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仙剑卡牌逍遥游 Xian Jian ‘Xiao Yao You’ Card Game

on 03 10, 2012 | No Comments

仙剑卡牌逍遥游  Xian Jian 'Xiao Yao You' Card Game

The Xian Jian franchise has yet again come up with new products with beautiful illustrations! This time sets of Xian Jian cards have been released, featuring many characters from all of the Xian Jian [...]

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New Ling’er Chinese Paladin Online Artwork

on 07 3, 2010 | No Comments

New Ling'er Chinese Paladin Online Artwork

New Chinese Paladin Online artwork featuring Zhao Ling'er has been added to the image gallery. Aren't these gorgeous? Click on the images to visit the gallery for full view. Zhao Ling'er holdi[...]

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Chinese Paladin Online 2.0 Story, new promotional artwork & trailer

on 04 30, 2010 | No Comments

Chinese Paladin Online 2.0 Story, new promotional artwork & trailer

Chaos Everywhere In the Battle of Suo Yao Ta, Han Zhong Xi, the son of the Demon Overlord, dead by the hand of Li Xiao Yao, and the great army from the Demonic Realm participating in the bat[...]

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May 2008 Site Updates Archive

on 05 13, 2008 | No Comments

13 May 2008: Here's a new promotional artwork of Zhao Ling'er released for Chinese Paladin Online (MMORPG) A new artwork of Li Yi Ru from CHINESE PALADIN ONLINE is also now up on the site, on [...]

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Chinese Paladin Online Trailer & Press Release

on 02 14, 2007 | No Comments

A short trailer has been released for [Chinese Paladin Online]. The background music all come from the Classic Xian Jian 1 game, and features Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Ling'er, Li Yi Ru and Lin Yue Ru. It seem[...]

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February 2007 Updates Archive

on 02 11, 2007 | No Comments

15 February 2007: A much higher quality version of the new artwork has been added! This image is much clearer and you can see Ling'er has tears in her eyes, so pretty! This is actually one of the most[...]

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