Xian Jian 5 Game Official Release

Posted by on July 7th, 2011 | Category: XianJian QiXia Zhuan Game

The highly anticipated XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5 PC game is released on July 7th, 2011 according to plan.

PAL5 Officlal Poster


4th Trailer:

Battle music (one of many):
Does it sound familiar to you?

The digital version can be downloaded from the official website (3.91GB):

Physical copies can be ordered online, information at:

The game requires an activation code, which needs to be obtained from the official website.

Official Taiwan site: http://pal5.softstar.com.tw
Official Mainland China site: http://www.pal5.com.cn

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  1. yaaaay awesome!!! Great post Rich, and OMG that battle soundtrack o___o I hear some PAL!!! =DD

  2. Yura says:

    Are they going to produced a Chinese Paladin 5 drama too? If they are that’ll be GREAT! :DD

  3. Max says:

    chinese paladin cool rite?? i cant wait to see it.. haiiz i felt so sad.Scar of the Sky 轩辕剑三外传之天之痕. male role is not 胡歌!!hope the next paladin will be 胡歌 be male role =(.

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