[Xian Jian 5] PAL 5 Logo, New Character Design Released

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The team behind the Xian Jian 5 game (which is currently under development) has since unveiled the game’s official logo:

Isn’t this lovely? I personally love the look of it! It seems to feature a Nuwa goddess (with the snake tail at the back) though nothing has been confirmed (yet)

From the Official Pal 5 Sina Blog:

“5.1 is coming, first of all I wish everyone a happy holiday! We would like you to play well in the holidays and eat well, rest well ~ We offer the”Chinese Paladin five” official game LOGO now as we said, along with LOGO theme wallpaper, hope you like them ~

The main structure of Chinese Paladin five official website has been basically finished, the test results has turned us on.We believe the formal completion of all the effects will be better. Related to the official website,when the production and vetting all completed ,we will inform you of the specific opening time of the official website in the first time~

Accordance to the work plan, after the opening of the official website we will begin the production of PAL5 promotional videos, barring accident ,the first official promotional video of PAL5 will be released in about 1 month after the opening of the official website~”

“5.1节就要到了,首先祝大家节日快乐!愿大家在假期里玩好、吃好、休息好~依约献上《仙剑奇侠传五》正式游戏LOGO,同时还有LOGO主题壁纸,希望 大家喜欢~
仙剑奇侠传五的官网主体架构已经基本制作完成,试做效果让我们眼前一亮,相信待全部内容正式完成后其效果会更好,待官网的制作 和相关审批全部完成后,会在第一时间通知大家官网的具体开放时间~
按照工作计划,在官网开放后我们就会着手制作仙5的宣传视频,如无意 外,仙5的首个宣传视频将在官网开通后1个月左右放出~”

English translation courtesy of venus | Original Source

Xian Jian 5 game Supporting Character Design Released

Today we offer you the set plan of one character in Paladin fifth , as the company was still debugging the network, so I just be able to upload pictures now, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long~ from this update to the opening of Chinese Paladin 5 official blog (the main characters will be released then) we will continue to release the set plans of characters. Published in the next update will be released female characters ~

Name: 青石 Qing Shi (Light green stone):
1. Manners refined, like quietness and Chinese chess.
2. Attached to one of the four big forces in the PAL5 story, at a noble prize level.
3. Innate disability made him more insight into the essence of humanity.
4. Believe in the concept that cause and effect is everything in the world.

今天如约为大家献上仙剑奇侠传五中的人物设定图,由于公司网络还在调试,所以我刚刚能够上传图片,抱歉让大家久等了~从本次更新开始,直到仙五官网开放 (主角公开)这段时间内的blog更新会持续公布人物设定图,在下次更新中将放出女性人物~ ”


English translation courtesy of venus | Original Source

Official PAL 5 Sina Blog
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