yu Ying Pai (玉英派), and Kunlun Pai (崑崙派). Although all the eight glorious sects are established and founded within the ranges of the Kunlun Mountains, the similarities between them all pretty much ends there. Each sect is highly secretive and very internally mysterious, and thus, there are no collaboration between the different houses and sects. The only sect of the eight which has something in common with Qiong Hua Pai is the Kunlun Pai (崑崙派), both said to have a similar beginning and have a shared ancestry, and so both factions revere the same main weapons: Swords (劍). Swords are integral to these two houses, in the sense that all their ideologies, techniques, skills and beliefs revolves entirely around Swords, and it is through extensive training techniques with the swords that the houses will train to Immortality. Nonetheless, both Kunlun Pai and Qiong Hua Pai went each went their separate ways long ago, and now Qiong Hua Pai is regarded as the most powerful and influential of the eight sects. It is with this extensive knowledge in swordsmanship beyond the other houses that the House of Qiong Hua will attempt to ascend into Immortals - by passing through the Kunlun Beam of Immortality high up above them.

Now, coming into view to the right is a branch-off section of the Qiong Hua Pai, the Whirling Cloud Platform (卷雲台), in which all of its current apprentice swordsmen and students residing under the sect has gathered together. Now, two elite sword practitioners are standing by themselves on an extension of the Whirling Cloud Platform, shaped like a lotus bulb, up above the other ordinary apprentices.
They raise their swords, one clearly visible, wielding a glowing red sword; and the other across him, obscured by the cloud, holding the shining blue sword. The two elites suddenly sweep back their swords, and the two majestic weapons now come into detail.

