[MU]Fairy from Wonderland (Eng Subbed) Uncut & Why I Love It

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[MU]Fairy from Wonderland (Eng Subbed) Uncut & Why I Love It

Postby sapphiresky » Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:44 am


I would like to share something I have been working on for months. My all time favourite TV show, starring Hu Ge and Ariel Lin(voice actress, Huang Yiqing) - If you read down, you will see why I really love it. I created this subtitled version because the previous released subs was a cut version (and they took out some of the most important things) - making the story seem confusing and all over the place. The translations for that wasn't very accurate at parts either (it missed a lot of translations)

So, I have created my own version, with lots of translation notes, information, and subbed the songs, and many other things - to make it as perfect as it can be.

Youtube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p ... E580BD2B8C

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfuZiQrHXGI

Megaupload Download Links:

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Episode 2

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Why I recommend this series, and that it is one of the most inspirational series ever made:

The characters
I've never felt so strongly that two characters are that meant for each other. And you cannot tell from watching the first few, it happens over the course of the series. They develop and grow, and learn.

There is nobody who would love Xiaoqi as much as Digua, and nobody that would protect, and love Digua the way Xiaoqi does.

The Hate Scene
The ultimate expresion of love - when they would rather hate, then feel no emotions at all
This shows everything about how powerful their love is, how she would be willing to be hated, as long as he can live.

If you watch this scene, when they say "I really hate you", you know that they are saying, that I really love you.

What is Inspiring about this Series?

One of the most inspiring thing that got me was, "I don't love you". When you see that, you immediately think, one does not love the other. In this series, this notion is completely wrong. I admit, when I saw this, I skipped to the end and saw this scene, and I was confused, and felt sad because I thought they did not love each other. Oh boy, was I wrong. I do not love you has its most significant meaning. It means, in this context, that you love someone so much, that it can even transcend the definition of love, that you can love someone to the point where you love them by not loving them, by allowing to let go, so the other doesn't suffer. This is something that the characters slowly learned.

The quote was, "We had the wrong notion that stubbornness equated to love, but if there was love between us, why was there a need for stubbornness? Saying I don't love you would not affect the quality of love, as long as love exists, nothing will change, what more mere words? We can love a person so much that it transcends the definition of love."

The second thing that inspired me was, the explanation of the love roots. In this series, the love roots were pulled out (you will read about this in the plot soon) to prevent Xiaoqi (the main character, the Fairy) to fall in love, however, they learn that this root can be grown, as long as the heart exists. The heart, is that one seed. And, when they learn this, Xiaoqi's priceless expressions and quotes is simply beautiful and fulfilling. You can watch the scene here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-yLuOKugKc

The true love is something that is very inspiring and that you don't see in many shows. It's a love that transcends heaven and earth. They explain what it is, as Digua's quotes, "Love iscare, concern, being magnanimous, being open and understanding each other. It is just like a fiery fire whose flames will never die. Love can enable two individuals with different mindsets, actions and even a completely different world, to come together. In love, your partner's well-being is more important than your own. Even till the end of time, it will never change for eternity."

You can see this amazing quote here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvXxk1NBHUA

The memories of love is something else that's inspiring.

‎"I feel pain, because I exist. The deeper love is, the sharper the pain. As long as we’ve truly loved before, we have happiness. Pain is a transformation of happiness. I guess it counts as a synonym. Memories are where pain and happiness are born, so it is also the proof of our existence. So don’t give up your memory, just like we shouldn’t give up on our life."

Finally, not only does this series teach all about love, whether it is for a loved one, a family member or friend, it also talks about important morals of life, such as, never to be greedy, that wealth is nothing compared to being with your family. One of the quotes I'd love to share is one of my favourites, "Life is always full of obstacles, ups and downs. That is the original meaning of life. Wealth, success and even life can be lost or deprived of unexpectedly, only knowledge and the dignity that comes along with it can never be taken away. It can even change destiny."
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Re: [MU]Fairy from Wonderland (Eng Subbed) Uncut & Why I Lov

Postby Chibi Jennifer » Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:37 pm

Thanks for sharing this ^_^!
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