A Linger Version Patch For Game PAL2 Ending!!!!!(unofficial)

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A Linger Version Patch For Game PAL2 Ending!!!!!(unofficial)

Post by Meng »

The patch changed the end of the game
Change begins with the last battle with QianYe

http://www.dapping.com/blog/user1/1/upl ... 103749.zip

1.Unzip the file and run Pal2linger.exe.The program will try to find the pal2 install directory automatic.If the path is wrong,you can type by yourself

2. Click "Run Patch" button to update.Then you can paly the game.

You Will See Linger appear on the Xianling Island Followed after Xiaoyao


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Post by Chibi Jennifer »

Oh how cool!! Thanks for sharing =) Too bad I don't have the game...but its good to see something like this exists XD hehehe... So Yue Ru is simply replaced with Ling Er?
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Post by ngai »

yea seems like it

the ending only includes yue ru once...which is basically that screenshot (with yue ru of course)
kinda disappointing i reckon

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Post by War_Archer »

You can download xian jian 2 at http://lib.verycd.com/2004/08/19/0000017724.html

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Post by zzXiaoyaozz »

is it the right link? dont seem to be working

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Post by Franton »

is there any other link that can download pal2

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Post by bluemoon »

i download the patch but it cant work anyone can help mi??
when i open it it says :
cant read the game's information, please select pal2's directory
run time error '5'
invalid proceedure call or agrument.

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