Xian Jian IV ending SPOILER!!

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Xian Jian IV ending SPOILER!!

Post by Beelee »

hay guys and girls, I just finished PAL 4 and I'm just confused with the ending and wanted to see if I understood it right.


So after the last battle, this giant fireball thingyie falls down from the sky and was gonna kill all the people under the mountain. To stop it our protagonist fires his sword from that special bow. But by doing so according to his "older brother", this would cost him something in return. Seeing him collapse afterward I thought our protagonist died...
Yet a black screen shows up saying "hundred years later" and we see the 2 male protagonists, the girl in blue and 2 graves. So apparently our hero didn't die and in fact married the girl in red before she died. Question is how did he manage to stay alive for 100 years without aging while his other friend turned grey lol?? Also who's in the other grave??

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The ending of Pal IV is highly controversial. There are many variants and ideas about its endings, including the existence of two groups of highly religious-fanatics who constantly oppose each other. One group knows that Yun Tian He loves Han Lin Sha more, whereas the other are one hundred percent sure Yun Tian He in fact truly loves just and only Liu Meng Li. There are also several variants in between regarding Zi Yin also. Lots of the aspects and the relationships are inferred from the ending, which was made vague, purposely so, for given leeway to people's own ideas.

As for your questions, you asked how Yun Tian He was able to survive for so long. The reason how Yun Tian He was able to stay alive for over one hundred years was because the Divine Dragon had said he will "play a joke upon the Death God". (Remember when you were trying to access the Realm of the Ghosts for those twigs which allow inter-portal travel?) The Divine Dragon at that section then did something to you which caused you to feel very ill (freezing cold and scorching hot at the same time, and required Zi Yin to help you circulate your Chi.) Basically, the Divine Dragon extended your lifetime by a very very long time, and that's the joke to the Death God.

And I'm not sure if you're asking this question, but just in case you were asking, the "price to pay" for using the "power of a divine weapon", as said by Xuan Xiao (the "older brother") is blindness. (Obviously, the price actually varies between Mortals, but in this case, it's blindness.) That's why, in the cinematic show, after Yun Tian He had fired his Bow and struck down the city of Qiong Hua Pai, he grabbed for his eyes and immediately passed out. That's also why, in the ending video when Liu Meng Li returned, Yun Tian He was seen with his eyes closed, because he has lost his eyesight and can no longer see.

As for the issue regarding the other grave beside Han Lin Sha, I agree that it is quite a strange matter. Apparently, the only conclusion that I came up independently with was that Yun Tian He had prepared it for himself beforehand for when he will finally die.
Later, there was this article on the net with an interview of one of the Pal IV developers, whose goal was to clear up the confusion with the ending of Pal IV many people had, in which many of the various groups of Xian Jian players were disputing over about. Anyways, he confirmed my belief regarding the second-grave issue.

The article is here, I'll post it below. It's been in the works for some time now, and I've translated most of it into English, the main parts of it at least. It's here below:


Okay, for those of you who have played Xian Jian 4, and finished the game's ending and it's entirety, you are most likely confused over the ending of the fairytale. So, to clarify it, one of the game's producers has decided to do an interview and set some things straight.

This is the link from the forum site which was posted in:
It's in Traditional Chinese, but underneath it I have translated into English.

This is the explanation of the ending of Xian Jian 4, so it contains spoilers: do not read if you wish to experience the depth of it yourself.


Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Four Storyline Ending
Explained Through the Ending Film




制作者:當然沒有,因為雲天河體內有神龍之息,神龍所說跟 “閻王開的一個玩笑” 可以解釋,還有就是有網友說是ML的幻覺,如果是幻覺的話,ML不知道天河已瞎,看到的幻覺應該不會是瞎的,即便是魂魄也應該會睜眼,正因為有神龍之息才會不老。


制作者:這個問題是大家最有爭論的一個問題,菱紗沒有休仙也沒有神龍之息,百年之後已經去世。至於嫁給誰,紫英最後所說 “他們等你很久了” 用 “他們” 也可以看出,而不是 “我們”。如果是嫁給紫英,應該用 “我們”。










制作者:菱紗已經過世,而紫英也知道ML喜歡天河,百年不見,再次重逢難免離不開人世間的兒女情長,紫英已經修仙回避一下也是由他自己的性格所定,而且紫 英留下:“我先回劍塚” 說明要等ML和天河把話說完再次見面。並沒有其他怪罪之意,至于ML哭了,是因為傷感所至,並不是真的傷心。


English Translation:

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Four Game Ending Producer's Explanation.
Due to the controversial ending of the game, a friend of Xian Jian Four's Producer asked him a few questions about the (incomplete)
Below is a part of the explanation done by the producer:

Question 1: Has Yun Tian He (雲天河) really died, because why else would there be an extra tombstone? Is he the illusion conjured up by Meng Li?

