Perfect World Chapter 21 – Reunion

on 03 7, 2013

Speedily approaching its target, a slender arrow sliced through the air, twirling in rapid rotations as it screamed beneath the hot afternoon sun.  Gasps and low murmurs, some of surprise, others shock, could be heard as the shiny, red apple broke into two perfect halves with a crisp crackling sound.  The emperor’s eyes lit up and his hands seemed to clap by themselves as the fresh fruit slid off his head and onto the ground.  Watching their emperor’s reaction, some of his advisors would say his highness was becoming overly infatuated with the lady visitor of his palace.  Her stay, which was only foreseen to be for a ‘short while’, had turned into many months.  But, who could blame him?  She seemed perfect.  Now standing with a decently large bow clasped behind her back, Mei Xian bowed her head slightly to the heavy applause of her shot and smiled tenderly at the crowd while shooting subtle glances at the approaching emperor.

“That was magnificent!  How did you come to possess such skill in archery?”  The emperor’s mouth hung open like a foolish and giddy child, his fast paced steps hidden by long, yellow robes.

“Oh, really, it was nothing.  It is the emperor who should be commended for having such bravery to even allow my attempt!”  Mei Xian replied sincerely as she turned and bowed gracefully.  As her head bent downward, she felt the same cold glare that had been staring her way for an entire month; that is, whenever it had the chance.  Ah Lang was only a youth, though privileged enough to call one of the emperor’s advisors, “father”, but his distrusting eyes were bothersome to her nonetheless.  It had been decided some time ago that every so often, the court of officials should hold events.  These events would be held in public where each official would bring his family to promote familial bonds and values.  The first event was held shortly after Mei Xian’s initial arrival and Ah Lang, with his short, buzzed hair, tall stature and beady eyes, hated the maiden ever since.

Webmistress comment: Dear reader, unfortunately you have reached the end of Teddy’s “Perfect World” fanfiction. The author was not able to finish this lovely creation of his and I’m very sorry about this. Hope you enjoyed the story nevertheless.

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