The glowing red sword is called Xi He Sword (羲和劍), named after the fabled Driver of The Sun Chariots (陽駕車). It is a Mortal God-Weapon, made to harness of the universal Yang energy found in all aspects of life.
The shining blue sword is called Wang Shu Sword (望舒劍), named after the legendary Driver of The Moon Chariots (月駕車). The Wang Shu Sword (望舒劍) is the sister counterpart to her male opposite Xi He Sword (羲和劍). She draws upon the celestial Yin energy found in every living and non-living materials in existence, in contrast to the Xi He Sword.
The Twin Swords (雙劍), as they are called, are supreme by their own rights. However, the true powers within them are unlocked only when the Twin Swords are paired up together as one. They work together by complementing each other: the Xi He Sword (which with respect can be called the Yang Sword) draws upon the universal Yang energy in life; this drawing of the Yang energy is balanced by the Wang Shu Sword (Yin Sword), which harnesses the universal Yin energy of life, creating a perfect harmony between the vital Yin and Yang essence of existence. This drains the essence of the selected target, and transfers those powers over to the sword and its owner. Of course, such powerful abilities also means the process of harnessing the Yin Yang essence is extremely dangerous - during the process, both must be perfectly in tune, complementing without flaw. If there was a gap or interruption in which one of these swords failed to support each other, a terrible backlash will occur to the sword-bearer...
These two swords are intensely powerful weapons, said to be a Mortal earthly God-Sword, hailed to be the greatest pinnacle of achievement for any Mortal sword forgers of all times. The design of the Twin Swords were first devised, and commissioned into construction by the Twentieth Generation of His Most Honourable Headmaster of Qiong Hua Pai Dao Ying (第二十代掌門道胤真人) himself. The Honourable Headmaster Dao Ying had spent his entire lifetime training for the achievement of Immortality of Qiong Hua Pai, but eventually realized it was futile to do so. However, in his later years, through the rigorous daily routines of exercises and drillings, he finally had a revelation in the profound philosophy of life and of the Yin Yang stance, and realized that there was a way to accomplish it after all. It required the forging of the Twin Swords, which was central to the technique he had in mind from the enlightenment he had received during his latter years. Due to the complexities of creating such magnificent Swords and the expectations it has to live up to, the Twin Swords could only be crafted exclusively by the most expert sword-forger of Qiong Hua Pai, who is also the most knowledgeable forger of the whole wide Land at the time: a senior elder of the mighty sword sect. The expert sword elder of Qiong Hua Pai forges the Twin Swords with his apprentice who acts as his assistant, and also learns from him at the same time, to carry on the knowledge passed down onto him. The techniques of forging the Twin Swords were passed from generation to generation without gap or delay, and enables the secrets of all the aspects of such powerful swords to not be leaked out to other sects, and remain solely within Qion Hua Pai.
It is said that much sweat and toil were spent to procure the ingredients alone: this includes, but not limited to, fabled materials never thought to exist, mystical items of the deepest oceans, legendary ores of the highest mountains, objects of the most remote deserts, rocks spewed from the deepest bowels of the earth, etc.. All that was needed, no matter how far it was in the four corners of the world, all are nonetheless painstakingly obtained at all costs in order to create the Swords. After the thousands of precious ingredients necessary to forge the Swords were painfully acquired, the crucial and exacting step of smelting and processing of the materials began. Many had to be refined first to an acceptable level of purity, and this took much labour, time, and repetitions to accomplish. When all was finally ready, much time has already passed, and the actual forging of the Twin Swords itself has not yet began, but can finally commence at long last. Using the most ancient, yet advanced techniques in sword forging ever known to man throughout the lengthy history of China, the Twin Swords very slowly came to life through a extremely protracted amount of time. Through many essential processes of heating, striking, and combining the materials together into one stable component, not one single step could be afford to be mistaken. Forging God-Weapons has no margins for errors, and the Twin Swords: truly magnificent swords of Mortal's creations, would not and could not be flawed in the smallest way.
It took three entire generations of Qion Hua Pai sword-elders' and Headmasters' lifespan for the Twin Swords to finally be perfected. The passing of knowledge and experience from the senior swords craftsman to his young apprentice were done three times without inaccuracy, and for the three solid generations it took to forge the Twin Swords, not one single little step had faltered in its forging. The forging of the Twin Swords were finally finished by Zong Lian (宗煉), the third elder descendant of the master sword forger. By the time the swords were completed, it was already the Twenty-Fourth Generation of His Most Honourable Head Master of Qiong Hua Pai Tai Ching (第二十四代掌門太清真人) who was in charge of Qiong Hua Pai. The Twin Swords were forged for one purpose and one single purpose only - to enable the House of Qiong Hua to achieve Immortality. The plan has already been thought up three generations ago: for ages, the experienced swordsmen of the sect has sensed a difference in Spiritual Essence up above them near the Whirling Cloud Platform. It was tremendously strong, but strangely enough, it was not the Kunlun Passage to Immortality. Through much meditation, spells and enchanting in the Ba Gua Stance (八卦陣), the answer was finally found one day, something that shocked everyone: it was a powerful hidden Demon Realm up above, right near the vicinity of this prestigious swordsman sect. After further study, Qiong Hua Pai discovered the Demon Realm was able to render itself safe from harm by use of a spell, accessible only by a portal, and that its orbit comes the closest with Qiong Hua Pai every nineteen years. The name of the located Demon Realm in question is called Huan Ming Realm (幻暝界), one of the many Demon Realms of the Land, found out as one of the Demon Realms closely associated with the arts of hallucination, sleep, and dreams.
Now, what better way to ascend to Immortality then to achieve it through the Spirit Essence of the Demons? The aim was to harness the Spirit Essence of the Demon Realm and transfer it onto Qiong Hua Pai, which, when enough Spirit Essence has been gathered, can directly float up and ascend through the Beam of Immortality. It was with this goal in mind that the Twin Swords were thought up of, to drain the basic Spiritual Essence of life from the Demons, relocate it onto the House of Qiong Hua and ascend into Immortals, that the Twin Swords were fabricated and forged into. To many, this was thought to be the ultimate infallible plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Now together at the same time, the two sword-elites initiates the Twin Swords Technique (雙劍練法). The wielder of the Wang Shu Sword is a female: her name is Su Yu (夙玉), mother of the main character you play as in the game. The possessor of the Xi He Sword is Xuan Xiao (玄霄), a male that will later play a vital role in the story of Xian Jian Four. Both are specially selected because the Twin Swords have very specific requirements in wielding them. The Twin Swords cannot just simply be held by anyone: the hot glowing Xi He Sword burns to the touch, and the Wang Shu Sword the direct opposite - freezing ice-cold. Only one with the distinctive characteristic in tune with the Sword can hold it, and that single person has to be chosen from among the millions of millions of people living in the Land. When first touched by a person capable of holding the Swords, that person and the Sword bonds and becomes the host to the Sword, or also known as the Supporters to The Swords (劍柱), whether he/she wants to or not. The Twin Swords requires the living energy essence of the specific host to activate, otherwise they'll remain as unenlightened inanimate objects, unable to be used. The Technique of The Twin Swords exerts a very heavy burden on the part of the host conducting the technique, and so, proper training and practices must be done to ensure the safety of the wielder, or the Twin Swords will continually drain the life essence of the hose, making it lethal to the host. Xuan Xiao and Su Yu trained for the Twin Swords Technique for three years, but it is nothing compared to the decades it took for the Twenty-Fourth Generation of Qiong Hua Pai Headmaster to locate Su Yu throughout the populous lives of people in the Land, for the sole purpose of wielding the sword, becoming its host, and initiating the Twin Swords Technique.

