XianJian QiXia Zhuan 5/PAL5 Official Taiwan Site Updated, New Character

Posted by on August 28th, 2010 | Category: XianJian QiXia Zhuan Game

PAL5 has updated its official Taiwan site with lots of new content:

PAL5 Official Taiwan Website

At the same time, a new Main Character of PAL5 has been revealed!

PAL5 Main Character Longyou

The new character is called Longyou. Nothing much has been released in terms of character info.

Pal5 Longyou Wallpaper
You can find new concept arts and wallpapers from
or the official site

Also, PAL now has an official Facebook Page:

Exciting news! Feel free to join us in our English Chinese Paladin Forum and keep updated on PAL5 related news!

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  1. Wow..so pretty!! I’m loving the look of the Taiwan PAL website :3

    Longyou’s face looks so similar to xiě shǒu, though that probably has more to do with the artist’s style more than anything else.

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