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Xian Jian 4: News Update (20/9/2007) [Translation]

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:51 pm
by cutiegal25
Title: The Revelation of 《Xian Jian 4》
Ever since 《Xian Jian 3》came out onto the market in 2004, it has been almost a year and a half, after many Xian Jian fans' popular demands, there are news of the Xian Jian collection's new 3rd sequel. The latest edition of China's "Popular Software" [?!?!] magazine revealed news of the all-new 《Xian Jian 4》. In the report, other than the estimated date the game would meet the market, there is an introduction of the brand-new . The magazine also revealed a picture and some information of the male lead.

Other than the introduction of 《Xian Jian 4》, the report also mentioned 《CHINESE PALADIN: The Online Version 2》's similiar information and pictures. The report also said that 《CHINESE PALADIN: The Online Version 2》and 《Xian Jian 4》will have be quite similiar, thus believing that this will satiate fellow XJ players' appetites. But because that year, Da Yu [I think it's the makers of Xian Jian]'s other creations 《Shaft Sword》[?!?!]and 《SHAFT SWORD: The Online Version》were released, maybe XJ players can sniff out similiarities between the two.

The reports say that 《Xian Jian 4》should be released during Summer, 2007, the game's official website has confirmed this information, citing that they should be holding events for 《Xian Jian 4》[I have no idea what the next sentence means.]

Title: 《Xian Jian 4》's Official Releasing 2007
《Xian Jian》has been around for almost 10 years, and several players have cried because of the beautiful romance which ended in tragedy in the story. Now, the official website for Xian Jian has disclosed news about the new RPG game, Xian Jian 4: there are currently 4 generations [?!?!] working closely with Hai Ruan Xing to produce Xian Jian 4. According to the website, even if they work endlessly, Xian Jian 4 will still only meet the market in 2007, causing Xian Jian players to continue waiting.

I'll translate this much for now, and I'll continue the rest when I'm free, because I have TONS of homework right now. Maybe someone with a kind work will share the work with me? Haha. Enjoy!