Now, both Su Yu and Xuan Xiao cast their swords into the centre of the platform they are on, pairing each other, channeling the twin essence of Yin and Yang. A beam of light emit high up into the skies, and they locked on to what was wanted: The Demon Realm up above them. The Spirit Essence of the Demon Realm has begun to drain, and the war has commenced. The Demons, obviously not simply going to stand by and let the Mortals destroy their homeworld, retaliated with a powerful, never-before-seen force of Demons indigenous to the Realm, called Dream Tapirs (夢貘). They dropped through their portal through gigantic eggs, and when they hatched out, there was a massive carnage between the two sides. What was apparent was that many Dream Tapirs came down and rampaged the Platform, slaughtering the swordsmen and making it seem as if the destructive Demons are a nefarious force; but there was also an unapparent side to this conflict...
The intensity of the battle escalated, until to the point where it cannot be contained any longer: both sides called upon their final and ultimate card.

The Twenty-Fourth Generation of His Most Honourable Headmaster Tai Ching stepped in, to counter an equally powerful opponent: The Queen of the Demon Realm.
The Demonic Queen of the Huan Ming Demon Realm was Chan You (嬋幽). To say the least, she is an extremely potent Demoness. It is rumoured that every strike she takes is laced with incurable poison of the strangest properties. And as the Queen of the Huan Ming Demon Realm, she is inevitably the master of all and any hallucination skills. Chan You is able to create hallucinations and make it as real as you and I of whatever she sets her mind to, in this case dopplegangers of herself. Her phantoms are only shells of a body, without souls or life, unable to talk. However, nonetheless, they are real, real simulacrums capable of inflicting heavy injuries: in this instance directed at the Headmaster of Qiong Hua Pai.
The Headmaster strikes first: unleashing powerful in-house bolts of spells which he has trained for decades. The agile Queen easily avoids them, and counters by engaging two of her tangible phantoms to kill the Headmaster. The experienced Tai Ching knows what's coming, and his reaction was swift: he quickly slashes the both of them down before they attack - but sailing up from below comes the real Chan You, her claws emanating with an unknown, glowing purple poison with which she has enchanted, getting up-close-and-personal with her nemesis, and attempting to strike each other. Just before being struck by Tai Ching's energy beam, Chan You jumps high up to avoid a slice by Tai Ching, and quickly closes the distant gap and bears down on him again in this crucial conflict. They battle it out, and gets in a few well-placed strikes at each other with the magnificent display of sparkles, until, grabbed by Tai Ching, Chan You was thrown to the other side, and flying in a semi-circle, the Headmaster charges up for his attack. The bolts of spell is layered together: condensed and compacted, intensified and super powerful - and he quickly lets it loose at the Queen. Chan You, in response to this mighty spell, creates more simulacrums to assist her, and blasts at the incoming beam.
This is where Chan You made her first mistake: direct-counter of the spell, which shatters it, but created only smaller shards and fragments which splinters her dopplegangers, and crippling her left arm. Tai Ching, knowing Chan You is unable to fight with only one arm and poses no threat to him any longer, prepares for the ultimatum. Chan You, knowing the exact same thing, blinks her eyes, and employed the last trick up her sleeve, her eyes now glowing red: yet another hallucination decoy. And this is where the Twenty-Fourth Generation of His Most Honourable Headmaster of Qiong Hua Pai Tai Ching made his first, and what will also be his last, misjudgment. He powers up, and heads inbound at Chan You. He strikes her down, and her body de-materializes. Tai Ching remained unaware of the trap he'd been lured into, and so, mislead into thinking his opponent is defeated, he lets down his guard; in which at the same time, the master of hallucination, her Queenship Chan You (嬋幽大人), re-merges her body. And just as Tai Ching turns around, sensing something is wrong - but it was too late: Chan You ambushes him from behind, ending the video.