Producer: Of course not, and that's because Yun Tian He has the Essence of The Divine Dragon (神龍之息), explained when the Divine Dragon stated he will "play a joke upon the Death God (閻王)." As for the fellow gamers who says he was the phantom made up by Meng Li, if he really was an illusion, his eyes would not closed, as Meng Li would have no knowledge of his later blindness. And say if Yun Tian He has returned as a Ghost, then his eyes should be opened (as Ghosts are no longer limited by their corporeal disabilities). So, in the end, it's because of the Essence of The Divine Dragon which allows him to live an extra long life.

Question 2: Has Ling Sha (菱紗) passed away? If she did, then who did she marry?

Producer: This is the most controversial question asked by everyone, but because Ling Sha had no training nor the Essence of The Divine Dragon, she has died during the span of the hundred years. As for who she married, when Zi Yin (紫英) had said "They have waited for you a long time" (“他們等你很久了”), he used "They have" (“他們”) instead of "We have" (“我們”). If Ling Sha had married Zi Yin, he would've said "We."

Question 3: Then why is it that Zi Yin is seen with the simulacrum of Meng Li during the earlier parts of the ending video? Is it because Zi Yin has feelings for Meng Li?

Producer: The logic behind this is easy: no matter where the mystical object creating Meng Li resided on whichever one adventurer before, now that Ling Sha has passed away, and Tian He has lost his eyesight, it would make the most sense for Zi Yin to look over the precious object. It doesn't matter during the beginning as to who kept the object, it's still explainable in one way or another, and that nonetheless doesn't necessarily mean Zi Yin loves Meng Li.

Question 4: Then how is the extra tombstone explained? Whose is it?

Producer: The tombstone has no words on it, if it was Tian He's tombstone, then Zi Yin for sure would've carved his name upon it. There are also those who says the tombstone is for Zi Yin, but that's impossible, as Zi Yin has already ascended into an Immortal, and so it cannot even be his Ghost flying back and forth, much less flying back to Jian Zhong (劍塚) no? The only explanation for the tombstone is that Tian He has always grieved for Ling Sha, and so prepared a tombstone beforehand, so that when he dies, he will accompany beside her.

Question 5: Many fellow gamers has asked as to why the tombstones are located directly in front of the door to the humble wooden house?

Producer: To tell you the truth, now that we think back on it, it does seem a little inappropriate, as we've never noticed it earlier. Nonetheless, it shouldn't have too much of a bad effect nor significance.

Question 6: Tian He is a strong and expert martial artist, so why is it that when he walks out, he is staggering; even if he was blind it shouldn't be so, right?

Producer: This in fact is part of the mood and atmosphere of the current situation. It could be said that Tian He has waited too long for Meng Li, and now that he knows Meng Li has finally come back, he is greatly overwhelmed and touched by it.

Question 7: Why is it that Zi Yin, having not seen each other for a hundred years, quickly hurried off, and not even glanced a sight at each other?

Producer: Ling Sha has died, and knowing Meng Li loves Tian He (incomplete)


That's it for the article and the translation. I really liked how he didn't mention who Yun Tian He loves more. That's up to you to decide.

I hope it was helpful in clearing up the confusions. =)

EDIT: Cleared up some sentence structures.
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Post by Beelee »

ohh thanks a lot for the explanation. I didn't actually notice that his eyes were close and became blind. I just thought the price he had to pay was death lol.
I also forgot about that little joke with the dragon.

The ending still seems a bit too tragic >.<

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Re: Xian Jian IV ending SPOILER!!

Post by ~IllusionQueen~ »

Thanks so much for the translations, they were extremely accurate!! =D

The producer's reply for the seventh question wasn't translated though...?

Oh well, he basically said that, since Zi Ying knows that Meng Li likes Tian He, he left so that Meng Li and Tian He can spend some alone time together, since it's been a hundred years since they last saw each other and Zi Ying doesn't want to get in their way and make it seem all awkward...
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