Perfect World Chapter 3 – A Latent Reunion, Bliss

on 08 21, 2010

Sheng Gu rushed to Jian Sheng’s side as he coughed blood onto the wall. His hand grasped his heart tightly as the other leaned on Xiao Yao’s bed post for support. The heartache that Ling Er and Xiao Yao were experiencing had fused together as a current through his body when he sent Ling Er to Xiao Yao’s mind. He continued to cough as Sheng Gu sent energy into his body to help stabilize his qi.

“Wo mei shi. Guo ran ta men de tong ku yi jing dao le zhe ge di bu. Wo zhen pei fu. Ne me nan shou – ta men si yie bu fang guo ta men de ai. Sheng Gu, wo kai shi ming bai ni shuo de hua le.” / “I’m ok. So, they’re suffering has already reached this point. I really admire that. So difficult to withstand – yet even in the face of death, they refuse to let go of their love. Sheng Gu, I’m beginning to understand what you said before.” said Jian Sheng as he wiped the blood from his mouth. Moving his arms in circles of opposite direction, he breathed slowly and closed his eyes. On each side of him was a bed, Xiao Yao on his left and Ling Er on his right.

“Sheng Gu, wo xu yao ni bang mang. Ling Er hai you yi duan shi jian cai dao Xiao Yao de shi jie li. Qing jia tian wo de li liang.” / “Sheng Gu, I need your help. Ling Er still has some time before she arrives in Xiao Yao’s world. Please add onto my strength.” The two combined their strengths as Jian Sheng called out to Ling Er. Once they made contact, he proceeded to warn her of additional dangers of the simulated world in Xiao Yao’s mind. Ling Er tried to listen intently to his instruction as she felt herself drift in and out of consciousness.

“Zi de wo gen ni shuo de hua, Zhao gu niang.” / “Remember my words, Miss Zhao.” warned Jian Sheng as he lost contact with Ling Er. “Xian zai, wo men zhi neng bao hu ta men de rou sheng, deng ta men de xiao xi.” / “Now, we can only protect their physical bodies and wait for their news.”

(Author’s note: There are now two realities, that of Ling Er and Xiao Yao, and that of Sheng Gu and Jian Sheng. I suggest you listen to ????? / kill-the-day, the instrumental, for this part.)

Ling Er found herself in the middle of a forest area. She was on her back and she looked up into the sky. Rain clouds were starting to form and a loud clap of thunder filled the air. Resting on her elbows now, Ling Er looked around. She quickly saw why Jian Sheng had sent her here so quickly. No more than fifty meters away, she saw Xiao Yao on his knees. With sword in hand, his head was cocked back, his gaze peering into the sky. Ling Er could hear him sigh as he struck the tip of his sword into the ground. In one swift motion, Xiao Yao spun around, used his other hand to retrieve his weapon. The sword twirled in his hand and the tip faced Xiao Yao’s chest.

“XIAO YAO GEGE!” screamed Ling Er, running towards him. “XIAO YAO GEGE! BU YAO!” / “XIAO YAO GEGE, DON’T!”

I know that voice! thought Xiao Yao as he spun around. The morbid look of defeat had completely left his face. It was replaced by an expression of anger, of hate – vengeance.

Xiao Yao flipped the sword in his hand and lifted it over his head while his other index and middle finger shot forward towards Ling Er. Knee raised, Xiao Yao screamed at Ling Er.

“Bai Yue! Ni zhe ge wang ba dan! Ni hai si le wo quan bu de hao peng you – bao kuo wo de Ling Er! WO YAO NI DE MING!” / “Bai Yue! You bastard! You caused the deaths of all of my dearest friends – including my Ling Er! I WANT YOUR LIFE!” Xiao Yao sidestepped and lunged towards Ling Er.

“Xiao Yao gege! Shi wo! Ni Ling Er ah! Zhe bu shi zhen de! Xiao Yao gege! Wo shi Ling Er ah!” / “Xiao Yao gege! It’s me! Your Ling Er! This isn’t real! Xiao Yao gege! I’m Ling Er!” cried Ling Er as she dodged Xiao Yao’s attacks. Xiao Yao jumped in the air and landed a kick on Ling Er’s chest, sending her back-peddling across the leaf fallen ground. Landing on one foot, he leapt forward, turning his body as he aligned with Ling Er.

