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"Startling by Each Step" 《步步驚心》OST

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:53 pm
by RonBatfreak
一念執著; A Persistent Thought performed by Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma; 演唱:胡歌、阿蘭·達瓦卓瑪
等你的季節; Waiting For Your Season performed by Cecilia Liu; 演唱:劉詩詩
三寸天堂;Silver Paradise performed by Yan Yidan; 演唱:嚴藝丹
雕刻愛情; Engraving Love performed by Zheng Jiajia; 演唱:鄭嘉嘉
愛的漣漪; Love's Ripples performed by Ailiya & Alicia; 演唱: 艾麗雅、Alicia


Hope you guys like the promo tracks, because here's the link of the official soundtrack for everyone to download:

1.胡歌; 阿蘭·達瓦卓瑪 - 一念執著
2.劉詩詩 - 等你的季節
3.嚴藝丹 - 三寸天堂
4.黃英華 - 步步驚心
5.黃英華 - 奇夢
6.黃英華 - 別恐懼
7.黃英華 - 堡壘
8.黃英華 - 毒
9.黃英華 - 陌生
10.黃英華 - 郁
11.黃英華 - 皇室來臨
12.黃英華 - 功夫
13.黃英華 - 傾慕
14.黃英華 - 歡欣
15.黃英華 - 奇幻
16.黃英華 - 小可愛
17.黃英華 - 情毒
18.黃英華 - 不要走
19.黃英華 - 悲
20.黃英華 - 追驚

Re: "Startling by Each Step" 《步步驚心》OST

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:14 pm
by Rich
Thanks for sharing :)

Re: "Startling by Each Step" 《步步驚心》OST

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:09 am
by Chibi Jennifer
Thank you! Will download now :)