Fairy From Wonderland OST downloads

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Fairy From Wonderland OST downloads

Postby Chibi Jennifer » Tue May 24, 2011 8:56 pm

1.Yiyan Wannian (一眼萬年;A Vision of Eternity) - Performed by S.H.E
2.Qiannian Lei (千年淚;Tears of a Thousand Years) - Performed by Tank
3.Tianliang Yihou (天亮以後;Morning After) - Performed by Hu Ge
4.Yuyan (預言;Prophecy) - Performed by Z-Chen
5.Guling Jingguai (古靈精怪;Quirky) - Performed by Wu Ailun & Lin Jingru
6.Yueguang (月光;Moonlight) - Performed by Hu Ge
7.Masang Shu - Yiyan Wannian (馬桑樹 - 一眼萬年 演奏曲;Coriaria Tree -
Instrumental version of "A Vision of Eternity")
8.Tianzhi Ya Haizhi Jiao - Qiannianlei (天之涯 海之角 - 千年淚 演奏曲;From the
Horizon to the Edge of the Ocean - Instrumental version of "Tears of a
Thousand Years")
9.Yongheng De Ai - Yiyan Wannian (永恆的愛 - 一眼萬年 演奏曲;Eternal Love -
Instrumental version of "A Vision of Eternity")
10.Xiaoshide Denghuo - Yueguang (消逝的燈火 - 月光 演奏曲; Fading Light -
Instrumental version of "Moonlight")
11.Ai Chaoyue Tiande - Qiannian Lei (愛超越天地 - 千年淚 演奏曲; Love Beyond the
World" Instrumental version of "Tears of a Thousand Years)
12.Tongku De Xingfu (痛苦的幸福 - 一眼萬年演奏曲;"Blessed With Pain" -
Instrumental version of "A Vision of Eternity")
13.Xianfan Zhi Ai (仙凡之愛 - 配樂;"Immortal Love" - Score)
14.Conglaimeiyouaiguoni (從來沒有愛過你 配樂;"Never Loved You Before" - Score )
15.Tian Duo Gao (天多高 - 配樂;"The Sky is High" - Score)
16.Caihong Wuqu (彩虹舞曲 - 配樂;"Rainbow Dance" - Score)
17.Erlang Shen (二郎神 - 配樂;"Erlang Shen" - Score)
18.Qi zhi (棋只 - 配樂;"Qi Only" - Score)
19.Qingwei Shi (情未逝 - 配樂;"Love Does Not Die" - Score)

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6HWT33A3

Uploaded by Ron. Enjoy!
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Re: Fairy From Wonderland OST downloads

Postby RonBatfreak » Mon May 30, 2011 5:15 pm

Hey, Hey. Hi, I'm Ron. I am the one who asked Jennifer to add Fairy from Wonderland soundtrack in this website despite it is not Chinese Paladin related, even though I know some are Hu Ge's fans so I'm guessing some would add this andThe Young Warriors TV soundtrack to their collections.

Hope you guys like them.


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