“YAH!” cried Xiao Yao, as he swept Ling Er’s legs from under her and connected a knee blow into her back. With sword raised high, Xiao Yao swore vengeance. He stomped one foot onto Ling Er’s upper body, pinning her in place, wanting to look into the eyes of the source of his pain before he made the final blow.

Ling Er, struggling to move from beneath Xiao Yao’s foot, wept as she whimpered, “Xiao Yao gege, bu yao…wo shi ni Ling Er ah…” / “Xiao Yao gege, don’t…I’m your Ling Er.” Unmoved, Xiao Yao sneered and spat on her face.

“Ni bu shi shuo guo ai wo yi sheng yi shi ma? Bu guan wo bian cheng shen me yang zhi, ni dou hui geng jia ai wo, he wo zai yi qi – yong yuan dou bu fen kai ma? Xiao Yao gege, ni wang le ma?” / “Didn’t you say you would love me forever? That no matter what I looked like, you would only love me all the more, be with me forever – that we’ll never part? Xiao Yao gege, did you forget?” cried Ling Er. Gazing into her eyes, Xiao Yao saw his Ling Er, suffering. What had he done? Dropping his sword, he backed away from Ling Er’s battered body.

“Bu ke neng…zhen me hui zhei yang?!” / “Impossible…how could this be happening?” stammered Xiao Yao, as he lost his balance and fell backward to the ground.

Ling Er whinced as she turned herself over. Unable to feel her legs, she tried to claw her way to her Xiao Yao gege.

“Xiao Yao gege, ni bu yao nei jiu. Ling Er mei shi.” / “Xiao Yao gege, don’t feel guilty. Ling Er is fine.” said Ling Er, as blood emerged from her mouth. Xiao Yao continued to back away from her, at a loss for words. Could this really be his Ling Er? With his eyes, he could only see Bai Yue. Yet, upon deeper inspection, he felt Ling Er inside of this body that was making its way towards him. His heart ached as he leaned forward and got on his hands and knees.

“Ling Er, zhen de shi ni ma? Bu…Bu yao pian wo.” / “Ling Er, is it really you? Don’t…don’t trick me.” Ling Er could only smile at him as she continued to struggle towards him. Tears streamed from Xiao Yao’s dry eyes as he saw the face of Bai Yue transform into that of his Ling Er’s.

“LING ER!” cried Xiao Yao as he jumped to his feet and ran over to her. “Zhe me hui zhei yang? Ling Er – ni mei shi ba?” / “How could it be like this? Ling Er – you’re ok, right?

“Ling Er mei shi…wo shi Xiao Yao gege de qi zi. Wo xian zai zai Xiao Yao gege de sheng bian. Wo dang ran mei shi.” / “Ling Er is fine…I’m Xiao Yao gege’s spouse. I’m by Xiao Yao gege’s side right now. Of course I’m fine.” replied Ling Er, as her hand tried to reach Xiao Yao’s nose. Xiao Yao grabbed her hand, which was still Bai Yue’s hand.

“Ling Er, ni ting wo shuo. Wo dui bu qi ni. Wo zhong shi tai cong dong, zhi hui rang ni shou tong ku. Wo…” / “Ling Er, listen to me. I’m so sorry. I’m always too impulsive, always letting you suffer. I…” Suddenly Ling Er’s body was surrounded by an intense light. She began coughing in pain as the light encompassed her body.

“Ling Er!”

(Author’s note: I suggest listening to The-Rain-of-June during this part)

As the light faded, Xiao Yao saw Ling Er smiling at him. An enormous grin appeared on his face. It was the first time he had smiled in a long time. Ling Er sat up and peered accusingly at Xiao Yao. Her lips pouted as she pointed her index finger at him.

“Niiiiiiii…!” / “Youuuu…!” she said, moving her hand closer to Xiao Yao’s face. Xiao Yao, tightening his lips, focused on her finger as it hooked and tapped his nose.

“Ni yao zi de ni de hua oh, Xiao Yao gege. Cong xian zai kai si, bu yao ne me cong dong le, hao ma?” / “Remember your own words, Xiao Yao gege. Don’t be so impulsive from now on.”

“Mm!” nodded Xiao Yao in reply. Holding Ling Er in his arms, he felt whole again. Ling Er spent the next few hours explaining to Xiao Yao what had happened and where they were.

