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Zhao Ling’er Chinese Paladin Online Artwork

on 09 9, 2007 | No Comments

New official artwork of Zhao Ling'er released for Chinese Paladin Online. A larger image is placed in the Official Artwork image gallery =) [...]

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Chinese Paladin Online Promo & Xian Jian 4

on 02 16, 2007 | No Comments

There has been a new official image of Zhao Ling'er and Li Xiaoyao released in promotion for "Chinese Paladin Online", a mmorpg on this year summer. It seems the game revolves around new characters. T[...]

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Chinese Paladin Online Trailer & Press Release

on 02 14, 2007 | No Comments

A short trailer has been released for [Chinese Paladin Online]. The background music all come from the Classic Xian Jian 1 game, and features Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Ling'er, Li Yi Ru and Lin Yue Ru. It seem[...]

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Chinese Paladin Online character profiles

on 02 12, 2007 | No Comments

Source: We are introduced to 6 new character profiles in [Chinese Paladin Online], however, the original characters (Xiao Yao, Ling'er etc) will all only be casted as Non-Playabl[...]

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February 2007 Updates Archive

on 02 11, 2007 | No Comments

15 February 2007: A much higher quality version of the new artwork has been added! This image is much clearer and you can see Ling'er has tears in her eyes, so pretty! This is actually one of the most[...]

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