Pal95 XP 99.99...% English Translation

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Pal95 XP 99.99...% English Translation

Post by Xire »

First of all..hi everyone!
I found this forum when I was looking for the Pal game which I used to play when I was a child but it seems like the Pal95 translation has been stopped for a few months, so I decided to finish it for all fans who can't read/understand chinese. XD..
Luckily,it took me about two weeks to translate the whole dialogues..
I'll release the patch around the next week because there are still few things I have to fix
such as reducing long sentences and add more clear instructions since we don't have
an english walkthrough.
Anyway, hope you'll like it.

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Re: Pal95 XP 99.99...% English Translation

Post by Chibi Jennifer »

Sounds good :D
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Re: Pal95 XP 99.99...% English Translation

Post by agonying »

yeah that's sounds good

my roommate is playing the chinese edition of XP.

Just catch a sense of chidhood. hehe~

8) waiting for your result
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