Perfect Couple - 'Jin Yu Liang Yuan' starring Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang!

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Perfect Couple - 'Jin Yu Liang Yuan' starring Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang!

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Look! It's Changing and Zi Xuan together in another life time :D yaaaaaaaaaaay!!
Perfect_Couple.jpg ... y-tang-yan

Title: 金玉良缘 / Jin Yu Liang Yuan
English Title: Perfect Couple
Genre: Period drama, romance, comedy
Episodes: 45
Broadcast network: JSTV
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-21
Opening theme song: Hao Shi Guang (好时光) Good Times - Della Ding & Wallace Huo
Closing theme song: Jin Yu Liang Yuan (金玉良缘) Perfect Couple - Li Qi


Jin Yuan Bao, a handsome and rich young master is forced to get married to a girl he doesn't even know. The bride runs away before the night of the wedding, instead, the witty Yu Qi Ling becomes the fake bride because of a hidden reason.


Tiffany Tang as Yu Qi Ling
Wallace Huo as Jin Yuan Bao
Gong Mi Shi (贡米饰] as Jiang Xiao Xuan
Huang Ming (黄明) as Gu Changfeng
Wayne Wang as Liu Wen Zhao
Vivian Wu (邬君梅) as Madam Jin (Jin Yuan Bao's mother)
Wang Jing Luan as Liu Qian Qian

More info, pictures, song lyrics, OST downloads: ... y-tang-yan

This drama has been out for a while now, but I only recently found out about it, and went on a huge marathon to finish it! Has anyone else seen this drama? I mainly saw it because I love the couple Wallace Huo and Tffany Tang Yan from Chinese Paladin 3, and wanted to see them paired up again.
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