Paladin 4: Leveling Trick

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Paladin 4: Leveling Trick

Postby Rigelation » Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:00 pm

I was playing through the trial that Su Yao gives you to enter the Qiong Hua Pai, and in the second part, with the Spirit of Wealth, I stumbled upon a rather fortuitous discovery: All the monsters, with the exception of the lanterns, give you absurd amounts of gold after each battle, on the order of 1000+ per monster. Ling Sha's fourth skill, qian kun yi zhi, does 2000 damage to all opponents for a cost of 1000 gold. That means a one-hit kill for any group of opponents--and Ling Sha always gets to go first. There's no save point in there, but I had been hoarding save stars, so I used about fifteen of the 25 or so that I had, and went from level 29 to 40 in less than two hours--I knocked Uncle Moneybags right off of his cougar before he even had a chance to wipe that smirk off his face, which was fun. Not only that, but I left with an extra 400,000 gold, which was definitely a bonus.
Apologies if this is totally common knowledge, but I thought I would share just in case.

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Re: Paladin 4: Leveling Trick

Postby Whistler » Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:25 pm

and Ling Sha always gets to go first

I heard that it's possible to make her dexterity absurdly high that none of other players or enemies can even get a single turn with the proper equipments and added effects to equipments... although I never bothered trying this :)

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Re: Paladin 4: Leveling Trick

Postby Yukinaoni » Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:51 am

Ling Sha's speed can be ridiculously high to the point where the last battles of the game are extremely easy. I got her to lv 82 before the final boss and Ling Sha's speed,速, was around 962. The armor equipment I used without enchantments (I don't know the names) was 2x lv 40 green stone accessories that increases speed by 35 each (I don't remember correctly but I think you can get them at one of Qiong Hua's stores, and its important to get them before Xuan Xiao destroys the place), a lv 46 light blue shoes with pink flowers with +75 speed, and a lv 56 peach colored robe with +20 speed. With these equipment, the way to make Ling Sha always attack first almost indefinitely is to always cast her wind magic (if you chose wind for her): 仙风云体 every 5 rounds. Each time you attack, keep track of when Ling Sha's speed boost disappear, when it does immediately cast it again. She'll always be the one attacking repeatedly in a loop until her MP runs out, and even if it had ran out I would've used the 2nd fastest character, Ziying to cast 仙风云体 (if you made him learn wind spells as well), in my case I still had 1/4 MP left when killing Xuan Xiao in the first battle and none of my characters got hit at all. The 2nd boss battle was just as easy! If Kenshin didn't write a guide on what certain characters meant, I would've never found out this strategy! :P
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