Wan Mei Shi Jie (Perfect World) by Teddy

on 08 21, 2010

Authors note

If you’re like me, the ending of Chinese Paladin irked you in many ways. Protagonist genocide is no respectable method of closure. I’m writing this fan fiction in hopes of providing a realistic, acceptable and pleasurable alternative and subsequent plot line to the ending of Chinese Paladin. No fact or occurrence presented by the Television series will be altered.

Since this is a Chinese series, I will attempt to include as much Chinese dialogue as time and creativity allow given my current level of Mandarin. I moved to the United States from Taiwan when I was barely three years old and have never attended Chinese school. So, for those of you whose Chinese is superior, please inform me of incorrect pinyin, grammar and use of vocabulary as you find them. In consideration of the English speakers, I’ll try my best to provide a translation for every line of dialogue; however, as in every language, some things just aren’t as effective or humorous when translated across languages. Most of the dialogue will adhere to the following example:

“Xiao Yao gege, ni zhen me le?!” / “Xiao Yao ge ge, what’s wrong?!”

For long blocks of dialogue, I’ll try to split it up for smoother reading.

Dreams, visions, thoughts and flashbacks will be italicized. General events and conversation will be normal text.

If both normal and italicized text are found, there should be special emphasis on the italicized portion (i.e. “Aiya! Bie fan wo!” / “Aiya! Don’t bother me!”)

Any attempts at poetry will most likely be done in English.

The setting of Chapter 1 is about five minutes before the end of the series version, where Xiao Yao and Ling Er have defeated Bai Yue and the water beast he summoned. They are strolling along happily, just before Xiao Yao sees Ling Er begin to feel the effects of the final battle.

P.S. I’m a hardcore Xiao Yao + Ling Er fan. But fear not, Yue Ru fans, I’ll try to be as fair to her as I can.

Character List (in order of appearance or mention)
Li Xiao Yao – Lover and husband of Zhao Ling Er and disciple of Jiu Xian Jian and master swordsman who also received teaching from Lin Bao Zhu.

Zhao Ling Er – Lover and wife of Li Xiao Yao and Nu Wa’s descendent, which makes her half-goddess. The princess of Nan Zhao Guo.

Li Yi Ru – Baby daughter of Li Xiao Yao and Zhao Ling Er.

Ah Nu – Lover of Tang Yu who sacrificed her life along with him in order to restore Nan Zhao Guo from Bai Yue’s destruction through a wish. Daughter of Sheng Gu.

Tang Yu – Lover of Ah Nu who became a legendary bird with Ah Nu to save Nan Zhao Guo. Adopted son and disciple of Shi Zhang Lao.

Bai Yue – Cult leader who brainwashed the citizens of Nan Zhao Guo and twice summoned a water beast to destroy the country. Defeated by Li Xiao Yao and Zhao Ling Er.

Sheng Gu – Ah Nu’s mother and discipleship sister to the mother of Zhao Ling Er.

Du Gu Jian Sheng – Master of Mt. Shu and discipleship brother to Jiu Xian Jian. Previously locked Ling Er in the tower that crushed Lin Yue Ru.

Jiu Xian Jian – Li Xiao Yao’s shi fu / master, Ah Nu’s father, Sheng Gu’s lover, Du Gu Jian Sheng’s shi di / younger discipleship brother.

Lin Bao Zhu – Father of Lin Yue Ru who also taught Xiao Yao a large portion of his personal martial arts stance.

Shi Zhang Lao – Yi Fu / godfather to Tang Yu and Bai Yue. Protector of Nan Zhao Guo.

* This list will grow as the story continues.

Teddy aka Believer503

Chapter 1 – An Attack of the Mind

She gazed at him with a pleasant smile on her face. After all they have endured, it was finally time for peace. They can finally settle down to a life of normalcy, even if she was the royal princess of Nan Zhao Guo. She felt prepared to help lead and rebuild her country with Xiao Yao by her side. It’s been so long since Ling Er last saw her Xiao Yao gege so happy and carefree – and she was treasuring every moment of it. Xiao Yao’s eyes glistened as he returned his wife’s light-hearted smile.

“Ni shuo, Yi Ru ta zhang da le, shi xiang ni hai shi xiang wo?” / “When Yi Ru grows up, do you think she’ll be more like you or more like me?”, Xiao Yao asked.

