Hu Ge's Albums Direct Download

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Hu Ge's Albums Direct Download

Postby Chibi Jennifer » Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:53 pm

Hu Ge - Start

Hu Ge’s Blue Ray 蓝光 Album:

View track list and more info: ... -lan-guang

Hu Ge - Tell Him I Love Her
Download: (mirror)

01. 去爱吧 (Qu Ai Ba) [Dare To Love]
02. 她的眼睛会下雨 (Ta De Yan Jing Hui Xia Yu) [Her Eyes Can Rain]
03. 不完美 (Bu Wan Mei) [Imperfect]
04. 一个人的海岸 (Yi Ge Ren De Hai An) [A Person's Coast]
05. 地与天 (Di Yu Tian) [Ground And Sky]
06. 毒药 (Du Yao) [Poison]
07. 传闻 (Chuan Wen) [Rumors]
08. 乌云然 (Wu Yun Ran) [Correct Black Cloud]
09. 骑单车的日子 (Qi Dan Che De Ri Zi) [Cycling Day]
10. 为自己骄傲 (Wei Zi Ji Jiao Ao) [Because Of My Pride]

Hu Ge - Tell Him I Love Her

Download: (mirror)

01. 告诉他, 我爱他 (Gao Su Ta, Wo Ai Ta) [Tell Him I Love Her]
02. 画像 (Hua Xiang) [Portrait]
03. 遇到一个好人 (Yu Dao Yi Ge Hao Ren) [Encountered A Good Person]

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Re: Hu Ge's Albums Direct Download

Postby Brad » Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:42 pm

Thanks for this!!! Think I'm becoming a Hu Ge stalker now! :)
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