“Shuo yi, wo men xian zai zai wo nao li…hai you…shi Du Gu Jian Sheng ba ni song dao zhe li…hai you…you shi ta he Sheng Gu gang bang ni liao shang?” / “So, we’re in my mind right now…and…it was Du Gu Jian Sheng that sent you here…and…it was again he and Sheng Gu that healed your wounds just now?” inquired a very confused Xiao Yao.

“Dui. Ke shi ta men yi jing jing li le, bu neng zai bang wo men le.” / “Correct. But they have already done all that they could, and can’t help us anymore.”

“Ke shi…ni hao xiang ne ge huen dan Bai Yue eh…” / “But…you look so much like that ***hole Bai Yue…” said Xiao Yao as he scratched the back of his head.”

“Wo yi jing jie shi guo le, sha gua. Zai zhe ge shi jie li, you Bai Yue de li liang zhi wai, zhi you ai ke yi gai bian yi qie de.” / “I’ve already explained it, silly. In this world, aside from Bai Yue’s power, only love can change reality.” Ling Er glanced away from Xiao Yao. “Ru guo ni ke yi yong ai lai kan kai wo de wai biao, wo jiu hui yue lai yue xiang wo zhi zi de wai biao, dong ma?” / “If you use love to look past my appearance, I will look more and more like myself, understand?” said Ling Er, placing her hand on Xiao Yao’s.

Surprised by Ling Er’s sudden gesture, Xiao Yao pulled back. He gazed at Ling Er to see her face transforming back into that of Bai Yue. His eyes widened as he saw Ling Er frown, looking more and more like Bai Yue.

“BU YAO!” / “NO!” he screamed, as he took Ling Er tightly into his embrace and pressed his lips against hers, eyes open, then closed. He wrapped his lips around hers as he rubbed the small of her back. Placing his cheek against hers, Xiao Yao apologized.

“Ling Er, wo bu shi gu yi de. Qing yuan liang wo zhe ge da sha gua…” / “Ling Er, I didn’t mean to. Please forgive this big fool…”

Ling Er’s mouth hung open as she tried to move her body. Blinking a few times, she managed to clench her teeth together and then let out a quick breath of air. Memories of their first meeting at Xian Ling Dao filled her mind. She smiled and wrapped her arms around Xiao Yao. Xiao Yao felt Ling Er’s body change shape within his arms. All that was left of Bai Yue now were her limbs. This occurred to Xiao Yao and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Shen me ne me hao xiao ah?” / “What’s so funny?” asked Ling Er. A very passionate and serious expression appered on Xiao Yao’s face.

“Wo xian zai ke yi kan dao ni mei li de lian, hai you ni sheng ti. Ke shi ne…” / “I can now see your beautiful face, and your body. But…” replied Xiao Yao, with a grin. “…ni de shou jiao hai shi xiang Bai Yue! Nan ren puo!” / “…your arms and legs are still like Bai Yue’s! You manly old woman!” he screamed, laughing uncontrollably.

“Xiao Yao gege! Tao yian!” / “Xiao Yao gege! How bothersome/annoying!” said Ling Er. Her eyes narrowed as she smirked slyly. She stood up and broke free from Xiao Yao’s embrace. After walking a few steps, she turned around, bent over and pointed at Xiao Yao. “Xiao Yao gege, ni shang yi ci xi zhao…shi shen me shi hou ah? Cou si ren la!”/ “Xiao Yao gege, the last time you took a bath…was what time? Your stench can kill someone!” Ling Er tilted her head and placed her hands on her hips. The look of triumph on her face made Xiao Yao stop laughing. Small leaves blew along the ground as they stared at each other.

“Ni zhei yang kan zhe wo, wo hui zuo huai shi.” / “If you look at me like that, I’ll do something bad.” Xiao Yao threatened.

“Ni gang gang bu shi yi jing zuo guo le ma?” / “Didn’t you just do something bad just now?” retorted Ling Er, referring to the kiss they just shared. Xiao Yao got up and cooly walked over to her. Squinting his eyes, he moved closer to Ling Er’s face. Ling Er’s eyes opened wide as Xiao Yao farted and jumped back.

“XIAO YAO GEGE!” cried Ling Er as she covered her nose and made a swinging gesture with her hand.

“Hao le hao le hao la, wo.qu.xi.zhao.” / “Ok, ok, ok, I’ll.take.a.bath.” laughed Xiao Yao as he shook his head from side to side and started walking.

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