The story later goes on, that The Honourable Headmaster Tai Ching had died as a result of the incurable wounds he had been inflicted by Chan You. Chan You lives on, but was seriously crippled by the duel. She had had to over-exert her Demonic powers/energy to combat Tai Ching, and due to the heavy strain on the body from the over-exertion, she had ruined her energy channels flowing inside her body, and slowly became exceedingly weak each day. Unable to cast any more magic spells without handling severe physical and spiritual strain, she ultimately held up her facade of a very powerful Queen, in the hopes of warding off Qiong Hua Pai the next time they met, one in which they undoubtedly will...

Throughout the conflict, both sides wreaked havoc on each other, where the Dream Tapirs killed many swordsmen, but also, many swordsmen of Qiong Hua Pai entered the Demon Realm through the portal to do battle, and there was just as much bloodshed on the part of the Demon Realm. It was also during that battle inside the Huan Ming Realm that the swordsmen learned of something dramatic: not only were the Demons already potent in Spirit Essence by themselves, but the main source of their Spirit Essence came from a rare and special mineral called Purple Crystal Rock (紫晶石). The Dream Tapirs of the Demon Realm were once a long time ago just simple normal Monsters that lived off the dreams of Mortals, like any other Demon Realms of dreams and sleep (it's a harmless process, in which Monsters depend on Mortals' dreams for living.) They were relatively normal, until Huan Ming Realm discovered the Purple Crystals, and used the harnessed Spirit Essence from it and trained into powerful Demons. There is a tremendous amount of the Purple Crystals, all emanating an abundant source of Spirit Essence from it unlike any other reported cases in history. So when the swordsmen of Qiong Hua Pai first saw it, they knew that there is more than enough to use to ascend into Immortals, and they undoubtedly pilfered many, which only served to deepen their greed. Later, when the battle ended, it resulted in the massive carnage of both sides, with both sides heavily crippled, throwing everything into a turmoiling state of uncertainty and doubt.
However, the House of Qiong Hua, totally bent on the goal of achieving Immortality, did not acquire the necessary Spirit Essence nor Purple Crystal Rocks to do so. The Huan Ming Demon Realm in the end still got away and resumed its course of orbit. How is it possible? During the conflict, Qiong Hua Pai lost over half of its apprentices, its Honourable Headmaster, and also many of its knowledgeable and gifted elders of the sect. The Huan Ming Realm originally had six Demonic Military Generals, four of them died in protecting their homeworld, high numbers of potent Demons were slayed in the process, and the Queen had also lost her fighting capabilities. But still, nonetheless, if the Twin Swords were still locked onto the Realm, the Demons still would've been forced to remain where they were, correct? Unfortunately, that leaves only one option available: the Twin Swords were not functioning throughout the conflict...

So why weren't the Twin Swords doing what they were suppose to do: drain the Spirit Essence of the Demons? It was not because of the death of the Twin Sword hosts - it was something much worse than it: betrayal.
While the conflict ensued all around them on the Whirling Cloud Platform, Su Yu, wielder of the Wang Shu Sword, had suddenly halted her Yin side of the Twin Swords Technique, and left from the faction. She fled with Yun Tian Qing (雲天青), another member of Qiong Hua Pai, close brother-in-arms with Xuan Xiao and Su Yu; he is the father of the main character you play as during the game, and what also will be the husband to Su Yu. Su Yu and Yun Tian Qing both fled because they were not willing to transcend into Immortals, or at least not at the cost of the genocidal killings of the innocent Demons Realm. They knew that the Demons of the Realm were not the ones at fault here - the Demons had never left from their homeworld and harmed a single Mortal: it was Qiong Hua Pai who initiated the conquest of their land against them. It was true not all Demons are evil, and not all Immortals are good. Su Yu and Yun Tian Qing both knew that Qiong Hua Pai had slowly become corrupted throughout the time, and became totally obsessed with achieving Immortality. Qiong Hua Pai began to do things that were not ethically correct in their perspectives, and that made the both of them uncomfortable. And so, in order to help protect the Demon Realm, which they believed to be the right thing to do, they fled, which forced the Twin Swords Technique to collapse without the support of one of the Swords...
The infuriated Qiong Hua Sect took this treason exceptionally hard. The resulting betrayal meant that those swordsmen apprentice who died had done so in vain. Their death, contribution, and effort, and not just on part of those fallen swordsmen, but also on account of the entirety of the glorious Qiong Hua Pai itself, were all wasted. The entire effort and planning done were all for nothing, all because of the betrayal of Su Yu and Yun Tian Qing. To many, this was the ultimate unforgivable crime beyond words, in which one would go so low as to sell out their own race for the Demons...

