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Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:02 pm
by seanluusa
Later on, Yun TianHe and Han LinSha entered the town, Han LinSha told Yun TianHe to wait outside of Hotel, she went in to check the room. While Yun TianHe was waiting, he saw a poster of Han LinSha's pic, and he was wondering who draw her face so good. He got the poster and attracted two cops, they asked Yun TianHe if he know the people on the poster. Yun TianHe doesn't know that poster was a want and he told cops Han LinSha went in to Hotel. More cops came and surrounded hotel, try to catch Han LinSha. when Yun TianHe and Han LinSha almost get into fight, the leader of cops recognized Yun TianHe's face and try to invite Yun TianHe to mayor's house, because mayor was the friend of Yun TianHe's father. Yun TianQin saved mayor's life and they were really close. Han LinSha told Yun TianHe go with cop leader and she will follow cops to jail, she believe Yun TianHe can save her.

After talk with mayor, (Yun TianHe calls him uncle)He got more infor about his father, uncle was surprised about Yun TianQijn has already died, he told Yun TianHe that he's father saved one girl and gave that poor little girl to uncle, the girl has already grown up as uncle's daughter. uncle also wants Yun TianHe to marry with he's daughter.


Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:55 pm
by seanluusa
Yun TianHe ate and drink too much during the dinner, he woke up by Han Linsha who escaped from jail. they went out and see there is something wrong about uncle's house at night, they were in a maze. after they passed the maze they met our 3rd main character:Liu MengLi
Liu MengLi was the girl who had been saved by Yun TianQin, she made the maze to check Yun TianHe's kongfu skill, and she also was the same person who draw the want. She made the deal with Han LinSha to check the devil in the mountain near the city, to show that Han LinSha is not a bad person.
Yun TianHe was attracted by Liu MengLi's beauty. :P :P
second day, after talk with uncle, they left city and entered cave on the mountain. after fight against so many devil, they find out that the devil leader of the cave has already been killed by someone else. they also find some devil's children. after talk with each other, they know that people who live in the town always came to cave, and get potpourri from those special flowers. they made those devil cant live anymore. so the devil parents wanted to scar those people and killed them by accident. then human killed them.
Yun TianHe and he's friends think it's not those little devils fault and they are harmless, so they let them go, as result, they got one Earth Element Stone.
after use Earth Element Stone, they went back to the entrance.
Tips:in the future, every time you finished the quest in the dungeon and you dont want to walk long way back to the entrance, just use this special stone.

they met other Chinese Paladin outside the entrance and Yun TianHe lied about the little devils thing. after those Chinese Paladin left, they talked with each other and made a decision about go after those Chinese Paladin and join their guild. Liu MengLi also wants to join their trip.
go back to city and talk with uncle. leave Liu MengLi to say goodbye with her parents. Yun TianHe went out to walk around, you can use this time to buy some healing potions and weapons. if you have a lot of money then buy the blueprint and materials to forge some special weapon, those kind of weapon are more powerful.



Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:40 pm
by ryshi
When Han Linsha woke Yun TianHe, was she angry or anything? she expected him to come save her but he became drunk instead.. hahaha

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:48 am
by falantti's really great..thank you so I understand the story..
I ve already passed the tomb dungeon and just arrived in a town. But not yet trying to go further because of my programming assignment. I guess I just wait the story first from you and it will make my life easier :D

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:48 am
by seanluusa
ryshi wrote:When Han Linsha woke Yun TianHe, was she angry or anything? she expected him to come save her but he became drunk instead.. hahaha

yea, sorry I skiped that part, Han LinSha was kinda angry about Yun TianHe forgot to save her. well, she was not really angry, I think.

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:13 am
by seanluusa
ok, let's continue, after Liu MengLi talked with her step parents, Yun TianHe went to the back garden of the house, where all the trees with pink flowers. you can find Liu MengLi there and talk to her. Liu MengLi shared her thought about Yun TianHe and Han LinSha, she thought Yun TianHe was kinda stupid and Han LinSha was just a robber at first, after the dungeon trial she understand more about them and Liu MengLi started to let them be her firend. and Liu MengLi was very happy to have friends because she grown up without any closed friend. Yun TianHe didnt understand what she was talking about but he was still very happy to see Liu MengLi is happy. Han LinSha appears after Liu MengLi left, she shared her thought about Liu MengLi and then they both went back to guest room.
after one night sleep, Yun TianHe meet Han LinSha and Liu MengLi outside the house, Liu MengLi made a new bow for Yun TianHe.
(everytime Yun TianHe receive new bow, he gain one special attack skill)
then uncle said a lot basiclly is taking care, be safe, and bla bla bla bla....:shock:

go out of city from the North Door, and Han LinSha told them she knew a much closer way which is go through the tomb of the king near the city.
they went up the mountain and stopped by two grave guards. Han LinSha was trying to use Liu MengLi's identity: mayor's daughter but those guards belong to some special army. so Liu MengLi used magic to let them sfall asleep.
Han LinSha and Yun TianHe draw boar and turtle on their clothes, and they went inside of tomb.
(those 2 guards woke up and saw the pics, they thought devils did it and got scared, and ran a way..... :lol: )


Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:30 am
by seanluusa
the tomb of king has changed by some reason. they all felt the spirit of death, then they met a lot of evil spirits. after defeated those evil spirits, they find a room without anything but some weired medicine. Liu MengLi found a bamboo book wrote about the king ate the medicine and became god, he went up to heaven to god's place.
They was surprised there actually is a way to eat some special medicine and become god, they there is a gourd moved and one very strong spirit came out.
this evil spirit was the king, he was poisoned by one random medicine maker and died, that medicine maker blocked he's spirit inside one small gourd and now is the time to revenge. the spirit of king will go out and kill every single medicine maker in the world.
Yun TianHe's group dont want to see that so they beat him.
(Tips: this is a 2 rounds Boss fights, it means you have to defeat him twice. there will be 2 mobs around him at the 1st round, kill those 2 mobs first. the boss is fire element type, so if any of your character has water element magic skill will be much easier to kill him. the health of boss is about 5000. the 2nd round is just himself, but with one more skill: suck spirit. this skill has a mount of chance to kill you by one hit. and the boss's health is 7500.)

there are some tricky parts. you have to play one old type Chinese game to unlock the door. move the correct Chinese Character to the entrance. the ingame tip was the poem. here is the correct way to fill the poem.

1.少壮不努力,老大徒伤? (悲)
2.百川东到?,何时复西归 (海)
3.祸兮福所依,福兮祸所? (伏)
4.举世皆浊我独清,众人皆?我独醒 (醉)
5.塞翁失?,焉知非福 (马)




Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:25 pm
by soulawaken
Hmmm. I completed the part in the tomb. Now in the new town. All my characters are lvl 40... Too low?

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 4:17 am
by seanluusa mean you just finished the part I posted?
lvl 40 is too high....:)
well, that's the good thing.

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:09 am
by falantti
HI Seanluusa... it's bit a bit long that u dont post the continue of your walkhtrough.. I guess I 'll wait a bit to continue my game again :D

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:52 pm
by seanluusa
sorry I was busy because of school works...

Let's keep going,
after Yun TianHe's group passed the king's tomb, they went out and arrived the new city.
Han LinSha entered the city and she suddenly find out Yun TianHe and Liu MengLi was missing when she was looking around. She was angry about them and try to find them.
you can only control Han LinSha this period, go buy some healing potions and equipments. then go to the upper right corner of the city, you can see a blue dot on the map, that's the place the you have to go.
After you find Yun TianHe and Liu MengLi, they told Han LinSha they found one lady needed help.
The lady is a koto player and she had divorce with her husband, because the parents of her husband don't like her. However, her husband got real sick caused by the sadness of losing her. After a few years, her husband married again and died. His parents put his body in the tower of one Buddhism cloister. She wants to see him one more time and give apologize. but her husband's family wont let her in.
Yun TianHe wanted to help her, Han LinSha and Liu MengLi agreed.
go back to hotel and have a rest, then go to the small wharf located on the left side of the city.
ride the boat to the small island near the city and enter the tower by go trough the window, beat all those monks.
you have to light all the candles to open the entrance of the next floor.
the top 2 floors, you have to follow the pics on the ground tile, if you picked wrong ground tile, you will be transport back to the previous floor.
Yun TianHe and his friends meet a another lady on the top floor of the tower and she was the second wife of that man. she let the koto player to say whatever she wants to say to her dead husband. (She was very angry about the koto player)
after that, they left the tower and the koto player lady sing the song to them.

TIPS: this is the only song in the game, and this song also is the theme song of Xian Jian IV, dont skip it~~~~


Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:25 am
by soulawaken
seanluusa mean you just finished the part I posted?
lvl 40 is too high....:)
well, that's the good thing.

Hmmm. LOL. i just kept going in and out of maps so that the monsters will re-spawn to train my characters. lol. took a very long time actually. haha. But now it is really powerful. I mastered all the skills in the Earth, Fire and Water(ice?) spells. The last skills are really powerful. inflictly around 1k+ damage but eat alot of mp. And HanLinSha learn an attack that Yue Ru and Ah Nu learnt in Xian Jian 1. Use 1k coings to inflict 2k damage. That is really useful when fighting bosses. ^_^

btw, you mentioned that that song is the theme song and the only song played in the game? May i know what is that song called?

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:32 am
by seanluusa
Theme Song: 仙剑四主题曲——回梦游仙
MV link:

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:28 am
by soulawaken
haha. Now i guess i am close to the end. The Demon realm appeared. Now the gang is trying to get into the ghost realm. To get something which could help them enter the demon realm. Now Yun Tian He and Han Lin Sha is lvl 56 while MuRongZhiYin is only lv 46... T_T Now having a little trouble fighting the monsters near the entance of the ghost realm which are immune to magic. Guess i should train higher. And died countless times at certain bosses. (like the fire demon in the cave of Sheng Nong... lol)

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:25 pm
by ryshi
Wow thanks for the update!