“Xiang ni, lo.” / “Like you.” replied Ling Er playfully. The two walked hand in hand as Xiao Yao continued on with how he wanted their daughter, Yi Ru, to grow up.

“Wo shuo ah, zui hao jiu shi yi ban xiang ni yi ban xiang wo.” / “I say, it’s best if she’s half like you and half like me.”

Xiao Yao turned to face his wife, whose smile had changed to a look of alarm and desperation. Ling Er looked on helplessly as Xiao Yao staggered back and forth, falling to the ground and rolling around violently.

“Xiao Yao gege, ni zhen me le?! Xiao Yao gege, fa sheng shen me shi le?! Gao shu Ling Er ah!” / “Xiao Yao gege, what’s wrong?! Xiao Yao gege, what happened?! Tell Ling Er!”

“Ling Er! Zhen me – zhen me hui zhei yang?!” / “Ling Er! How – how could this be happening?!” cried a horrified Xiao Yao, as he saw his hands stained in blood and his beloved leaning against him. Xiao Yao fell to his knees as Ling Er collapsed.

“Xiao Yao gege! Ni xing xing ah! Ni xing xing ah…” / “Xiao Yao gege! Wake up! Please, wake up…” sobbed Ling Er as she held her husband in her embrace, cheek to cheek. Xiao Yao, though calmed, began to mutter randomly as tears fell from his eyes.

“Ling Er, ni ting wo shuo…wo ke yi de…xiang xin wo…wo shi ni xiang gong…zhou ba…jiao xing ni…” / “Ling Er, listen to me…I can do it…trust me…I’m your husband…go on…wake you up…”

Ling Er tried in vain to rouse Xiao Yao. “Xiao Yao gege, ni zai shuo shen me ah? Ni bu yao xia wo…bu yao!” / “Xiao Yao gege, what are you saying? Don’t scare me….don’t!” screamed Ling Er as she buried Xiao Yao’s head against her heart.

“Xiao Yao gege shen me shi hou pian guo Ling Er?” / “When has Xiao Yao gege ever tricked Ling Er?”, said Xiao Yao, affirming his dying wife that it would be ok as he held her. Ling Er’s arms loosened around his neck as she released her last breath. And so he walked on, in shock of the passing of the most important person in his life. Xiao Yao sighed deeply as he contemplated ending his own existence to join Ling Er wherever she went. Did he not promise her during the fight with the Corpse King that he would follow her wherever she would go, in life and in death? Only Yi Ru stood as a reason to press on. Perhaps he could end both their lives, he thought, wanting only to be with Ling Er. Sighing again, he dismissed that plan, knowing full well it would not be what Ling Er would want.

Ling Er struggled to find any external wounds on Xiao Yao that she could heal. Bending over his body, she proceeded to check his vital signs. Tears of relief fell from her bright eyes as her hand felt faint heartbeats from Xiao Yao’s chest. Tilting her head near his face, she smiled as she heard small, quick pants for air. There was only one person who came to her mind that she thought could possibly help them. It was the same person who had saved her own life some time ago, before she gave birth to Yi Ru – the remaining witness of their long awaited wedding ceremony. Standing, Ling Er carefully swung one of XiaoYao’s now limp arms across her shoulder. Swaying a bit under his weight, she gasped for air. With great determination, Ling Er used all of her strength to lift Xiao Yao onto her back and wrapped his legs around her waist after securing his arms around her neck. Hunched over, she began walking towards her father’s palace.

“Xiao Yao gege, mei shi de. Ni xian shui a huer ba. Mei shi de. Ling Er jiayou! Jiayou!” / “Xiao Yao gege, it’s ok. Sleep for a while. It’s ok. Come on, Ling Er! Come on!”

Xiao Yao cradled Yi Ru in one arm as the other hand clenched into a fist. Was this some kind of sick prank? What terrible sin had he committed to deserve such a fate? Each step he took led him closer to the brink of insanity. Xiao Yao peered down at his daughter’s tiny face and smiled at her resemblence to Ling Er. Looking up at the sky, Xiao Yao breathed deeply and held Yi Ru closer to him. All he could do was drift back and forth between wondering why all this had happened and reminding himself of how he needed to be strong for Yi Ru. His eyes could cry no more and he had become numb to his old pastimes. His heart had died along with Ling Er that day in his arms.

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