So what happened to Xuan Xiao, host of the Xi He Sword? Without the support of the Yin Sword, the Twin Swords Technique became lethally dangerous. His Xi He Sword kept on draining the Yang Energy, but there were no Yin Energy coming in to balance him out. Xuan Xiao, in his zeal for his sect of Qiong Hua Pai, over-exerted his body in his attempt to keep the technique functional, but the brunt of the colossal amount of Yang Energy was too great - it kept on bearing down on him, and being unable to hold on for long, he was soon overwhelmed. As a result from both the over-exertion and the pure Yang Energy draining without the complementation of Yin Energy, Xuan Xiao's body balance became disrupted and disproportionate. This caused his Yin Yang energy essence of his body to be extremely Yang-sided, practically suppressing his Yin energy to the point of being nonexistent. Because of this, Xuan Xiao experienced extreme heat and major pain internally inside his body, and on the outside he felt heavy blazing burning sensations which caused lots of considerable suffering. Yet, more importantly, his personality had completely changed - he became highly aggressive, and easily provoked, due to the Yang Energy inside him. Because of this incident, Xuan Xiao was made to remain inside the Forbidden Grounds (禁地) of Qiong Hua Pai. Xuan Xiao's now aggressive nature later lead him to heavily injuring his fellow brother-in-arms swordsman inside the Forbidden Grounds, who came in to bring him food, and was wounded for the sake of doing it. Knowing the unstably powerful Xuan Xiao had broken one of the top rules of the sect, something must be done. There was a great deal of camaraderie between the brothers-in-arms enrolled under Qiong Hua Pai, and the rules were/had to be kept with religious zeal. This injury of a fellow member came as just a heavy a shock to the new Headmaster and the fellow Elders as when Su Yu and Yun Tian Qing were both branded as lowly traitors. However, Xuan Xiao was still member of Qiong Hua Pai nonetheless, and thus, he cannot be harmed, as the rules strictly enforces that brothers of the House of Qiong Hua are not allowed to commit wrong-doings against each other. So, in order to deal with the problem, The Twenty-Fifth Generation of Her Most Honourable Headmistress of Qiong Hua Pai Su Yao (第二十五代掌門夙瑤真人), along with three important Elders who survived the conflict, forcedly overpowered and sealed Xuan Xiao in an encasement of ice in the Forbidden Grounds of the faction. And there Xuan Xiao remained for a solid nineteen years, suffering the tormenting scorch of his body on a daily basis, powerless to stop it. On top of it, there was also the torturous issue of isolation, which nearly drove him mentally insane. He lingered there in the ice of the Forbidden Ground for a full nineteen years...

As for Su Yu, without the support of the Xi He Sword to properly balance herself out, her Yin Energy became exceedingly strong. Her Yang Energy were soon dwarfed by the Yin Essence, and Su Yu's personality became more and more passive. Su Yu's once persistent iron-will had melted, due to the disproportionate Yin Essence inside her, and her personality had changed beyond recognition. She became highly sensitive to cold, experiencing the frigid chills within her body, and that was caused by the cold Yin Energy inside her, in which nobody can do anything about. Su Yu gave birth to a male child, and soon passed away. Yun Tian Qing, who had attempted to assist his love in circulating the Yin Yang Essence inside her, experienced a back-lash effect in which the overly abundant Yin Essence inside Su Yu rebounded back at him. As a result, he too was afflicted with the terrible malady. It was not as serious as Su Yu's, and so he spent a few years with his son, but soon followed his wife in her fate...

And so, nineteen years later, you will play as Yun Tian He (雲天河), son of Su Yu and Yun Tian Qing. You will embark on a journey to rediscover who your father and mother were, which will inevitably bring you back to Qiong Hua Pai and its struggle once again against the Huan Ming Demon Realm. And from there, you will learn about the three-way love triangle between Su Yu, Xuan Xiao, and Yun Tian Qing, one that will shatter the image of your family. You will discover the reality of achieving Immortality: the treachery, suffering, and death behind it, and that too will bring about another one of the many harsh truths of life. It includes the realization of the ugliness of a corrupted Mortal heart: the insatiable greed and overly powerful want, in this case, for transcendence. Amongst all the confusion, you will also experience a three-way love triangle yourself - along with the emotions of deceit, love, and conflict, in this truly legendary, heart-breaking story of Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Four...


There you have it, the very deep and profound storyline of Xian Jian 4, and I hope it wasn't overly confusing. As for the actual adventures of the game, I didn't say, seeing as it's mostly summed up here through the opening video.

And last but not least: Sorry for the triple post. =P