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Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:21 pm
by kimimi
seanluusa wrote:.....OMG this topic is still alive?!!

Haha its been 2 years since I started to post on this forum for Xian Jian IV, first of all I have to apologize for disappeared so long. I was busy due to my school work.

Well, its really nice to see so many people love Xian Jian series and manage to play it as much as they do.

I just finished GuJianQiTan yesterday, so if anyone has any question, feel free to ask me :P

I do!

I'm stuck on the battle against Tu Su's master in 天墉城 - After the first turn or two I can't get more than a single turn at a time, so I can either heal myself until I run out of MP or I can attack him and die the next turn :( I'm level 50, and I've got all the best equipment you can buy. It's tough to level up too because you only have Tu Su and Hong Yu at this point. Any ideas? I've tried speed down/attack down items on him, but they don't do enough to help!

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:14 pm
by likedarby
Gu Jian Qi Tan is no match to Chinese Paladin, I think it's garbage and it certainly doesn't worth your time at all! I gave up this game after 30 minutes playing, this game sucks! :x

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:03 am
by kimimi
Thirty whole minutes eh? Obviously gave it a fair go then! 8)

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:29 am
by likedarby
Nah, I only played it for 30 minutes because this game sucks and I can't stand it any longer. Don't you guys have the same feeling ? Our folks here all feel cheated by the develop company. Shame to say, but this one maybe the first game a lot guys purchase in his life time and played (including myself), and this company put up a really bad show there.

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:23 pm
by kimimi
I'm not trying to change your mind or say you're wrong - if you think it sucks then you think it sucks. But thirty minutes isn't even enough time to get to play as Tu Su (my first save as Tu Su is around the four hour mark), let alone make a party. In any other genre it'd be like deciding a game sucked once you hit the title screen.

In any case; I'm enjoying it a lot. I just wish they'd balance the bosses better because some of them are a lot harder than the area they're in which makes for some annoying difficulty spikes.

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:06 pm
by likedarby
Well, maybe I can help you, since I live in China, but seriously, this game didn't worth your time.

Here is the strategy for how to get pass this boss:
"First: Strongly recommanded: try to collect some jewery which enhance HP, enhance agility or resurrect after death.

Strategy: After the fight begins, use 龙须沟 to decrease this boss's agility, if your character has a high enough agility, you can enter this state that you act twice while the boss only act once.
When this Boss' HP has fell to a half, he will reflect your physical attack of you. So before that, physical attack is ok, watch your HP, and once his HP's been below a half, use 焚炎血戮 to attack him.
Then, if we are in the perfect state, that is we act twice and the boss act once, then you've the chance to regain your lost HP during the boss's last attack using the extra one acting round. Keep this up, and try your luck, you may pass after several failure.

Note that you must have your Tusu's total HP more than 2150, otherwise you got a great chance of being killed just by one hit "

That's all, enjoy :roll:

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 8:10 pm
by ~IllusionQueen~
Hey, likedarby!! Didn't expect to see you here!! =D Remember me? I watched your subbed videos of Xian Jian IV and they were really awesome!! I posted on one of the videos, telling you that you spelled "Chinese" wrong so I had trouble looking for that particular video part XD

I just read through all eight pages of this thread...
Excuse me for being blunt, but for those people who don't understand the plot and storyline because you can't read much Chinese...I suggest you not to play any of the games in the Xian Jian game series. Even though the graphics and the battles may be very fun, what makes the games so deeply loved by so many people is mainly the storyline. So I suggest you not to play these games, at least not until you can read and understand Chinese and Chinese culture fairly well, or until you can find English subbed videos that fans made of the game (such as likedarby. Likedarby subbed the whole game... [except for the last part, haha XD ]) There really isn't a meaning to the game if you can't understand the story...

ALSO...I found this on page 4...
KiraKenny wrote:1. Why does Murong want to kill those little furry guys? Why'd he leave in anger?
2. The frozen man isn't frozen anymore right? Judging by how he talked to TianHe and that the chunk of ice started sinking.
3. What was with MengLi? First she hugs TianHe and then opens a portal that almost killed him until Murong saved him? Or something like that?
4. What happened during that whole confrontation in front of the forbidden area? There were a bunch of sect members with that lady and a lot of angry and sad faces.

These questions were left unanswered, and I know that this is six years ago...but I still feel like answering them XD I just can't stand it when questions that I can answer are left unanswered... You don't have to mind me~ ^^"

1) This goes back to the part when Tian He, Ling Sha, and Meng Li went into Nǚ Luó Yán(a cave they went into soon after Meng Li joined the party) to investigate why the Sophora monsters were attacking people. The Party was surprised to find that the monsters have already been slaughtered by someone else, and only five little ones remained. They were not killed because the person who killed their family was not able to sense their chi since they were still so young.
In the underwater city, the Party met with the little Sophora monsters again. This time, Zi Ying was part of the Party. Huai Mi, the little monster with the leaves on his back, recognized Zi Ying as the one who killed their family. They talked for a while, and Zi Ying learned that when he slaughtered the monsters in Nǚ Luó Yán, he had missed the remaining five little monster children. Zi Ying is a stubborn believer that all monsters are evil. And so, he decided to kill the five little monsters, but Tian He protected them, and Meng Li and Ling Sha did the same thing. Zi Ying saw that all three of them were going against him and got really upset, and so he left the Party.
2) I'm not too sure, I don't remember this part... But if this happened after Tian He brought him the third artifact, then it would make sense if the ice is starting to melt.
3) Meng Li has been having a vision, but the vision was very blurry. But the vision gets clearer and clearer during her time in Qiong Hua Sect. While Meng Li was gone, she had that vision again, and this time, it was very clear to her. She realized that she was from the Monster Realm. Because of that vision, she realized that she's a monster, and that she needs to go back to her realm to fulfil her mission. She didn't want to leave, but she had to, so before she went back to the Monster realm, she went to see Tian He one last time. She left and went into the Monster realm, and Tian He wanted to go after her. However, humans cannot enter that realm, because there is a barrier there that prevents humans from entering. When Tian He tried to get in, the realm's barrier attacked him and nearly killed him. Meng Li actually had nothing to do with the barrier attacking him; she didn't even know that he would be injured by the barrier. Fortunately Zi Ying arrived in time.
4) This part is extremely confusing. That lady's name is Su Yao, and she is the head master of the Qiong Hua Sect. In that part, she was telling Tian He that, 19 years ago, when the Monster Realm arrived at the Sect, the sect was planning on entering the realm and stealing the realm's amethyst crystals in order for them to become immortals. In order to enter the realm, they needed Tian He's mother's help. However, Tian He's father didn't want the Sect to do that, so he took Tian He's mother and they ran away from the sect and lived in seclusion on a mountain (the mountain where Tian He lived his whole life and where the game first started). Because of that, the sect suffered a great deal of casualties because Tian He's mother was not there to help them. Also, without Tian He's mother's ice sword (she took it with her), Xuan Xiao's fire sword became unbalanced and it started to make him go mad. He lost control of his mind and had to be frozen in ice, because the ice can keep his mind calm. Tian He was devastated to know that his parents are the reason why Xuan Xiao was trapped in ice for so many years...
The answer I gave you for the fourth question is not very clear. That's why it's better to know about the full storyline.

Re: Xian Jian IV: What I played so far..... :D

Posted: Sat May 31, 2014 5:08 pm
by Chibi Jennifer
haha awww.. sad but true ^^" Wish there were subbed options :(